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Find a way into the Sierra Army Base

Visitor Welcome Sign, Sierra Army Depot, California (circa 2242)
location: New Reno/Sierra Army Depot
given by: Orville Wright
reward: Made Man status
related: None

Find a way into the Sierra Army Base is a Fallout 2 quest.

NOTE- Slavers will not be allowed to access this quest as Orville Wright will not associate with slavers.

Orville Wright wants an edge on the other New Reno families; is his edge edgier? It better be, because they all think they have edges too. And for the most part, their edge is you. He tells you of an abandoned military base. There's no way to get the Sierra Army Depot on your world map except getting the quest from Orville. As you arrive here, note the bodies lying where they fell. Join them, or take out the automated turrets. Depending on your skill level, you may not be able to target them while completely outside their range, even with a Sniper Rifle, but with such a weapon, you'll most likely have a much better chance of hitting them at far range than they do of hitting you.

There is yet another way to get in, however. If you look at the bodies, note how one of them is slightly farther than the rest. Move in a diagonal from the right of the guard structure to the grouping of trees to the left of the center turret; you'll make it through without triggering combat. Of course, having a high sneak skill will work too. Then, you could ignore them or take them out...

There is loot on the ground as well as on the bodies, including, appropriately enough, a Sniper Rifle, if you don't have one yet.

To the northwest there's a bunker with three traps outside, a trap on the door, and a trap on one of the ammo crates inside. Use the Howitzer Shell on the howitzer gun in the building to the right (which has three mines in front of the door, one in the gap by the truck, and one near the barrels and tires), creating an access to the depot. Anything by the Depot entrance doors at this time will take damage.

Once you're on the inside you can report back to Orville Wright. However, even if you don't the quest is crossed off in the PipBoy, so you just need to visit Orville for your reward.

Should you enter the fenced-in area in the northeast corner you'll take electrical damage. In a small room at the bottom of a manhole is a switch which puts the base on backup power. Consider before using it that this has the effect of reducing the illumination in the Depot, and turns the yellow impassable forcefields in the base into red ones which damage anything passing through them. Alternatively, as with all yellow forcefields, you can use Repair to pass them safely.

The Howitzer Shell does not work with the howitzer in the basement of the New Reno Arms.

Be sure to remember the small room under the electrical generators - it's the only place in the base you can rest safely, and given what's inside the base, resting will probably be a good idea sooner or later.

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