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See also: Warrior.
Human Fighter
"Masters the use of many swords for offense."
—In-game description

Fighters are the powerhouses of the human race in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, available for use after mastering two Soldier skills. Fighters wield blades in battle, and learn some useful skills.




Fighter Tech

Fighter command. Use many different sword techs.

Skill Weapon Learned From Effect AP To Master
Rush Sweep Blade Damage and knock back target. 100
Wild Swing Ogun Blade Damage surrounding units. 200
Beatdown Shadow Blade Double damage, halved Accuracy. 200
Blitz Sun Blade Halved damage, double Accuracy. 200
Air Render Atmos Blade Ranged attack. 200
Far Fist Kwigon Blade Ranged area damage. 200
Air Blast Air Blade Wind damage in a T area in front of unit. 300
Backdraft Flametongue Fire damage; 1/4 of the damage dealt is dealt to the unit as recoil. 300


Skill Armor Learned From Effect AP To Master
Bonecrusher Ninja Gear Counters with one-and-a-half times normal damage, but will only activate after being hit with an attack. 300
Strikeback Wygar Block all standard Fight attacks and counter. Does not work with abilities. 300


Skill Weapon Learned From Effect AP To Master
Doublehand Venus Blade Hold a one-handed weapon with both hands, increasing damage dealt. 300


Skill Weapon Learned From Effect AP To Master
Fight Combo Mythril Blade Allows the unit to start or join in a Combo during combat. 100

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