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Average height

1.4 meters

Skin color


  • Six limbs
Famous members

Filordi (singular, Filordus) were sapients indigenous to Filordis.[2]


Biology and appearance

A Filordus

A Filordus was a six-limbed being, who utilised its lower four limbs for locomotion. Most stood about 1.4 meters tall. Two arms hung from its shoulders, while long, spindly front legs grew from its abdomen. Its hind legs were shorter and rather stubby. Their feet were flat, with pincer toes that faced rearward on the front legs and forward on the back legs. When cornered, Filordi usually crouched on their hind legs, fighting with their arms and pincers. They were able to rise and walk upright in a bipedal fashion, though they found this method of movement very tiring. Filordi were hardy, but not graceful, as the coordination of all their limbs was cumbersome.[2]

The faces of the Filordi were humanoid, and their large ears were able to fold over their eyes to protect them from wind and rain. The ears made them more susceptible to sonic attacks than other species. Filordi were covered in light-colored short hair, sometimes marked with stripes of blue. Though Filordi could learn Galactic Basic, their voices sounded gravelly, missing some of the consonant sounds.[2]

Filordi were asexual and reproduced when they died. A week after the death of its host, an infant Filordi crawled from the corpse of its predecessor.[2]


All Filordi cared about two contradictory things: making their homeworld less hostile and getting away from it. Filordi began terraforming the planet in an effort to make the most of what they had.[2]

The Filordi were hardy and intelligent, quickly adapting to the circumstances they found themselves in. A seemingly paradoxical race, the Filordi were driven to succeed, yet seemed incapable of planning for long-term success. They were a short-sighted species, evident by their over-consumption of every available resource. They could be found nearly anywhere in the galaxy, wandering in search of more than their homeworld has to offer - with some of them becoming Jedi Knights.[2]


The Filordi were members of the Trade Federation. Around 33 BBY, Cularin crimelord Nirama bought technology from the Filordi to use it against the local asteroid belt pirates.[2]

When the Federation blockaded Naboo, the Caarites convinced the Filordi to split off with them in forming the Metatheran Cartel, a trade organization dominated by those two species. Although the Cartel based on Cularin, it also opened secondary headquarters in Filordis and in the Caarite homeworld, Caarimon. In day-to-day dealings with the public, the reclusive Filordi let the Caarites be the face of the Cartel, and were rarely seen.[2]

Two filordi security agents and three filordi cooks were seen in the Metatheran Cartel jungle base of Cularin in 31 BBY.[3] Another Filordus, Furran, was a permitor affiliated to the House Intari in Depatar around the same time; Furran got little job opportunities because his species was such a rare sight.[1]



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