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Federation Starfleet, also known simply as Starfleet or Star Fleet, was the exploratory and defensive force of the United Federation of Planets. Starfleet's function was to explore unknown territory on the behalf of the Federation government, to defend the Federation and its allies from threats, to further Federation policies and interests throughout interstellar space, and, when applicable, to initiate first contact with newly-discovered worlds and to engage in diplomatic negotations on the behalf of the Federation.



The Federation Starfleet was chartered in 2161 with the founding of the Federation. A charter was written and an institution for the training of the Federation Starfleet officer corps, Starfleet Academy, was established. The Federation Starfleet was created from the space and science programs and militaries of the Federation's founding Member States, including the United Earth Starfleet (founded only about twenty to thirty years earlier), the Andorian Imperial Guard, and the Vulcan, Tellarite, and Alpha Centauri military forces. Starfleet Headquarters, the primary hub of Starfleet Command, was built near the Presidio in San Francisco on Earth, as the United Earth Starfleet Command complex had been, as was the Academy. [citation needed]

After the destruction of the Borg Collective, Starfleet had lost forty percent of its fleet. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)


Later History

By the year 12263, Starfleet was called Universal Fleet (ST short story: "Our Million-Year Mission")


Divisions and agencies of Starfleet
Seal of the Federation Starfleet Academy • Administration • Advanced Starship Design Bureau • Advanced Technologies • Appeals BoardBureau of Information • Bureau of Standards • Command • Communications • Control • Corps of EngineersCriminal Investigative ServiceCultural Affairs • Dental • Exploratory Division • HeadquartersIntelligenceInspector GeneralInternal AffairsJudge Advocate GeneralMateriel Supply CommandMedical • Mission Operations • Operations • OSHC • Orbital Operations • Research and DevelopmentSector GuardSecurity • Special Security Division • Science • Shipyards Operations • Stellar Imaging • Strategic CommandTacticalTechnology Assessment Directorate • Training Command Seal of the Federation Starfleet

Fleets and units


Space Forces
Federation Starfleet | Klingon Defense Force | Romulan Imperial Fleet | Cardassian Central Command (Cardassian Guard) | United Earth Starfleet (UFP) | Andorian Imperial Guard (UFP) | Bajoran Milita (UFP)

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The Federation Starfleet (commonly referred to as Starfleet) is the deep-space exploratory, scientific, diplomatic, and military force of the United Federation of Planets.



Formed as an integral part of the United Federation of Planets Charter in 2161, the Federation Starfleet incorporated elements of its founding members space-faring agencies, including Earth's own Earth Starfleet and its secret organization, Section 31. (DS9: "Inquisition"; ENT: "Detained", "Divergence")

Missions undertaken by the Federation Starfleet fell at least partly under the jurisdiction of the United Earth Space Probe Agency (or UESPA) as late as the 2290s. By the mid-24th century Starfleet missions were regulated solely by Starfleet Command, answering to the Federation Council and bound by its General Orders and Regulations. (TOS: "Charlie X", "Tomorrow is Yesterday"; Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; et al)

When a planet became a member of the Federation, its military would be incorporated within Starfleet. (DS9: "Rapture")


Branches and agencies





  • Ronald D. Moore commented: "I've always felt that Starfleet is the military/exploratory/scientific arm of the UFP." [1]
  • Remarking on a Starfleet JAG getting involved with a civillian case with Richard Bashir, Moore said: "Starfleet is more than just a military entity and seems to have police and/or judicial functions." [2]

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