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Find Wild Bill
(The Pitt add-on)

Wild Bill's fate
location: Downtown (The Pitt)
end location: Steelyard (The Pitt)
given by: Milly
other npcs: Wild Bill
reward: Wild Bill's Sidearm

Location of Wild Bill in the Steelyard

Find Wild Bill is an unmarked quest in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.


Milly, a slave in The Pitt's Downtown, is worried about Wild Bill who has been missing since going on an ingot expedition to the Steelyard. She asks the player to look for him.

Wild Bill is found dead on a flight of stairs in the Steelyard. He carries Wild Bill's Sidearm (a unique .32 Pistol), and a note explaining his fate. Next to him are several steel ingots.

Once you return to Milly, you have several options. If you tell Milly that Bill is dead or lie and say he is alive, she will hand over six Stimpaks. If you complete a Speech check, you can convince her that you saw and heard him being torn apart by the Trogs, so you had to put him out of his misery with an entire pistol magazine and a cinderblock to the head. Milly reacts to this news by fainting in a humorous scene. She drops the stimpaks she would have given you upon fainting. However, it is likely for the ragdoll to spin around, flinging the stimpaks out of sight, so, saving beforehand is advisable.



  • Wild Bill may fail to spawn if you don't look for him until after you leave the Steelyard for the first time. It is recommended that you look for Bill the very first time you enter the Steelyard. Please refer to Forum:Wild Bill glitch for a video guide.
  • Bill seems to disappear if Milly is killed during the riot. (Confirmed 360)
  • Milly 'loses her voice' forever if you chose to lie about how Bill died. (Confirmed PC)
The Pitt (add-on)

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