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Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack
Catalog # AVCD-17254/5

zAVCD-17254/5 (limited edition)

Composer(s) Noriko Matsueda,

Takahito Eguchi

Arranger(s) Noriko Matsueda,

Takahito Eguchi

Producer(s) Noriko Matsueda,

Takahito Eguchi

Publisher Avex
CD Info 2 CD - 61 Tracks
Length 2:18:00
Release date March 31, 2003

Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack is the complete soundtrack of Final Fantasy X-2. Final Fantasy X-2 marks the first soundtrack where composer Nobuo Uematsu did not contribute a single piece despite having composed for Final Fantasy X, of which Final Fantasy X-2 is a sequel.


Track List


Disc 1 (1:06:19)

1. 久遠 ~光と波の記憶~ (Kudou ~ Hikato Nami no Kioku ~) "Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~" - 2:38

Played at the title screen.

2. real Emotion (FFX-2 Mix) (real Emotion (FF X-2 Mix)) "real Emotion (FFX-2 Mix)" - 2:33

Opening song at concert in Luca.

3. ユリパ ファイト No.1 (YuRiPa Faito No.1) "YuRiPa Battle No.1" - 1:30

Played in the first boss battle and carries onto the docks at Luca as Rikku and Paine chase down the thieves.

4. ユウナのテーマ (Yūna no Tēma) "Yuna's Theme" - 2:52

The theme of the High Summoner/Sphere Hunter and main protagonist of the game, Yuna.

5. ユリパ ファイト No.2 (YuRiPa Faito No.2) "YuRiPa Battle No.2" - 2:00

One of the games 3 battle themes.

6. ミッションコンプリート (Misshon Konpurīto) "Mission Complete" - 1:37

Played whenever a mission is successfully completed.

7. スフィアハンター・カモメ団 (Sufia Hantā Kamom Dan) "Sphere Hunter Seagull Group" - 2:48

The theme of the eclectic group of Sphere Hunters, the Gullwings.

8. ミッションスタート (Misshon Sutāto) "Mission Start" - 2:55"

Played at the start of a mission.

9. ガガゼト山 (Gagazeto Yama) "Gagazet Mountain" - 3:38

Theme of the frigid mountain to the north, Mt. Gagazet.

10. ユリパ ファイト No.3 (YuRiPa Faito No.3) "YuRiPa Battle No.3" - 1:46

The last of the game's normal battle themes.

11. ゲームオーバー ('Gēmu Ōbā) "Game Over" - 0:17

Played when a battle is lost.

12. ルプラン様はなんでもアリ! (Rupuran Sama ha Nandemo Ari) "Sir Rupuran Has Everything!" - 1:45

Château LeBlanc's theme and the overall theme for the LeBlanc syndicate.

13. お熱いのをくれてやるよ (o Atsui no o Kurete Yaru Yo) "I'll Give You Something Hot" - 2:08

Played during a LeBlanc syndicate boss battle.

14. シューインのテーマ (Shūin no Tēma) "Shuin's Theme" - 3:41

The theme of the 1000 year old Blitzball player, Shuyin.

15. ビサイド (Bisaido) "Besaid" - 2:48

The eponymous theme of the calm sun-drenched island.

16. キーリカ (Kīrika) "Kilika" - 2:17

Theme of the reconstructed Kilika.

17. ルカ (Ruka) "Luca" - 1:45

The theme of the coastal town, Luca.

18. ミヘン街道 (Mihen Kaidou) "Mi'ihen Highway" - 2:18

Played whenever the Gullwings visit the famed highroad dedicated to the great Lord Mi'ihen.

19. キノコ岩街道 (Kinoko Iwa Kaidou) "Mushroom Rock Road" - 1:55

The theme of the damp familiarity that is, the Mushroom Rock Road.

20. 青年同盟 (Seinen Doumei) "Youth Alliance" - 2:38

Played at the HQ of the ex-crusader group, lead by the Meynv, the Youth League.

21. マキナ派 (Makina Ha) "Machine Faction" - 1:56

Theme of the Al-Bhed rebel sphere hunter group, the Machine Faction.

22. グアドサラム (Guadosaramu) "Guadosalam" - 1:43

The theme of the Guado-less Guadosalam.

23. 雷平原 (Kaminari Heigen) "Thunder Plains" - 1:16

Theme of the home to the safe-but-sometimes-unstable lightning towers, the Thunder Plains.

24. マカラーニャの森 (Makarānya no Mori) "Macalania Forest" - 2:56

The theme of the new home for the shameful fading people know as the Guado, Macalania.

25. ビーカネル砂漠 (Bīkaneru Sabaku) "Bikanel Desert" - 1:53

Played at the hotspot for excavating machina, Bikanel.

26. 新エボン党 (Shin Ebon Tou) "New Yevon Party" - 1:37

The once omnipotent organization in all of Spira, vitiated by Yuna and co., now called New Yevon.

