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Fern is a DHARMA Initiative employee. She was seen checking up on a pregnant Amy. ("LaFleur") She was also seen helping Pierre Chang while he was filming the Arrow orientation film. ("Because You Left")


  • In the scene checking up on Amy in"LaFleur", the nurse actually had the nametag 'Alice' on her uniform, but this wasn't shown on screen.
    • This character first appeared in "The Man Behind the Curtain", during the orientation scene for Roger and young Ben. She was also seen in several DHARMA background scenes, often with young children, presumably hers. She is also visible on the pier boarding the submarine with Sawyer and Juliet. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2"). [Information provided by the actress]
  • There is another woman named "Fern" who works in the DHARMA Initiative. She was killed in the Purge. (Lost: The Complete Third Season (DVD))
  • Both actresses are actually wearing the same uniform as told on this website by the actress playing the scene with Pierre Chang:

I'm Alice. They made me my own Dharma outfit, with my real name sewn onto it once they decided to use me often and did my measurements for the costume. Anyway, I was only Fern when they grabbed me last minute and shoved me into a outfit that fit so I could do the Dr. Chang scene. (Director changed his mind last minute about who he wanted to work that scene, and I was already out of costume and headed home when they decided to make me Fern and film that scene in 5-01.)

Helping Dr. Chang

In season 3, I had another name, have no memory what it was (not Alice or Fern- obviously the Fern girl was dead, and I ended up in her dress for the Chang scene) but I was visible in the orientation scene. I filmed about half the episodes last year and am visible in most of any Dharma stuff, in my Alice outfit, though the "Alice" moniker never made it on screen, I guess. My husband, by the way, was Rex the physicist, and played Dr. Chang's assistant in the rabbit experiment in season 4 finale (he wore glasses and pushed the lever to open the time travel door.)


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