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"We're a family. Family does for family."
Soontir Fel

The Fel Dynasty was the ruling family of the Fel Empire until Darth Krayt's coup of 130 ABY. Before the ascension of Jagged Fel, the first of the Fel Emperors, his family—or at least, his parents—were media stars of the first Galactic Empire and later associated with the Empire of the Hand and the Chiss Ascendancy. At least three members were dedicated soldiers and the family—Soontir Fel was one of the Empire's most decorated pilots and his son Jagged flew with distinction during the Yuuzhan Vong War. The family was also linked to one of the most famous Rebellion and later on New Republic families, the Antilles family of Corellia, by marriage through Syal Antilles Fel, though due to their different positions in the political fabric of the galaxy, the had little contact for much of the Galactic Civil War.

Soontir Fel was also used as a template for clones during Grand Admiral Thrawn's campaign. These clones were used as sleeper cells, and scattered throughout the New Republic. One such cell, led by Soontir Fel's clone Carib Devist, defected to the Republic.

Family tree

                                         Unknown male--+--Unknown female
   (see Antilles family)      +------------------------------------------------------+
             |                |                                                      |
     Syal Antilles Fel--+--Soontir Fel                                            Todr Fel--+--Ajai Fel
                        |                                                                   |
           +--------+-------+----------------------------+-----------+-------+              |
           |        |       |                            |           |       |              |
     Chak Fel Davin Fel Jagged Fel--+--Unknown female Cherith Fel Cem Fel Wynssa Fel     Fyric Fel
                                 Fel II--+--Unknown female
                                      Roan Fel--+--Unknown female
                                           Marasiah Fel


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