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Old Republic era[2]

"Captain, this is the human I was telling you about. He saved my life at Flashpoint!"
―Ferroh to Telettoh, regarding Zayne Carrick

Ferroh was a Cathar male who served as a Jedi Knight during the Galactic Republic's war against the invading Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. In 3,964 BBY, he and his fellow Revanchist Jedi, which were led by the Jedi Knight Revan, participated in a scouting mission along the Outer Rim. Ferroh and the Jedi were ambushed by the Mandalorians before the fourth battle of the planet Suurja. They were taken to Flashpoint Station and were tortured there by the Mandalorian scientist Demagol. Ferroh and his companions were eventually rescued from captivity by the Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick, the Mandalorian turncoat Rohlan Dyre, and their companions aboard the Last Resort.

While on a mission to his homeworld of Cathar, Ferroh and the Revanchists felt the Mandalorian's destruction of the planet Serroco through the Force. Eventually, a team of Jedi loyal to the Jedi High Council met the Revanchists on Cathar and ordered them to disband permanently. However, all the Jedi present experienced a vision of the Mandalorians murdering the Cathar. After the truth of what happened on Cathar was revealed, the Jedi Council officially sanctioned Ferroh and the Revanchist's involvement in the Mandalorian Wars.




Early life and Jedi training

"When I returned, a dozen years ago, my people had simply vanished. All of them. Only the buildings remained. The Republic assumed a mass migration due to disease—but offworld, other Cathar refugees told me fragmented tales of harassment by the Mandalorians, who'd hated us since the Sith War."
―Ferroh, to Zayne Carrick

The Cathar male Ferroh was born on the planet Cathar. He eventually left his homeworld to undergo training in the ways of the Jedi Order. He eventually returned to Cathar and discovered that all of his people had vanished. The Galactic Republic assumed that the Cathar had migrated offworld due to a disease. However, Ferroh learned from Cathar refugees offword that the Mandalorians, who hated the Cathar species since the Great Sith War, had harassed the planet. Ferroh became convinced that the Mandalorians were responsible for his people's disappearance.[1]

Mandalorian Wars

Ferroh and Jarael inside Flashpoint Station

Flashpoint Station

Jarael: "What—what is this place?"
Ferroh: "Doctor Demagol's waiting room. No appointment necessary."
Jarael: "You're all Jedi? What are you doing here?"
Ferroh: "Captured on Suurja—ambushed. We were just going to look around, but they it's like they knew we were coming. Glorious first outing for the crusading Jedi volunteers, wouldn't you say?"
―Jarael and Ferroh, in the Flashpoint Station

When the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders launched an assault on the Republic and started the Mandalorian Wars, the Jedi Knights Revan and Alek Squinquargesimus were eager to defeat the invading forces. However, the Jedi Council urged the Jedi to be patient and strictly forbade action against the Mandalorians, feeling that the true threat had not yet emerged. Revan would not be dissuaded, and both he and Squinquargesimus believed that the Order operated too slowly and exercised excessive caution in its decisions. Squinquargesimus was the first to join Revan's movement, known as the Revanchists,[3] and other Jedi, including Ferroh,[2] soon followed.[4] In the year 3,964 BBY, Ferroh was among a group of Jedi that chose to take a more proactive role in the ongoing war by participating in a scouting mission along the Outer Rim, just prior to the Mandalorian invasion of the Republic.[5] Led by Revan, Ferroh and his fellow Jedi investigated the Mandalorian threat along the Republic border against the wishes of the Jedi Council.[6]

Ferroh, Alek Squinquargesimus, and their "Master", Revan, sense a great disturbance in the Force.

