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weight: 0
value: 1
base id: 000604DE

Fingers are found on evil characters (such as Raiders, Smugglers, Enclave Soldiers, or Talon Company Mercs) when the PC has the Lawbringer perk. It has no weight, and while it has a value of 1, Sonora Cruz will reward you with 5 caps (10 if your Karma is Very Good) and +10 Karma for each Finger. Any corpse of an evil character killed before you get this perk will not have a Finger on it. If the evil character is killed by someone other than you (such as the Mysterious Stranger) or if you do not deliver the final shot the Finger will not appear in their inventory. As long as you receive credit for the kill and receive experience (or would have received experience if you have reached the maximum level) the Finger should drop. Junders Plunkett drops a special finger that is worth 1000 caps, and will only spawn once you have the perk. The evil karma alternative of this Perk is the Contract Killer Perk (where Ears are used instead of Fingers).


  • You must deliver the killing blow to the evil character for a Finger to spawn. Even if one of your followers kills the enemy, no Finger appears on the corpse.
  • A single Finger may be found at an Enclave camp south west of Vault 92.
  • Fingers also appear in the inventory of the patients you see who are unconscious lying on a bed in both Rivet City and Megaton's clinic if they are killed and searched.

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