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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Original Soundtrack
Catalog # PCCG-00613
Composer(s) Kumi Tanioka
Arranger(s) Kumi Tanioka
Producer(s) Kumi Tanioka
Publisher Pony Canyon
CD Info 2 CD - 52 Tracks
Length 2:11:38
Release date August 20, 2003

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, composed and arranged by Kumi Tanioka.


Track List


Disc 1 (66:22)

1. 記憶のこだま (Kioku no Kodama) "Echo of Memories" - 0:47

Played at the title screen.

2. カゼノネ (Kaze no Ne) "Sound of the Wind" - 3:36

The opening song of the game.

3. やすらぎ (Yasuragi) "Serenity" - 0:41

Played at the start of a new adventure.

4. 今日が来て、明日になって (Kyou ga Kite , Ashita ni Natte) "Today Arrives, Becoming Tomorrow" - 2:14

The main theme of the World Map.

5. はじまりの村 (Hajimari no Mura) "The First Town" - 2:40

Played in the caravan's hometown.

6. キャラバン・クロスロード (Kyaraban Kurosurōdo) "Caravan Crossroad" - 1:16

Played whenever the caravan meets someone along the roads of the world.

7. 旅立ち (Tabidachi) "Departure" - 4:15

The theme of the serene River Belle Path.

8. 川面にうつる雲 (Kawamo ni Utsuru Kumo) "Moving Clouds on the River's Surface" - 1:27

Played at Jegon River.

9. 夢路の夕暮れ (Yume Michi no Yūgure) "Twilight in Dreamland" - 3:51

Played at the mysterious Mushroom Forest.

10. 鎚音ひびく峠にて (Tsuchi Oto Hibiku Touge Nite) "Echoes at the Mountain Peak" - 2:29

The theme of Marr's Pass.

11. 憂いの闇の中で (Urei no Yami no Naka de) "In the Gloomy Darkness" - 3:33

The eerie theme of the Mine of Cathuriges.

12. にぎわいと伝統と (Nigiwai to Dentou to) "Prosperity and Tradition" - 2:17

Played at the grand and majestic town of Alfitaria.

13. おののけ、もののけ (Ononoke , Mononoke) "Shudder, Monster" - 3:23

The theme of the goblin-infested Goblin Wall.

14. 三人いれば…? (Sannin Ireba ...?) "If three people are...?" - 2:09

Played whenever the caravan meets the Striped Brigands.

15. 誓いは永遠に (Chikai wa Eien ni) "Eternal Oath" - 3:01

The main theme of the desolate ghost town known as Tida.

16. 閉じられた物語 (Tojirareta Monogatari) "End of the Tale" - 0:15

Played after the caravan looses all of its caravanners in battle.

17. マギーがすべて (Magī Gasubete) "Magi is everything" - 2:53

The theme of the Tonberry driven Moschet Manor.

18. アミダッティも、エレオノールも (Amidatti mo , Ereonōru mo) "Amidatty and Eleanor, too" - 3:29

Played at the ancient hometown of the Yukes, Shella.

19. 約束のうるおい (Yakusoku no Uruoi) "Promised Grace" - 2:54

Played at the Gigan Toad infested Veo Lu Sluice.

20. そよかぜ吹けば (Soyokaze Fuke Ba) "A Gentle Wind Blows" - 2:10

The theme of the rustic Fields of Fum.

21. 風のこえ、時のうた (Kaze no Koe, Toki no Uta) "Voice of Wind, Song of Time" - 3:12

The chilly Selepation Cave's theme.

22. 魔物の砦 (Mamono no Toride) "Goblin's Lair" - 3:14

Played at Daemon's Court.

23 覚悟を決めろ (Kakugo o Kimero) "Make a Resolution" - 0:50

The tension filled track played whenever the caravan stumbles upon the dungeon boss' lair.

24. 怪物の輪舞 ~ロンド~ (Kaibutsu no Rinbu ~ Rondo ~) "Monster Dance ~Rondo~" - 2:56

This track is played during boss battles.

25. 命の水 (Inochi no Mizu) "Water of Life" - 1:13

Played at one of the most moving ceremonies of the game; the collection of a drop of Myrrh.

26. ぼくモーグリ (Boku Mōguri) "I'm Moogle" - 1:05

The theme of the furry bouncy Moogle that delivers mail to the crystal caravan after each successful victory over a dungeon boss.

