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Finding the Garden of Eden

location: Little Lamplight
end location: Vault 87
given by: Scribe Rothchild
reward: 1000 XP
previous: Picking up the Trail
Rescue from Paradise
leads to: The American Dream
base id: 00014E8E
Finding the Garden of Eden

requirements: Complete Finding the Garden of Eden
gamerscore: 20
trophy type: Bronze

Finding the Garden of Eden is a Fallout 3 quest. It is also a PlayStation 3 Trophy and a Xbox 360/PC achievement.



Retrieve a G.E.C.K. from Vault 87.



Enter Vault 87

Depending on your choice during Picking Up The Trail, you either have to fight your way through Murder Pass to the vault door and enter or talk to Joseph in order to hack the terminal to enter Vault 87.

Find a G.E.C.K.

Both entrances of Vault 87 lead to the Reactor Chamber. From there, you proceed to the Living Quarters, then the Test Labs. There, you eventually encounter a literate Super Mutant named Fawkes who asks to hold a conversation with you over the intercom. Fawkes explains his upbringing in the vault and how he has become intelligible and civilized through continued access to the vault's database. Fawkes promises to retrieve the Garden of Eden Creation Kit from the irradiated halls above if he is released.

The radiation level where the G.E.C.K. is stored is extremely high. You can proceed in one of three ways:

  • Attempt to get the G.E.C.K. without help. If you choose to do so, sufficient protection will be needed to resist the radiation and/or some RadAway. There is an Advanced Radiation Suit in a locked storage room on the way to the G.E.C.K.
  • Release Fawkes, who will assist you in both combat and obtaining the G.E.C.K., thus fulfilling the objective of the quest. See Free Fawkes below.
  • If your follower is Charon, you can ask him to retrieve the G.E.C.K. for you: as a Ghoul, he is immune to radiation. If you accepted to free Fawkes before asking him, however, Charon will refuse, stating that his contract covers only the fighting and that he is "nobody's errand boy".

The room with the G.E.C.K. can be found by going left from Fawkes' cell. If you release him, he slowly leads you to it and will engage the remaining enemies in melee. Fawkes is even tougher in this part of the game than he is as a follower, so you shouldn't worry about him dying.

Optional: Free Fawkes

  • Upon your arrival at his cell, Fawkes will ask you to unlock his door somehow. An option that he provides is triggering the test area's fire alarm, which will explosively release all of the chamber doors, and the subjects within. To avoid the battle after triggering the alarm, it is possible to hack each average terminal next to the occupied rooms (see below) and trigger the command "Terminate Subject," which will instantly kill them in a jet of fire. Whether you choose to do this or not, you need to go down the hall to the right. At the back of the last room, there is a Fire Control Console here that can be activated to unlock all of the cells, or an Average computer terminal next to it that can be hacked to open his cell directly (He is in Room 5). Isolation Room 5's door cannot be picked, and using the chamber's local Hard terminal to unlock it yields a message saying the door is jammed.
  • The rooms contain:
  • Isolation Room 01 - 3 dead people (2 Wastelanders and 1 Raider)
  • Isolation Room 02 - vacant (Centaur possible)
  • Isolation Room 03 - The only "dangerous" test subject, a nutty human named Sid. If you unlock the door through picking the lock, he may be spoken with, where he will babble insanely, including how everyone is dead and "it's all [his] fault," and to "get out of his head." If the door is unlocked through the terminal (be it his or the master one) or the Fire Control, he will turn hostile.
  • Isolation Room 04 - vacant (Centaur possible)
  • Isolation Room 05 - Fawkes

Once Fawkes is free, he will thank you, and hold up his end of the bargain. He will proceed to slowly walk to the room with the G.E.C.K., fighting any enemy Super Mutants along the way. Once he's there, talk to him again to get him to retrieve the G.E.C.K. He can be watched through the windows as he does this, or alternatively followed (talking to him during this will yield an amusing comment). If you do not feel like waiting for him in real time, a two-hour wait is enough to bring him instantly back to you.

However, if Fawkes is killed, the player will have no choice but to retrieve the G.E.C.K. on their own. Fortunately, Fawkes is extremely tough - practically invincible - so the only way you'd find yourself in that situatoin is if you intentionally killed him yourself. The easy way to murder Fawkes is by using the "Terminate Specimen" option on the Hard terminal next to his cell, which will result in Bad Karma. (The same option is available on other specimens' terminals, without the Karma loss.) If, after retrieving the G.E.C.K., Fawkes is engaged and killed before handing it over to the player, it can be looted from his corpse.

