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Series: Star Trek: The Role Playing Game (FASA)
Author(s): Forest G. Brown
Publication information
Publisher: FASA
Published: paperback RPG sourcebook - 1985
Pages: 48
ISBN 0931787424



The first edition of this book used the title Ship Recognition Manual: Federation.

First edition contents

Second edition contents



Josef CookstonWilliam G. LarsonMontgomery ScottHikaru SuluThelenth


Alpha CentauriAndorCaitDonovan's StarGamma HydraMerak • Morena • OrganiaProxima CentauriRomulan Neutral ZoneSalazaarSol IISol IIISol IVSol VITellar • Triangle sector


Federation Military Appropriations CommitteeStarfleet Command • Starfleet Destroyer Command • Starfleet Galaxy Exploration Command • Starfleet IntelligenceStarfleet Marines • Starfleet Military Operations Command • Starfleet Pursuit GroupStarfleet 1st Pursuit GroupStarfleet 2nd Pursuit GroupStarfleet 3rd Pursuit GroupStarfleet 4th Pursuit GroupStarfleet 5th Pursuit GroupStarfleet 6th Pursuit GroupStarfleet 7th Pursuit GroupStarfleet 8th Pursuit GroupStarfleet 9th Pursuit GroupStarfleet 10th Pursuit GroupStarfleet 11th Pursuit GroupStarfleet 12th Pursuit GroupStarfleet 13th Pursuit GroupStarfleet 1st Andorian Pursuit GroupStarfleet 2nd Andorian Pursuit Group • Starfleet Training Command


accelerator cannonAndorianassault shipbattleship • "Blue Fleet" • computercorvettedeflector shieldD7 classFour Years War • "The Great Awakening" • heavy laser • impulse driveKlingon • K-23 class • L-18 • M-2 • M-3 • M-4 • M-6 • M-6A • M-8 • missile cruiser • phaserphoton torpedo • quadri-transducer shield • reference stardateRomulanRomulan Neutral ZoneRomulan War • SCU • shuttlecraft • Solar Wind IV • Starbase 10Starbase 12Starbase 14Starbase 15Starbase 20Starbase 27Strategic Forces Surveytractor beamtransportertranswarp drivewarp drive

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