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The following is a list of allusions to previous installments in the series present in Final Fantasy XII and other games by Square Enix.




Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy II

  • The Pit Fiend bestiary log states that "A myth counts this being as one of the warriors set to defend the Jade Passage to the Devil's Palace.". The Jade Passage is the only way into Pandaemonium, Palace of Hell, and the Pit Fiend is an enemy that can be found inside.
  • The Pandaemonium is also the name of a carrier ship in Final Fantasy XII.
  • The Esper Mateus is based on Emperor Palamecia.

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy IV

  • In Rabanastre, just outside Migelo's Sundries, a Bangaa talks of his Seeq friend counting things (originally cobblestones). However, at one point in the game he says this: "My friend says that o'er 430 revelers came through the Southern Plaza during the big fete! But even if you count the bards... 'Course, he could be countin' the spoony bards, too. That would be another matter altogether." This is a direct reference to the quote pronounced by Tellah the Sage.
  • The Esper Zeromus is named after, and possesses a similar disposition to, the Final Boss of Final Fantasy IV, Zeromus.
  • The Babil enemy is reference to the Giant of Babil, as "When they descend to the earth from their home in the heavens, they strike swiftly, and with malice apparent", where the Giant of Babil is a powerful weapon that is used for destruction.

Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy VI

  • Orthros and Deathgaze are directly based on Ultros, a recurring boss, and Death Gaze, an optional boss found on the skies of the World of Ruin. In Final Fantasy XII, Deathgaze is fought on a ferry airship.
  • Rasler Heios Nabradia is believed to be named after Prince Ralse, a character from The Dream Oath of Final Fantasy VI who was the prince of the eastern lands. Similarly, Nabradia is in eastern Ivalice.
  • The boss Fenrir shares the name of the summon Fenrir which originated from Final Fantasy VI. The name is also used for various enemies throughout the series.
  • The monster Humbaba shares its name with the boss Humbaba from the World of Ruin.
  • The Flagship Alexander is based off the summon Alexander, which originated from Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VIII

  • Elvoret is the second boss fought in Final Fantasy VIII.
  • The Buer enemy also refers to the Buel enemy that originally appears in Final Fantasy VIII, first appearing on the Fire Cavern, an habitat coinciding with the one on the bestiary description of this incarnation.
  • The mark Diabolos is based off the summon Diablos.

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

  • The Espers Famfrit and Mateus' appearances are directly based on the their Tactics Advance appearances, though their concept is based on the antagonists from Final Fantasy II and III.

Allusions to other Games

Vagrant Story

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