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Dr Who

Up to date as of January 31, 2010

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Father Time
Series: Doctor Who -
BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
Release Number: 41
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Companions: Debbie Castle
Miranda Dawkins
Enemy: Ferran
Setting: Earth throughout the 1980s:
*On board space shuttle Atlantis
Author: Lance Parkin
Publisher: BBC Books
Publication: January, 2001
Format: Paperback Book, --- Pages
ISBN: ISBN 0-563-53810-4
Previous Story: Endgame
Following Story: Escape Velocity


Publisher’s Summary

‘I love her,’ the Doctor said.
‘Of course you do, she’s your daughter.’

Earth in the nineteen-eighties is a battleground. Rival alien factions have travelled from the far future to pursue their vendetta.

With UFOs filling the skies, a giant robot stalking the Derbyshire hills, and alien hunters searching for the mysterious Last One, the Doctor is the only man who can protect the innocents caught in the crossfire.

But old scores are being settled, the fate of a Galactic Empire is at stake, and, against his will, the Doctor is drawn into a decade-long war that will strike at those he holds most dear.

The Doctor has lost his memory, his friends, his past and his TARDIS.

All he has now is the love of his daughter.

But will even that be taken from him?



Neo-phobus (aka Voga),

  • The Doctor has built a Sonic suitcase that can (amongst other things) open doors with sonic vibrations.
  • Iris Wildthyme visited the Doctor during the 1980s, she tried to explain everything, but left the Doctor confused



  • The Doctor revisits Betty Stobbold, Reverend Stobbold’s daughter from EDA: The Burning.
  • Ferran mentions several records of the Doctor's activities during the late 20th century these include:

External Links

BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
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Escape Velocity


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DC Comics

Up to date as of February 01, 2010
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From DC Database

Character Template Character Template
Father Time

Father Time (New Earth)
Real Name
Current Alias








Marital Status

Government operative


Place of Birth

First appearance

Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein #3
(April, 2006)



Father Time is the commander of the Super Human Advanced Defense Executive (S.H.A.D.E.), a Patriot Act-funded covert operations group employing metahumans to fight terrorism. His own concerns appear to have at least as much to do with consolidating power as with national security. In Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #1, he assassinates a presidential candidate applying too much scrutiny on S.H.A.D.E., and replaces him with a double, Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard.

Father Time first appeared in Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory: Frankenstein #3, temporarily pressing the undead assassin into S.H.A.D.E. service. During the event known as World War III, Time and S.H.A.D.E. try to stop the rampaging Black Adam, and Adam rips off Time's face.

Time, confined to a hospital bed, then metamorphoses into a new form. He next appeared in the Infinite Crisis tie-in The Battle for Blüdhaven, and appears to be a major player in the new Freedom Fighters miniseries.

Father Time is reborn in a new body on New Year's Day to accompany the new year. In Frankenstein, he appears as a young black man wearing a costume resembling The Spirit's, but wearing a bowler hat. This is his appearance when Black Adam rips his face off. The Father Time shown in Freedom Fighters, on the other hand, is an elderly white man with long hair and a Buffalo Bill beard, except for the seventh and eighth issues, in which he resembles an African-American Doctor Occult.

For most of the new Uncle Sam and The Freedom Fighters series, Father Time was depicted as a villain, but in issue eight he reveals that he knew the danger Gonzo posed all along, and created the new versions of Doll Man, Phantom Lady, etc, to bring Uncle Sam forth, make his new team heroes in the public eye, and defeat Gonzo's plan. When Gonzo is defeated, Time takes himself and his S.H.A.D.E. soldiers into the timestream.

Powers and Abilities


Father Time possesses enhanced strength, enough to engage the Atomic Knights in battle. At the beginning of each year, he sheds his skin, and takes on a new appearance.

See Also

Links and References


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Marvel Database

Up to date as of February 09, 2010

From Marvel Database

This is the Father Time disambiguation page.

