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Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Japanese γΎγ˜γ‚“
Romaji Majin
SNES Name Doom
PS Name Doom
GBA Name Fiend

Fiend is a boss in Final Fantasy VI. It is one of the three beings comprising the Warring Triad, and it has the highest HP of any enemy in the original game and third most in the Game Boy Advance remake behind the Kaiser Dragon and Omega Weapon. This includes Kefka as well.


Fiend attacks in three phases. Its first phase consists of it using Blizzaga and Northern Cross, which can be avoided by equipping the proper equipment. Northern Cross can Freeze characters, but it has a low Hit Rate, and Ice protection combined with high M.Block stops it. When Fiend is down to half its starting HP, it switches to a new strategy. It wastes a turn "Targetting" a character, and on its next turn, uses a powerful physical attack called Fiendish Rage. Casting Protect and Regen on the character, Fiend uses "Targetting" on helps a lot. During these first two phases, Holy spells work well, as Fiend is weak to Holy. Fiend also has fairly strong Magic Defense, so Flare or Strago's Grand Delta are also very effective. When Fiend loses about half his HP, a message appears that says "Fiend's aura is trembling violently!" This means that Fiend gives itself Reflect, Haste, and Blink status, meaning it becomes difficult to hit. Holy spells are now Reflected, and physical attacks do not work. Hopefully, Strago is in the party, and knows Rippler. Thus, Strago can obtain these statuses for himself. Also, Fiend uses Force Field during this phase, which is the only time where Strago can learn the Lore. This is another reason why Strago should be in the party. Also, Locke can steal a second Safety Bit from Fiend.


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