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Concept artwork of Fenrir.

The Fenrir is the personal motorcycle of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children onwards. The bike is a combination of polished black metal over brushed gold mechanics. On either side of the front tires there is an expandable compartment that fits all pieces of the Fusion Swords, and is clearly large enough to fit the completed sword as well. It switches to reverse very easily, functions quite well in this gear, and seems to be able to keep itself upright and driving even without a driver. Cloud's acquisition of the bike is covered in On the Way to a Smile, in which he trades it to help with his deliveries, agreeing to the unspecified original owner to give them free food and drink for a lifetime at Tifa's bar.

Some of its technical specs include:

  • Its top speed is 400 kmph (approximately 250 mph).
  • It features an oval-piston twin cylinder engine and has two front wheels.
  • Fenrir seems to have a hip-based turning system, as even though it has handle bars, Cloud is capable of maneuvering the bike even while wielding two swords at once.
  • It also appears to utilize a non-returning throttle, a dual throttle system or (the most likely solution) both, as Fenrir seems capable of both maintaining its speed and accelerating when Cloud's right hand is busy wielding his sword. It is also possible that the throttle is controlled by foot.
  • It can expand, revealing a compartment where Cloud stores all the partials for the Fusion Swords.

Other Appearances


On the Way to a Smile

The origin of the cycle is revealed in this collection of short stories.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

Cloud rides the Fenrir during the Battle of Midgar, and other motorcycles are used by the World Regenesis Organization.



  • The Fenrir Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts II is modeled after a motorcycle key. A nod towards the motorcycle of the same name.
  • Cloud, in his appearance in the fan-made movie series Dead Fantasy, rides astride the Fenrir cycle. Using the vehicle's speed and agility to make a fast and powerful entrance.

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