Escape from Vault 87

Unfortunately, even after all this effort you will be incapacitated upon attempting to leave the Vault by a type of Flash Bang Grenade, and Colonel Autumn will show up with some Enclave soldiers, and take the G.E.C.K. from you. An exception to this is in the Bugs section below...


If you are accompanied by a follower NPC, they will not be with you after you have been incapacitated by the Enclave. Be sure to retrieve any equipment from them you do not want them to walk off with (as if they were fired) before this happens, or right after retrieving the G.E.C.K. You will not have a chance to re-hire your companion until after The American Dream. After re-hiring a companion they will have all the items you left with them still in their inventory, so it can be a good way to free up inventory space of non-essential items you want but won't need during your time in Raven Rock, allowing you to stock up on the mountains of Enclave gear .

  • Butch DeLoria will return to The Muddy Rudder in Rivet City. Butch will now follow you if your karma is not neutral anymore.
  • Charon (Fallout 3) can be found at the Ninth Circle in Underworld immediately after escaping from Raven Rock. You can take him back for free (you still hold his contract) and, of course, regardless of your karma. When you engage a conversation with him he will speak to you as if you had asked him to wait for you ("You return. Shall I join you once again?").
  • Star Paladin Cross will return to the Citadel and is able to be rehired. if your karma is now too low for her (neutral or bad) she will refuse to join you.
  • Dogmeat will be waiting in front of Vault 101 (beware however that he may die before you take him back).
  • Clover will be back in Eulogy's house in Paradise Falls, even if you killed everyone in town, including Eulogy. You can take her with you without having to pay and regardless of karma (as a slave she is blindly loyal).
  • Sergeant RL-3 will be waiting for you at Canterbury Commons. You do not have to pay to take him back, but your karma must still be neutral.
  • Jericho will be in Megaton, most likely Moriarty's Saloon. If Megaton is destroyed he will wander around the ruins. If your karma is now too high for him (neutral or good), he will refuse to follow you again.

A good way to regain lost items from your followers is to sneak attack them with the Victory Rifle and take your stuff while they are down. This has no loss of karma, nor will the ex-follower turn on you. You cannot take the armor off. This is useful when you had 2 followers from different karma zones, and do not want to commit karma giving deeds to reclaim your items. (Confirmed Xbox360)

Completing this quest, and spawning in Raven Rock, will delete all extra companion slots gained through exploits. See Discussion tab.


  • The device used by the Enclave to incapacitate the player has the appearance of a standard fragmentation grenade with a blue glow to it. A frag grenade looks very little like an actual flashbang grenade, suggesting that it was not intended to be the latter, but rather some other type of device. According to Three Dog, the Lone Wanderer was "encased in a block of ice". This grenade could be a reference to the cut "Cryo Grenade" seen in the limited concept art book. The cryo grenade was then introduced in the Mothership Zeta add-on.
  • If the player reaches the G.E.C.K. on their own, the option is given to either take it or activate it. However, the player will be killed upon activation, preceding a question of whether they are sure they want to activate it and a warning of what it will do.
  • If the player frees Fawkes, and manages to get the G.E.C.K before the mutant, he will say something like "It was quite unwise to get the G.E.C.K, since I was at hand"
  • If Charon is the player's follower, a unique dialogue option will open in which they can ask him to retrieve the G.E.C.K. However, he will refuse if the player has already agreed to free Fawkes, stating the contract only gives you his services in combat, and that he's "nobody's errand boy". No similar option is available for Sergeant RL-3, another follower who might be immune to radiation.
  • If you decide to free Fawkes, you are able to switch items with him. He is using Fawkes' Super Sledge, which is a unique Super Sledge. It does more damage than a regular Super Sledge and weighs less. You can also give him any weapon you want or stimpaks.
  • If Fawkes dies, the player will have no choice but to retrieve the G.E.C.K. by himself. However, this is VERY unlikely that he will die since he's almost invincible.
  • Upon returning to the Citadel, you can tell Elder Lyons that Vault 87 is the source of the Super Mutants for good karma.
  • There is an Advanced Radiation Suit (0009b8ec) in a chamber right next to the G.E.C.K room.
  • The door leading to the area where the Enclave ambushes the player will lock after Fawkes is told to retrieve the G.E.C.K., and requires a non-existent key to open. This was likely done to prevent players from escaping with the G.E.C.K., but...(see below)
  • If you do plan on retrieving the G.E.C.K yourself, considered yourself warned as the chamber that the G.E.C.K is in is highly irradiated and can go up to 336 rads/second (which means that without the use of chems and wearing rad resistance equipment, the player will die in around 3 seconds), which is why freeing Fawkes is a much more sensible choice in retrieving the G.E.C.K. One can grab the Advanced Radiation Suit (noted above) to make the journey less perilous.
  • Even if you managed to get to the next door before Enclave Ambush, you will be stunned and warped back to the scripted location.
  • After receiving the G.E.C.K from Fawkes it is a good idea to store any extraneous equipment in a nearby box or locker that you can come back to later. You will not have a chance to return to your home to make space before being knocked out and waking up inside Raven Rock, which has many items and lots of heavy power armor. This is a minor point, however, as the amount of loot from Enclave personnel in Raven Rock weighs roughly four times the maximum carrying capacity of the player.