Ferroh and his fellow Jedi were left behind on the planet Suurja while Revan left to investigate events on Onderon and its jungle moon Dxun.[6] Ferroh and his fellow Jedi were captured in an ambush before the fourth battle of Suurja by the Mandalorians[7] and taken to Flashpoint Station, an old Republic research station that the Mandalorians had captured. The Jedi were tortured there by the Mandalorian scientist Demagol, who was attempting to divine the source and nature of the Jedi's Force abilities.[2] Shortly after the Mandalorians attacked the planet Vanquo,[8] the female Arkanian offshoot named Jarael was taken to the station. Ferroh explained to her where she was and how he and his fellow Jedi were captured by the Mandalorians. After Squinquargesimus came out of a session with Demagol, Ferroh and the other Jedi attempted to assist him, although Squinquargesimus assured them he was alright.[2]

Eventually, the fugitive Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick—who was framed by his Jedi Masters for the Padawan Massacre of Taris[9]—and the crew of the Last Resort arrived on the station to rescue Jarael. Carrick pretended to be captured by the rogue Mandalorian Rohlan Dyre and was taken in Jarael's stead to be tortured by Demagol. When Dyre and Demagol emerged, they announced that Carrick was dead. The Mandalorians were tricked into leaving the station during a false "Republic attack" masterminded by Snivvian con artist Marn Hierogryph, who was one of Carrick's companions. Ferroh asked Dyre and Demagol what was going on, and Carrick revealed that he was posing as Demagol, whom Dyre had managed to incapacitate. Before they left the station, Ferroh managed to find Carrick's lightsaber and gave it back to the Padawan. Ferroh and his comrades departed the station, with an incapacitated Demagol in their custody.[10] During a mission to the planet of Cathar to investigate the truth about the massacre that had taken place there, Ferroh, Squinquargesimus, Revan, and the other Jedi felt death in the Force when the Mandalorians unleashed a devastating nuclear attack on Serroco.[11]

Vision on Cathar

"We sprang to my people's defense—but our weapons were useless! Both the attackers and the victims were phantoms— or we were! It was a Jedi vision of events from years before—a vision we were all now sharing!"
―Ferroh describes the vision of the Battle of Cathar to Zayne Carrick
Ferroh, Malak, and their fellow Jedi look on as Revan vows to defeat the Mandalorians on Cathar.

Eventually, Squinquargesimus, now going by the name "Malak," returned from Coruscant after testifying against the secret organization called the Jedi Covenant on Zayne Carrick's behalf. After Malak returned, a team of Jedi loyal to the Council, led by Jedi Master Vrook Lamar, met Revan, Ferroh, Malak, and the Revanchists. They ordered the group to disband permanently, believing that the Mandalorians were not a threat and that nothing warranted the Jedi's involvement in the Mandalorian Wars. During the discussion, Revan noticed a Mandalorian mask underneath his own feet and picked it up. When the light struck it, all the Jedi experienced a vision of the past of Mandalorians driving hordes of the Cathar into the sea. A Mandalorian female, to whom the mask in Revan's hands belonged, tried to convince Cassus Fett—who had led the attack on the planet—that the Cathar were defeated and did not need to all be killed. Fett refused to stand down, saying that the Cathar left a stain of dishonor amongst the Mando'ade and that he intended to wash that stain clean by committing genocide. Fett then ordered the planet's devastation, killing the Cathar and the Mandalorian female.

After the vision had ended, Revan became enraged, shouting that the Mandalorians did not have to kill all of the already-beaten Cathar. Recognizing that the lone Mandalorian female knew that the genocide had been wrong, Revan decided to take up her cause of protecting innocents from unnecessary destruction. As Ferroh, Malak, and the other Jedi watched, Revan donned the Mandalorian female's mask, vowing not to remove it until there was justice against the Mandalorians—specifically, their defeat.[1] Although the truth of what happend on Cathar was known, the Jedi still did not give their full support to Revan. However, Revan managed to organize the Revanchists under the banner of a Republic mercy corps. The Jedi Council allowed Revan, Malak, Ferroh, and the Revanchists to participate in the Mandalorian Wars.[12]

Reunion on Wor Tandell

"Malak, stop! He's beaten! You don't have to do this!"
―Ferroh, to Malak regarding the beaten "Rohlan Dyre"
Ferroh and Telettoh break up the fight between Malak and Rohlan Dyre on Wor Tandell

