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Final Fantasy Legend III
時空の覇者 サ・ガ3 [完結編]
Jikuu no Hasha: Sa·Ga 3 [Kanketsu Hen]
Developer(s) Square
Publisher(s) Square
Sunsoft (1998 rerelease)
Release date Japan December 13, 1991
United States/Canada September 29, 1993
Re-released by Sunsoft in 1998
Genre Role-Playing Game
Game modes Single player
Ratings N/A
Platform(s) Game Boy

Final Fantasy Legend III, originally released as Jikuu no Hasha: Sa・Ga 3 [Kanketsu Hen]​ (時空の覇者 Sa・Ga3 [完結編], lit. The Ruler of Time and Space ~ SaGa3 [Final Chapter]) in Japan, was the third in the Final Fantasy Legend series released for the original Nintendo Game Boy.



It is the future and most of the world has been devastated by a floating continent called Pureland. In order to stop this from happening, the people of the future send three children back into the past to try and rewrite history. Arthur, a human, along with Curtis and Gloria, two mutants, are the planet's final hope.


The player can change form into a robot, a monster or the ilk. The player can also purchase magic, unlike Legend and Legend II where the characters learned magic through level ups. The party in this game is made up of two humans, Arthur and Sharon, and two mutants, Curtis and Gloria, and the party remains the same for the entire game. Each of the party members, and just about every character in the game, is "attuned" to a particular element which affects the magic they can learn.


All four of the main characters are able to transform into various monsters and robots. This is done using meat or cybernetic parts left behind from defeated enemies. After a battle, the party may receive either meat or parts, and the player has the option of using it on any of the four characters. The first time a character takes meat, they become a Beast. Another use of meat will make them become a Monster. On the other hand, if a normal character uses parts, they become a Cyborg. A second use of parts turns them into a Robot. There are various forms of Beasts, Monsters, Cyborgs and Robots, and each of them gains the use of various special abilities, called Talents. Talents are moves with all kinds of different effects, which cost no MP to use. However, a transformed character will only have up to 4 Talents. Returning a character to their Human/Mutant form is simple as well. If they're a Beast, using parts on them once will return them to normal. A Monster character requires two uses of parts to return to normal. A Cyborg character needs one use of meat to become Human/Mutant, and a Robot character needs to use meat twice.

As a Beast, a character will primarily use physical attacks. Gaining levels will let them transform into a more powerful Beast.

As a Monster, a character has HP and MP equal to that of the type of enemy monster they turn into, as well as that monster's Talents. However, they can't equip items at all.

As a Cyborg, a character's base stats are lower than normal, but they can be increased by equipping items. Weapons and shields will raise attack power and HP. Headgear and body armor will increase defense and HP. Gloves and boots will raise MP and HP.

As a Robot, a character's base stats are again lowered, but they can use Capsule items to become stronger. However, Robot characters have 0 MP, and cannot use any magic except for the free spells Float and Dive.


The players start out in their world, and can eventually travel to the past and the future. They also learn to go underwater. After a time, they go to Pureland, a much larger world, but no traveling through time there.


Initially, the players can just walk along the ground, but they quickly gain a spell "Float" which enables them to hover just above the ground, enabling them to cross the water (but not mountains). The players also learn a spell called "Dive" which enables them to go into the water, and underwater. There are underwater caves and sunken ships to explore. Eventually they rebuild the ship Talon and the different pieces they install in it enable them to do different things, like fly over water, and over mountains. The Talon can also take them through time (with the requisite modules installed), even before its engines are fixed. The ship proves of little use in Pureland, but the characters can also go to the underworld there.

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