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Find the Water Chip

Fallout Main Quest
location: Vault 13
given by: Vault 13 Overseer
reward: 7500XP
New Quests
Removal of game time limit
related: Destroy the source of the Mutants
Destroy the Mutant leader
Find the Water Thief

Find the Water Chip is a Fallout quest.

This is the first official quest, go and retrieve a new water chip for Vault 13. Although there is a time limit for this quest (150 days), there are many other side quests to do. However, this guide is written on the basis that the player will ignore the side quests and attempt to retrieve the water chip as fast as possible.

As soon as The Vault Dweller leaves the vault, the map has the location of Vault 15 provided, where there will presumably be a water chip. Stop off in Shady Sands, which is on the way to Vault 15 anyway. Get some rope, either on Seth, bookshelves, or from traders. Find the location of The Hub and Junktown from Ian, who resides in a house to the left of the entrance.

With rope in tow, fast travel to the vault. The vault entrance is hidden by the uninhabited shack. Open the hatch and enter the cave system below. Follow the caves, which are inhabited by a few Giant Rats. Enter through the destroyed door, and find the elevator. Use the rope on the elevator shaft to descend to the next level. There is only one object of interest on this level: a locker which contains some more rope . Get this rope, then head to the second elevator shaft and descend to the final level of the vault.

On this level there are a few Mole Rats and more Giant Rats, take them out and head to the bottom right hand corner of the level. Finding the Command Center will reward 500 XP. Unfortunately, the command center is caved in. The water chip is not here.

Travel to the Hub, and head south and enter the Water Merchants area. Go into the large building and find the office where there are a number of people crowded around a desk. Behind the desk is the 'master water merchant'. Talk to her, not only will she be able to supply the vault with water for an extra 100 days if time is running out, she can also give the location of Necropolis. Whenever she mentions water or Necropolis, press her about the subject and she will eventually give Necropolis's location and say that for some reason, they don't need water delivered there. Necropolis has a water chip so head on over there.

Once in Necropolis, go to the Watershed area, find a building with some Super Mutants and an imprisoned ghoul. In order to have run of the location without combat, you can either try to convince the Super Mutant leader Harry that your character is a highly-advanced robot with a good speech, or you can attempt to sneak by him and his Super Mutants. Then proceed to free the Ghoul prisoner and he will identify the entrance to Vault 12 in the adjacent cell.

Get the chip and return to Vault 13 and give it to the Overseer. Job done.

Once handing the chip back to the Vault 13 Overseer, this will lead to part II of the game, stopping Lou and His boss


After the Vault Dweller gets the chip back to Vault 13, all Necropolis ghouls will be attacked in 30 days by invading mutants, unless Part II can be finished in time.

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