Ferroh eventually went to the planet Wor Tandell, along with Malak and the Republic captain Telettoh, to search for Zayne Carrick and his friends. He found Carrick in Wor Tandell's capital town, Gantra Lea, and introduced Telettoh to the former Padawan. Carrick expressed his relief, stating that he thought Ferroh was in the captain's custody. Ferroh explained that Telettoh worked for the Jedi, telling the Padawan that the Jedi had officially joined the Mandalorian Wars. When Carrick expressed his disbelief, Ferroh told the former Jedi of his past, and of the vision he and the Revanchists experienced on Cathar. Ferroh, Carrick, and Telettoh eventually made their way to Carrick's camp. They found Malak, who was trying to convince Jarael to join him and the Revanchists, fighting Rohlan Dyre. Ferroh and Telettoh broke up the fight between Malak and Dyre when the former defeated the latter. After Malak had a conversation with Jarael and Carrick, Ferroh, Malak, and Telettoh left the planet to continue fighting the war.[1]

The Mandalorian scientist Demagol eventually recovered from the drug-induced coma[13] and stood trial on Coruscant for his crimes against the Republic.[14] After the trial, Malak learned that "Demagol" never made it to the holding cells. Ferroh assisted Malak in the search for the scientist on Coruscant.[15]

Personality and traits

When the Cathar male Ferroh returned to his homeworld of Cathar, he discovered that there was nobody on the planet. After Cathar refugees told him that the Mandalorians had harassed the planet before, he suspected that the Mandalorians had something to do with the Cathar species' disappearance.[1] In 3,964 BBY, Ferroh was among a number of Jedi who were eager to defend the Republic when the Mandalorians attacked. Ferroh and his fellow Jedi went against the Jedi Council's wishes by participating on a scouting mission along the Outer Rim.[2][6]

After the Arkanian female Jarael was brought to Flashpoint Station, Ferroh told her where she was. When Alek Squinquargesimus came from a torture session with Demagol, Ferroh attempted to assist his fellow Jedi.[2] He was thankful when Zayne Carrick and his companions rescued them from the Mandalorians.[10] While he and the Revanchists were on Cathar searching for evidence of the Mandalorian atrocities, he, along with his fellow Jedi, did not give up in their efforts to find this evidence. After finding Zayne Carrick on Wor Tandell, Ferroh was excited to tell Carrick about the Jedi Council's decision to sanction the Revanchists' involvement in the Mandalorian Wars. When he returned to Carrick's camp with Captain Telettoh and the former Padawan, Malak was fighting Rohlan Dyre. After Malak defeated the Mandalorian, Ferroh pulled Malak off Dyre. Ferroh shouted that since Dyre was beaten, Malak did not need to inflict any further damage on the Mandalorian.[1]

Powers and abilities

Ferroh was sensitive to the Force and was deemed suitable for Jedi training.[1] While he was on Cathar with the Revanchists, Ferroh felt the Mandalorians' devastation of the planet Serroco.[11] He later witnessed the vision of the Mandalorians' slaughter of the Cathar people.[1]

Ferroh used a lightsaber containing a blue crystal.[1]

Behind the scenes

Ferroh was created by John Jackson Miller, the writer of the Knights of the Old Republic comic series. He first appeared in the second issue of the Flashpoint story arc, and was also in the third and final comic of the arc. Ferroh appeared in the third issue of the Days of Fear story arc. Ferroh was featured more prominently in the standalone comic Masks, the series' forty-second issue. He later appeared in the second issue of the Demon story arc. He was drawn by Dustin Weaver for the eighth, tenth and fifteenth issues. He was penciled by Ron Chan in the forty-second issue, and in the forty-eighth issue, Ferroh was drawn by Brian Ching.

In Masks, Ferroh tells Zayne Carrick that he returned to Cathar "a dozen years" before 3,963 BBY, which is the year in which the comic takes place.[1] John Jackson Miller stated in his production notes for the forty-second issue that this was two years after the date that appeared for Battle of Cathar in the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide. Miller said that the more specific date that appears in the campaign guide, 3,973 BBY, is the correct one.[16][3] The date that Miller gives in his production notes for Masks, 3,975 BBY, is actually two years before the Battle of Cathar.[16]


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