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Fenrir being summoned into battle in Final Fantasy VI.

Fenrir (フェンリル Fenriru) is a recurring summon that appears in various games in the Final Fantasy series. His appearance is always that of a wolf.




Final Fantasy VI

Fenrir is an Esper that is obtained in Mobliz after defeating Humbaba for the first time there. Its summon sequence is called Howling Moon (Moon Song in the earlier releases) and casts Blink on the entire party. It costs 70 MP to cast, and it teaches the following spells:

At Level Up, it gives a boost of +30% to MP.

Final Fantasy IX

Fenrir's appearance in Final Fantasy IX.

Fenrir is an Eidolon that can only be summoned by Eiko Carol. It is learned through the Sapphire which Eiko comes with when she joins the party for the first time. When Fenrir is summoned with the Sapphire, the Eidolon will in turn call forth Titan to use the attack Terrestrial Rage, which deals Earth-Elemental damage to all opponents. If Eiko is using the Maiden Prayer, Fenrir will use the Wind-Elemental Millennial Decay instead. The amount of damage Fenrir can do is equal to 44 (42 if using Millennial Decay) plus the total number of Sapphire in the party's inventory.

Tetra Master
  • Card 068
  • Location: Treno, Card Stadium

Final Fantasy XI

Fenrir in Final Fantasy XI

Fenrir appears in Final Fantasy XI as one of the 5 terrestrial avatars. Associated with both the moon and prophecy, he lives in Full Moon Fountain and was said to have given the gift of magic to the Tarutaru long ago. During the Crystal War, an expert magician known as Karaha-Baruha drained Fenrir's energy from Full Moon Fountain, causing first the gradual loss of life on the Mindartia continent. When he summoned all of Fenrir's power in battle to save Windurst during a siege from the beastmen, the magical overload caused him to vanish forever, along with Fenrir. Since then, summoning magic has been forbidden by the Star Sybil. For Fenrir to take on a physical form once more, the power of the Celestial Avatars are required. Before Fenrir's power was stolen, it was said that he had enough strength to face even Bahamut himself.

Aside from Diabolos, he is probably the most challenging of all of the summonable avatars to get, requiring a summoner to already have each whisper for all of the 6 prime avatars. A whisper is lost once the summoner makes a pact with each avatar, effectively requiring two fights with all 6 avatars in order to have access to every avatar except Diabolos. Fenrir is somewhat unique in that while he has higher perpetuation cost than Carbuncle, it's lower than the rest of the avatars, and thus it's possible for some of the best geared Summoners to reduce the perpetuation cost to zero (or close to zero).

Fenrir is also the name of a server.


Level Name MP Effect
1 Howling Moon All Massive Dark Damage - Two-hour
5 Moonlit Charge 17 Blunt physical attack weapon skill that inflicts Blindness.
10 Crescent Fang 19 Piercing physical attack weapon skill that inflicts a strong Paralysis.
21 Lunar Cry 41 Inflicts accuracy/evasion down on enemies in range, effects vary by phase of the in-game moon.
32 Lunar Roar 27 Dispels two effects from enemies in range
43 Ecliptic Growl 46 Increases the stats of entire party, effects vary by phase of the in-game moon.
54 Ecliptic Howl 57 Increases the accuracy/evasion of entire party, effects vary by phase of the in-game moon.
65 Eclipse Bite 109 Triple-hit slashing physical attack weapon skill
Favor Fenrir's Favor -- Increases Magic Evasion of all party members in range

Non-Final Fantasy Appearances

Artwork of Fenrir in Blood of Bahamut.

Blood of Bahamut

Fenrir is set to appear as one of the giant monsters in Blood of Bahamut.

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