27. なつかしい横顔 (Natsukashii Yokogao) "Nostalgic Profile" - 1:29

Played during the ceremony where the Myrrh replenishes Tipa's Crystal.

28. 年に一度のお祭り (Ne ni Ichido no Omatsuri) "Annual Festival" - 2:42

This track is played at the year-end festival the town of Tipa has for the caravanners for coming back safely and bringing with them, Myrrh.

Disc 2 (65:16)

1. はてしなき空 (Hateshinaki Sora) "Endless Sky" - 1:57 2. ただ突き進むのみ (Tada Tsukisusumu Nomi) "Meager Advance" - 1:28

The dismal theme of the Miasma Streams.

3. ぼくのおうち (Boku no Ouchi) "My Den" - 1:28

A theme synonymous with the Moogles of the game.

4. 大海原をながめて (taikai hara wonagamete) "Overlooking the Great Ocean" - 1:20

Played at Port Tipa.

5. 心の奥に燃ゆるもの (Kokoro no Oku Ni Nen Yuru Mono) "Something Burns in the Heart" - 3:44

The track played at Mount Kilanda.

6. 「自由」に身をゆだねて ("Jiyuu" ni mi o Yudanete) "Leaving the Body Freely" - 1:53

Theme of the little seaside town of Leuda.

7. 砂に眠る秘宝 (Suna ni Nemuru Hihou) "Sleeping Treasure in the Sand" - 3:42

Played in the Mystery Element bearing land of the Lynari Desert.

8. 光よ…! (Hikari yo...!) "Oh, Light...!" - 2:29

Theme of the light-chasing, legendary Black Knight.

9. 新天地を目指して (Shintenchi o Mezashite) "Aiming Towards the New World" - 4:30

This track is played at Conall Curach. The track's namesake comes from the Selkies looking for a new world and finding it in Conall Curach.

10. 哀しみを強さに (Kanashimi o Tsuyosa ni) "Strength in Sadness" - 1:49

This track is played during the cutscene where the Princess is talking to a Selkie female in Leuda.

11. 笑顔いっぱいの時間 (Egao Ippai no Jikan) "The Time of Many Smiling Faces" - 1:58

Played when the caravan finishes the "Princess" side quest and receives 100,000 gil!

12. 北の空が澄んでいたころ (Kita no Sora ga Sundeita Koro) "When the Northern Sky Was Clear" - 3:19

The track for the town of origin during the Golden Age, now known as Rebena Te Ra.

13. マグ・メル (Magu Meru) "Mag Mell" - 2:35

Theme of Mag Mell.

14. アクロス・ザ・ディバイド (Akuroso Za Dabaido) "Across the Divide" - 2:31

Played at the den of Raem, Mount Vellenge.

15. 心の中に響く音 (Kokoro no Uchi ni Hibiku Oto) "Echoes in the Heart" - 2:00

Almost identical to Echoes of Memories but with a piano piece towards the end. Played in the Nest of Memories.

16. 光と影 (Hikari to Kage) "Light and Shadow" - 1:38

This track is played during the Lady Mio's first dialogue.

17. 忘れたくない… (Wasuretakunai...) "I Don't Want to Forget..." - 3:43

Played after Raem's spies (Minion) appeared with Lady Mio.

18. 哀しい怪物 (Kanashii Kaibutsu) "Sad Monster" - 3:59

An interesting track with Bagpipes played throughout. Played during the fight against Raem.

19. 融合、降臨 (Yuugou, Kourin) "Unite, Descent" - 4:07

The Memiroa battle's music.

20. クリスタルを継ぐ者へ (Kurisutaru o Tsugumono e) "To the Successor of the Crystal" - 2:00

When Memiroa loses, we can hear this track.

21. どこまでも蒼く (Doko Made mo Aoku) "Thoroughly Blue" - 2:00

Like many of the tracks, the underlying melody is Kaze No Ne. Played when the miasma disappears.

22. 星月夜 (Hoshizukiyo) "Starry Moonlit Night" - 4:24

Ending theme.

23. 水のオルゴール (Mizu no Orugōru) "Orgel of Water" - 1:14

Played at the end screen.

24. 星月夜 ~アレンジバージョン~ (Hoshizukiyo ~Arenji Bājon~) "Starry Moonlit Night ~Arranged Version~" - 5:36

Arranged version of the ending theme, Starry Moonlit Night.

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