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Federation Civil War
Start date April 2372
End date January 2374
Place(s) Alpha Quadrant
Result Surrender of the Leytonite insurgents
Federation Starfleet Federation Starfleet
Admiral William Ross
Admiral Alynna Nechayev
Admiral James Leyton
Admiral Edward Jellico
2/3 of Starfleet;
Maquis fleet
1/3 of Starfleet;
Tellarite, Andorian
and other member world fleets
material losses
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown

The Federation Civil War was the common name given to a conflict which erupted within the United Federation of Planets in 2372 and ended in 2374. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Note that this conflict took place in the Pendragon timeline and its branches, not in the mainstream, or "Dominion War timeline."



Early skirmishes

Battle of Deep Space Nine

Borg interlude

In late-2373, the Borg sent a single Borg cube to assimilate Earth. The attack was defeated but at significant cost. Admiral Leyton's grip on Sector 001 and the surrounding space was weakened due to losses his forces suffered. Patriot forces also managed to gain valuable intelligence about the defenses of the Sol system due to their last minute involvement in support Leyton's forces as the cube neared Earth.

Operation Return

Operation Return was the codename for the Starfleet plan to retake Earth and Sector 001 from Admiral James Leyton that brought the Federation Civil War to an end. During the battle Leyton's fleets were engaged with Starfleet forces, several away teams from both sides met. Captain Picard and Admiral Edward Jellico sent a joint message to both fleets, calling for a cease fire. Afterwards Jellico surrendered the Leytonite forces to Admiral William Ross aboard Spacedock.



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