A = Appearances · I = Images · G = Gallery · F = Fan Art · Q = Quotes

Disambig Template Help

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City of Heroes

Up to date as of January 31, 2010

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Father Time

Auld Lang Syne
Zone Pocket D
Coordinates (858.5, 148, -983.5)
Level Range 1-50
Introduced by None
Introduces None
Enemy groups Tuatha de Dannan

Red Caps
Winter Horde

Badges Crystallized Badge

Frosty Badge
Miraculous Badge
Joyful Badge

Father Time is a City of Heroes and City of Villains contact located in Pocket D at coordinates (858.5, 148, -983.5).



Contact Introduced By


New Contact(s)



Auld Lang Syne

The True nature of the mysterious entity called Father Time is unknown. Is he an ancient god? An extra-dimensional being? A stage in the life-cycle of a chrono-entity? A personification of time manifested out of the collective human sub-conciousness? No one knows for certain, and it will likely remain a subject of debate long into the future.

Initial Contact

Heroes, villains, all are welcome. For I am Father Time, and a grave threat is upon us all...

Mission Full Text

I know all that you do, all that you have done, and all that you must do. It is a great weight upon you. Complete some of your other tasks, then come see me again.


  • Inspirations

Badge Mission

Rescue Baby New Year from Snaptooth!


I am Old Father Time, and as this year comes to a close, I must pass my mantle onto the Baby New Year, so that time may continue to flow. But that scoundrel, the Red Cap Snaptooth, has kidnapped the Baby New Year, and plans to take him to the Fey lands! If that happens, time will grind to a halt. Heroic hopes and villainous plans, all will come to naught! So, I ask the mightiest of mortals, whether they be hero or villain, to help me and rescue Baby New Year!

What's more, heroes and villains may work together on this mission, such is its grave import!

You will have to fight your way through a cold and wintry realm. Snaptooth has gathered Tuatha, the Winter Horde, and other Red-caps to him. You will have to defeat the Winter Guard in order to open the icy caverns where Baby New Year is being held. Once you have him, bring him back to the fairy ring to make your escape.

And do not forget that heroes and villains may work together in this task!

We've gone and done the greatest crime,
We've captured little Baby Time!
We'll hold him 'till he's old and ill,
To keep the world in winter's chill!

So shiver, witches, in the cold,
And pumpkin-heads will rot with mold!
The human world will freeze and slow,
And people will be filled with woe!

For human time will be like Fey,
Unchanging! Always time to play!,
They'll know that this was Snaptooth's plan,
We'll terrorize the world of man!

We've gone and done the greatest crime,
We've captured little Baby Time!
You'll never save the little year
For Red-Caps are the ones you'll fear!

Mission Objective(s)

It looks like winter has come to Croatoa.

  • Rescue Baby New Year!
    • Find the key to the cave!
    • Rescue Baby New Year!

You have rescued Baby New Year!

A key of ice
This glittering ice forms a key

That can set Baby New Year free!

Notable NPCs


Tuatha de Dannan
Red Caps
Winter Horde


After completing this mission, you may select your choice of gift:

1) Furry Gloves costume piece and the Crystallized Badge

Image:Badge holiday06 crystallized.png Crystallized

The chill of the season has strange effects.

2) Furry Boots costume piece and the Frosty Badge

Image:Badge holiday06 frosty.png Frosty

A chill down your spine makes you feel Frosty.

3) Renewal of Light (8-day Self Rez Temporary Power) and the Miraculous Badge

Image:Temporary Mayhem SelfResurrect.png Renewal of Light Self Rez, Special
A guardian spirit will watch over you for the next 8 days. If you are defeated during that time, activating this power will restore you so you may continue the battle. The restoration blasts nearby foes with an explosion, knocking them down and disorienting them. You will revive with about half of your hit points and endurance. You will be invulnerable for a brief time and protected from xp debt for 20 seconds.
Image:Badge holiday06 miraculous.png Miraculous

A season of miracles, it has been called.

4) Golden Rings (12 day Single Target Hold Temporary Power) and the Joyful Badge

Image:Temporary TearGas.png Golden Rings Ranged, Minor Damage(Energy), Foe: Hold
Although this power deals very little damage, the Golden Rings encase your foe, holding him helpless in place for a while. This power will last 12 days. Damage: Minor, Recharge: Long
Image:Badge holiday06 joyful.png Joyful

The power of the season finds you overcome with joy.


Baby New Year is safe! Let time flow once more!Winter Event]]

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