27. ナギ平原 (Nagi Heigen) "Calm Lands" - 1:52

Theme of the gambling hub of Spira, the Calm Lands.

28. ザナルカンド遺跡 (Zanarukando Iseki) "Zanarkand Ruins" - 2:32

The theme of the once sacred place turned tourist trap, Zanarkand.

29. スフィアハンター (Sufia Hantā) "Sphere Hunter" - 1:54

30. 寺院 (Jiin) "Temple" - 1:14

Played whenever the party enters one of the temples.

31. 緊迫 (Kinpaku) "Tension" - 1:47

The limited edition came in a plastic case that carried a Rikku keychain and strap.

Disc 2 (1:11:41)

1. カモメ団マーチ (Kamone Dan Māchi) "Seagull March" - 2:32

A brass instrument heavy Gullwings theme.

2. 大いなる存在 (Oori Naru Sonzai) "Great Existence" - 1:32

3. おやすみ (Oyasumi) "Good Night" - 0:17

Played whenever the party rests in an Inn, Celsius, etc.

4. 不安 (Fuan) "Anxiety" - 2:11

5. 潜入! ルプランのアジト (Sennyuu! Rurupan no Ajito) "Infiltration" - 1:43

6. リュックのテーマ (Ryukku no Tēma) "Rikku's Theme" - 2:09

The upbeat theme for the equally upbeat sphere hunter, Rikku.

7. チョコボ (Chokobo) "Chocobo" - 1:49

The Chocobo's Theme of X-2.

8. パインのテーマ (Pain no Tēma) "Paine's Theme" - 2:40

The theme of the mysterious new addition to the XX cast, Paine.

9. ベベルの秘密 (Beberu no Himitsu) "Bevelle's Secret - 1:14

Played at the always secretive massive city of Bevelle.

10. アンダーベベル (Andā Beberu) "Under Bevelle" - 2:01

This track is heard during the Gullwings' underground raid of Bevelle.

11. ユウナのバラード (Yūna no Barādo) "Yuna's Ballad" - 3:01

Ballad of High Summoner Yuna.

12. お助け屋カモメ団 (o Tasuke ya Kamome Dan) "Help Store Seagull Group" - 2:21

Played aboard Celsius when shopping at the Hypello-run Gullwing store.

13. オラたちのデバンだなや (Ora Tachi no Deban da Naya) "It's Our Turn Now!" - 2:59

This is played at the Moonflow in Chapter 5 during Tobli's concert.

14. 迷宮 (Meikyū) "Labyrinth" - 1:43

15. 混乱 (Konra) "Confusion" - 1:42

16. 召喚獣 (Shoukan Kemono) "Summoned Beast" - 1:07

Played when Yuna has to fight her former Aeons in their respective temples.

17. 異界の深淵 (Ikai no Shinen) "Abyss of the Farplane" - 2:23

This is heard in the sinister Abyss of the Farplane.

18. 久遠 ~楽団員さんの演奏~ (') "Eternity ~Band Member Performance~" - 3:34

The adopted band of the Celsius plays this song during certain points of the game.

19. 1000の言葉 (FF X-2 Mix) (1000 no Kotoba (FF X-2 Mix)) "1000 no Kotoba (FFX-2 Mix)" - 3:54

Yuna's performance of 1000 Words during her rain soaked concert in the Thunder Plains.

20. 洞窟の悪夢 (Doukutsu no Akumu) "Nightmare of a Cave" - 1:20

21. アカギ隊 (Akagi Tai) "Party" - 3:05

22. ヴェグナガン起動 (Vegunagan Kidou) "Vegnagun Starting" - 2:31

23. 激突 (Gekitotsu) "Clash" - 1:35

24. 死闘 (Shitou) "Struggle to the Death" - 1:23

25. 破滅 (Hametsu) "Destruction" - 2:59

26. 終焉 (Shūen) "Demise" - 2:33

27. 1000の言葉 Piano Version ~時を越えた想い~ (1000 no Kotoba Piano Version ~Toki wo koe ta Omoi~) "1000 no Kotoba Piano Version" - 3:45

1000 Words Piano version

28. エンディング ~また会う日まで~ (Endingu ~Mata Au Hi Made) "Ending ~Until the Day We Meet Again~" - 2:11

The ending theme to the game.

29. 1000の言葉 Orchestra Version (1000 no Kotoba Orchestra Verion) "1000 no Kotoba Orchestra Version" - 6:30

The orchestra version of 1000 Words, an extra verse is present in this version.

30. エピローグ ~再会~ (Epirōgu ~Saikai~) "Epilogue ~Reunion~" - 3:26

Played only when the Perfect ending is achieved.

Music samples

Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~ I'll Give You Something Hot! Aeons Clash


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