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Find Vic the Trader
location: Arroyo
given by: Village Elder
reward: 500 exp

You receive this quest from the Village Elder after completing the Temple of Trials. The Elder informs you that you must seek out a man named Vic in Klamath and inquire about the Vault 13 water flask he had traded here recently.

Find Vic the Trader

When your character arrives at Klamath, you'll soon find that Vic is no longer there. It appears that he has run into some trouble down at The Den. Head your way there as soon as you can. Grab the radio from Vic's shed before you leave! It will save you some backtracking later on.

Upon arriving at The Den, you'll need to travel over to the east side and visit Metzger. The slaver boss tells you that Vic sold him a broken Radio and won't let him leave until it's fixed. Ask Metzger for permission to speak to Vic (If you can't, talk to Vic through the window).


  • None

Free Vic from his debt by getting his radio from his house in Klamath and paying Metzger

Talk to Vic and he tells you he needs parts to fix the radio. If you didn't grab the radio from his shack in Klamath, he tells you to go there and get it for him. He needs a specific item, Vic's Radio, even though it's possible you may have another one similiar in your inventory.

After giving the item to Vic, he'll thank you. Metzger will still demand $1000, so pay him when you have the money. You can always come back later with more friends and wipe them out to recoup the loss. If you're female and have a CHA score of 5 or higher, Metzger will only charge you $500 lf you sleep with him.

After buying Vic, talk to him again about the water flask. He'll point you to Ed the Brahmin Dealer in Vault City. Quest complete.


Note/cheat: A glitch in the game makes it possible to buy Vic out for free. If you have the needed money, click barter, just before you hit the answer that makes you pay the $1000 (or $500), drop all your money, go back and "buy" Vic for free.
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