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Field Searchers
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Force of the Breaker

Field Searchers are a series of monsters whose unique effect have the ability to search out for a certain Field Spell specifically for their Archetype/Attribute. They are all 4 star monsters that allow you to discard them to add their corresponding Field Spell Card to your hand from your deck. While they have ATKs ranging from 1600 (Gravekeeper's Commandant) to 2100 (Elemental Hero Captain Gold), all of them has a unified 2100 ATK when played with their respective field cards (they either need the card to be on the field, as in the case of Archfiend General or Captain Gold, or gain an ATK boost while their Field card is in play, raising their ATK to 2100). They were all introduced in "Force of the Breaker" booster pack and, with the exception of Captain Gold, are all rares (Captain Gold being Ultra Rare, but having since been reprinted as a rare).

The Field searchers and their corresponding field cards are as follows:

Does not need the Field card but would gain ATK while the field card is on the field:

Harpie Queen - Searches out Harpies' Hunting Ground

Warrior of Atlantis - Searches out A Legendary Ocean

Destroyersaurus - Searches out Jurassic World

Gravekeeper's Commandant - Searches out Necrovalley

Neo Space Pathfinder - Searches out Neo Space

Does not gain ATK (due to the field card not granting an ATK boost) and requires the field card to be on the field:

Zeradias, Herald of Heaven - Searches out Sanctuary of the Sky

Archfiend General - Searches out Pandemonium

Elemental Hero Captain Gold - Searches out Skyscraper

Although not a field searcher on sight, Volcanic Rocket acts somewhat like Field Searchers as it searches out the spell card needed for Volcanic Decks, although it needs to be summoned and remains at 1900 ATK regardless of whether or not the card is on the field. The up side is you dont loose advantage in order to get it's corresponding card. Hecatrice is also similar, but the card it searches, Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen, is not a field card.

Note that Neo Space Pathfinder is a field searcher, but differs from the others that it remains at 1800 ATK regardless of whether nor not the Field Spell card is on the field. It is also one of the few searchers released outside of Force of the Breaker. However, it is also a Rare card. Also Immortal Ruler can be noted as a field searcher since it searches out Zombie World, though its effects state it can only search out the card from the Graveyard and must be Tributed to activate its effect. Assault Beast is also similar to the field searchers, albeit on a limb as it searches out a trap card instead of a field spell card. However, it is also a Rare card, has 1900 attack and 4 stars. The card it searches out, Assault Mode Activate, is also crucial for the archetype. Ancient Fairy Dragon can be considered a Field Searcher, due to its ability, although it's not tied to any particular archetype.

While their effects are little more than specialised versions of Terraforming, they are all monster cards, so they can provide some sort of protection should you run out of field cards (Terraforming, in such a case, would be a dead draw). In addition, all of these cards have outstanding ATK when their field card is on the field, making them great beatsticks (this is even more true for Harpie Queen, Warrior of Atlantis, and Gravekeeper's Commandant, as the former 2 already have 1900 ATK for 4 star monsters, which is good enough to be competitive on it's own, and Gravekeeper's Commandant having the highest original ATK of any non-tribute Gravekeeper's cards.). Finally, given practically no deck is ever built relying on more than a single Field Spell card, their specialization drawback is nearly non-existent.

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