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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

A Ferry or a Taxi is a person who agrees to transport lower-level characters to map locations that those characters have not yet unlocked. This is distinct from a Runner, who will take people to areas of the game they could physically reach, but which cross difficult terrain with powerful monsters. A ferry, by contrast, simply creates a party with the other characters in it, then map travels to the location in question. The entire party, including the "locked" characters, end up in the new location.

Note that ferries only work in certain areas of the game. In most cases, if a player has not unlocked a location and the party leader tries to map travel there, the other player will simply be booted out of the party.

Elite Factions Missions

A ferry can be a member of an alliance that controls Cavalon or House zu Heltzer who agrees to transport people from outside the controlling alliance to the Elite Mission outposts from the respective capitals. The member of the controlling alliance, who has direct access to the restricted areas, teams up with the players from outside the alliance desiring to be transported, and enters the Elite Mission staging area. This transports everyone in the party, including the outside members. Prior to the addition of Passage Scrolls in the April 19th, 2007 update, ferrying was the primary way of accessing the Factions Elite Missions.

Some alliances ferry people for a fee; others do it for free or tips. ArenaNet has made their position on ferrying fees known in a forum posting on They believe it is up to the alliances that control the cities to charge for ferrying or not, as they see fit.

For other ways of accessing Elite Missions, see the Elite Mission article.

Ferries in Elona

The Consulate Docks mission town is a short, peaceful walk from Kamadan, but it is not accessible to players who have not completed the quest called The Time is Nigh. The Consulate Docks employ the best armorer in Istan, so low-level characters often ask to be ferried there so they can purchase high-quality armor from him. Once inside the Docks, Ferries with the Terror in Tyria or Plague in Cantha quests may then offer ferry services to those respective regions for players who have not progressed far enough to unlock the quests on their own.

  • Characters wishing to provide ferry services can accept the quest The Time is Nigh, serve as a ferry for other characters, abandon the quest before accepting the quest reward, and then re-take the quest as many times as they like. It is a bit time-consuming, since the character had to listen to a tedious speech by Kormir in Churrhir Fields each time he or she wanted to serve as a ferry, but it offers a chance to make a bit of money on ferry fees and/or tips.

Historic Note


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From Grand Theft Wiki

A Ferry in GTA Liberty City Stories.

The Ferry is a major link between Portland and Staunton Island during the construction of the Callahan Bridge circa 1998 in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


The ferry service is evidently a system of motorized boats capable of carrying road vehicles and pedestrians. The entire system consists of two ferry terminals (one in Harwood, Portland and the other in Rockford, Staunton), and two identical large, blue-and-white ferries that alternate between both terminals.

In order to use a ferry service, player must wait until a ferry is docked at a ferry terminal, at which point, a yellow halo marker will appear on the dock in front of the ferry. The player must then drive or walk into the halo, and press a button in order to confirm entry into the ferry. Each ferry ride is $25. The journey can last for up to two minutes, due largely to the slow speed of the ferry, although the player can skip to the period when the ferry arrives at its destination to save time. Like the subway trains, the ferries cannot be stolen and controlled.

An alternative to the ferry is the incomplete Callahan Bridge. After "Driving Mr. Leone", a ramp is added on the gaps on the bridge, allowing the player to jump over to Portland or Staunton via this link.


The ferry service is threatened by two new road links, the Callahan Bridge and Porter Tunnel, both of which are under construction during events in the game. The possible obsolescence of the ferry service spurred union members to stage a strike that momentarily shut down ferry services, cutting Portland off from the rest of the city. It is only after assurances by the mayor's office that some of the worker returned to work (as depicted during "Driving Mr. Leone"), returning the ferry to normal service.

It is implied the ferry system was ultimately shut down following GTA Liberty City Stories, as little remains of the service during events in Grand Theft Auto III, which is set three years later, in 2001. The Portland terminal was demolished for the Portland exit of the Porter Tunnel, and a few warehouses were erected in place of the Staunton terminal.


  • The Staunton ferry terminal features two ferry docks, implying the terminal may had formerly served two ferry lines, one possibly leading to Shoreside Vale.
  • In the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV a ferry is shown, named "Liberty Ferry", suggesting that the ferries will be present in Liberty City in the new game. Althrough, when the game was released, there were no ferries.