  • While following Fawkes to retrieve the G.E.C.K., you can talk to him with a standard set of follower conversation options, and trade equipment with him. However, after he gets the G.E.C.K. for you, the talk options are not available any more - you lose anything you gave him. The next time you see him outside of Vault 87, he will have an empty inventory. (confirmed Xbox 360)
  • Fawkes may get stuck between a wall and a machine for a while when walking to the G.E.C.K. If that happens, the player can give him a shove to help get him out. (confirmed Xbox 360)
  • Even though Fawkes may be near "invincible", if the player moves through a path Fawkes cannot follow (over a ledge, jump, etc.) when first leaving Raven Rock, the player will hear Fawkes' Gatling Laser firing continuously and Fawkes may die. Upon investigation it seemed he was killed by a lone Yao Guai. This happened when traveling over rock ledge to the SW of Raven Rock. (confirmed PS3)
  • On some occasions, Fawkes will seemingly fail to retrieve the G.E.C.K., but it actually gets transferred into his inventory instantly. This seems to happen when he tries to walk up against something and finds his path blocked. (unconfirmed)
  • If you're lucky, on your way to free Fawkes in the fire control console room, on one of the isolation rooms on the left, a Centaur may randomly appear out of the room. If you have Star Paladin Cross with you at this point, she will say: "That must have been a glitch". (Confirmed on Xbox 360)
  • Occasionally, even followers you've left standing around somewhere will get respawned to their default positions after the Enclave captures you.
  • For some reason you may be able to hear Dogmeat's panting during the cutscene. (confirmed on 360, PC and PS3)
  • It is possible to start this quest as soon as you leave Vault 101, if you do the Citadel glitch (get under map and inside) just speak to Scribe Rothchild to start the quest. (confirmed PC)
  • It is possible when exploring little lamplight prior to initiating this quest that the Reactor Chamber door which is normally locked will be unlocked. This allows the person to explore vault 87 and even acquire the G.E.C.K. (or two),Fawkes, and the enclave ambush. Quest completion and achievement follow suit. (confirmed on PC)
  • It is possible that after being knocked out by the colonel you never black out and continue looking at the Enclave soldiers forever. (confirmed on PC)
  • It is possible to obtain two G.E.C.K.s. After asking Fawkes to obtain the G.E.C.K, follow him in with plenty of radiation protection. If you manage to get the G.E.C.K. before him, you will be able to pick it up. At this point, Fawkes will turn around and walk away. If you pick pocket Fawkes as he walks away, you can pick pocket another G.E.C.K. out of Fawke's inventory.
  • Not talking to Scribe Rothchild will affect your ability to get the first Broken Steel quest. (unconfirmed)
  • If you're wearing the ghoul mask or Chinese Stealth Suit, or each one respectively, your game may crash after you black out. (confirmed for the Stealth Suit)
  • Charon will glitch into always saying no, whether or not you choose to rescue Fawkes. (confirmed 360)
  • Upon getting the G.E.C.K you will be somtimes unable to complete the quest, It will tell you to go between the test labs and the living quarters multiple times. (confirmed PC)
  • If you have Star Paladin Cross as a follower when getting captured, she might vanish from the game entirely instead of being back at the citadel (PC version).
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