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From Lostpedia

Pala Ferry
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"Ferry" redirects here. For other uses of "Ferry", see Harbor.

The Pala Ferry is a ferry system created on the Island by the DHARMA Initiative for the transport of its workers.

According to Dr. Mark Wickmund's instructions to the workers of the Pearl station in their orientation video, they were to proceed to the Pala Ferry to be returned to the Barracks at the end of their eight-hour shift. ("?") The Pala ferry was also mentioned in the orientation video that Roger Linus and his young son Ben watched at the Barracks; it would take people over to the Hydra, three times a day, if they were assigned a zoological position. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

A pier and dock with a covered canopy bearing the words "Pala Ferry" on the top still exists on the western shore of the Island. The Pala Ferry pier was used by the the Others as a docking point for their boat. Michael and Walt were given the Others' boat at the Pala Ferry pier. Michael was told that he would "find rescue" if he navigated to heading 325. ("Live Together, Die Alone")

Sayid, Jin and Sun docked the sailboat Elizabeth at the Pala Ferry pier when they attempted to ambush the Others. Sayid described the pier to Jin and Sun as being grown over and in a state of general disuse. He later stated that that was part of his lying. The Others captured the sailboat in a gun battle with Sayid and Jin while Sun escaped. ("The Glass Ballerina")

The Pala Ferry pier through binoculars


Notable visitors

Picture Name First visit Last visit Reason for Visit
Jack "Live Together, Die Alone" "Live Together, Die Alone" Taken together to the ferry, they witnessed Michael and Walt leave the island. They were then taken to the Hydra, except Hurley, who was sent back to camp.
Michael "Live Together, Die Alone" "Live Together, Die Alone" Made a deal with Ben to be returned with Walt, and then he left the island on a boat.
Walt "Live Together, Die Alone" "Live Together, Die Alone" Arrived to meet his father and then left the island on a boat.
Ben "Live Together, Die Alone" "Live Together, Die Alone" Arrived to meet Michael, let him leave the island and then take Jack, Kate and Sawyer back to the Hydra.
Tom "Live Together, Die Alone" "Live Together, Die Alone" Took the captives (somewhat unwillingly, in Alex's case) to meet Ben on their way to the Hydra.
Sayid "The Glass Ballerina" "The Glass Ballerina" Arrived at the ferry on the Elizabeth while searching for Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley a day after they left. Sayid and Jin participated in a shootout with the Others when they captured the sailboat.
Colleen "The Glass Ballerina" "The Glass Ballerina" Participated in the capture of the Elizabeth and was killed by Sun.


  • Dharmapala is a type of wrathful deity in Vajrayana Buddhism. The name means "Dharma-defender" in Sanskrit, and the dharmapalas are also known as the Defenders of the Law (Dharma) or the Protectors of the Law in English.
  • Pala is a utopian island in a book called "Island" by Aldous Huxley ("Brave New World"). (plot summary)
  • On pg 49, the Rani says, "Nothing happens by Accident. There's a Great Plan, and within the Great Plan, innumerable little plans. A little plan for each and every once of us." This is very similar to the theme from Lost explored with the "Everything happens for a reason" promotional angle that was used in last year's commercials.
  • The Pala Empire was in control of the northern and eastern Indian subcontinent regions (mainly Bengal) from the 8th to 12th centuries. The first emperor, Gopala, was the first independent Buddhist king of the region and was followed by his son, Dharmapala. The Pala Empire built many temples in India before coming under the attack of the Hindu Sena Dynasty.
  • Pala also means "protector" in Sanskrit. It means "visor" and "deceive" in Portuguese and "shovel" in Spanish and Italian. It is also a kind of sword in Turkish.

Unanswered questions

  • What happened to the ferry?

See also

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Habeen Delta-class DX-9 stormtrooper transports Ferry served aboard Nebulon-B frigate Lendova at the Mylok IV Conflict during the Galactic Civil War. Transports Ferry carried hyperdrive and experimental technology over to Grand Admiral Zaarin's Nebulon-B2 frigate Shamus after a formal agreement aboard Shuttle Nexus.

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  • Star Wars: TIE Fighter

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City of Heroes

Up to date as of January 31, 2010

From City of Heroes Wiki

The containership used as a ferry by heroes to sneak into Striga
A method of transportation in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles that allows instantaneous travel between zones.

Hero Ferry Locations

Villain Ferry Locations

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