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Cookie Monster and his father.

A list of Muppet fathers, both on screen and in books. In the case of long-running characters, the source listed is the character's first appearance.

Cookie Monster's Pop

Daddy Snuffle

Elmo's Dad

Flange Doozer

Herry's Father


Pa Gorg

Papa Bear

Father Bunny

Father Mouse

King Ploobis

Thomas Twiddlebug

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race: Human
affiliation: Project Purity,Vault 101
role: Player Character's father
Vault 101's Vault Physician
Project Leader of Project Purity
location: Vault 101
Vault 112
Jefferson Memorial
family: Catherine (wife)
Lone Wanderer (child)
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Baby Steps
Growing Up Fast
Future Imperfect
Following in His Footsteps
Scientific Pursuits
The Waters of Life
SPECIAL: 4ST, 6PE, 4EN, 6CH, 7IN, 5AG, 4LK (Inside the Vault)
3ST, 6PE, 3EN, 4CH, 8IN, 6AG, 5LK (Outside the Vault)
5ST, 5PE, 5EN, 5CH, 5IN, 5AG, 5LK (Vault 106)
actor: Liam Neeson
base id: 00019CEF (main quest)
ref id: 00019D09 (main quest)
Appearance in Tranquility Lane as "Doc"

James (2226-2277) is a resident of the ruins of Washington, DC in the Capital Wasteland. He is a widower and father of the child later known to the Capital Wasteland's residents as the Lone Wanderer. James is the project leader and chief scientist of Project Purity and also the vault physician of Vault 101.



James was the chief scientist and project leader of Project Purity, an ambitious private project intended to cleanse all of the radioactivity from the water of the Potomac River that fed the entire Capital Wasteland. However, when his wife, Catherine, died giving birth to the Lone Wanderer he gave up on the project over the grief of losing his wife. He then later asked for entry for himself and his child into Vault 101 in return for becoming the Vault's new physician, and the Vault Overseer granted his request.

Interactions with the player character

James' facial features and race will vary based on the ones you choose for your character.

James is the player character's father in the game and gives most of the quests in Vault 101, except Escape!. After Amata wakes you up after you turn 19 during said quest, you learn then that James left the Vault. This is the main driving force of the beginning of the game, as the Lone Wanderer must leave the Vault due to the newfound hostility of the residents, and upon his departure his main (and at that time, only) priority is to find his father. As the Lone Wanderer endeavors to find him, this is how the main story starts to reveal itself.

The player ultimately finds him in Vault 112, held prisoner in a virtual realm created (and controlled) by Dr. Braun. The Lone Wanderer then frees him during the quest Tranquility Lane, and after a short reunion escorts him back to Rivet City (or lets him leave by himself). Upon the arrival to Rivet City, James then pulls together a research team headed by Dr. Madison Li and escorts the team, with the aid of his son/daughter, to the Jefferson Memorial, the site of Project Purity. He will then request his son to clear the Memorial of any hostiles before they enter.

As the team get the Purifier up and running, James sends The Lone Wanderer on many tasks to help restart the Purifier. On completion of his last task, the Lone Wanderer watches in horror as Enclave storm the Memorial. Upon Re-arrival into the control room, he then watches as his father argues with the Enclave leader, Colonel Augustus Autumn. In the end, acting as if he was complying with the Colonel's wishes, he then overloads the Purifier, releasing radiation into the room and apparently killing the Colonel as he administers some kind of experimental Rad-X(Probably due to the Enclaves research). James, however, has no such protection. The last time the Lone Wanderer sees him is when James presses himself against the blast door of the activation room, and telling his son/daughter to "Run!" as he slumps to the floor, thus sacrificing himself so his child could live.

In Broken Steel, his dream is finally realized, as the Purifier finally gets activated, providing fresh, clean water for all.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Dad's Wasteland Outfit
Vault Lab Uniform*
.32 Pistol

* Only while in Vault 101.


James appears only in Fallout 3.


  • James was born in the year 2226, which makes him around 51 years old by the events of the game in 2277.
  • He was able to enter Vault 101 because they needed a doctor, this is shown during the "One Year Later" scene. The Overseer states "Remember this: we need a doctor, not a deadbeat- fail to meet my expectations and there will be repercussions."
  • If the character talks with Mr. Brotch and doesn't enter the G.O.A.T,after the skip layer can heard James saying "Brotch,what did you do?!" and Mr. Brotch's laughs.
  • You can find a holotape "Better Days" of him making advances on your character's mother underneath the Jefferson Memorial.
  • When the player is doing tasks to make Project Purity work, at one point James will say that he heard of the player's actions. His reaction will change depending on how you resolved the quest Power of the Atom. If you disarmed the bomb, he will ask you if you truly did it, and will be proud of you if you say that you did. If you caused Megaton's destruction and admit it to James he will be disappointed (however you can lie to him, but he won't really believe you).
  • If you did not resolve the Power of the Atom quest at all, or if you talk to him again after he comments on the aforementioned quest, he will instead comment on your current karma level. If you have good karma, he will say "You're a good person, and it shows". If you have bad karma, he will instead comment on how you seem troubled, like there is a cloud hanging over you. If the player has neutral karma he just greets you in the default manner.
  • If you choose to travel on foot to Rivet City with him, he will often be attacked along the way. Fortunately he is an essential character and thus can only be knocked unconscious. He does not have unlimited ammo for his .32 Pistol, so when he runs out he will resort to using his knife. He can pick up weapons along the way from enemies but he will only use them if he also gets ammo for it.
  • You CAN reverse pick pocket items onto your father. Before entering Tranquility Lane, seal all doors between you and Vault 112's main door (don't bother closing that as it automatically opens the moment you and your father emerge from the simulation). Tell you father that you do not want to accompany him to Rivet City. He will run away from you, but stop to open every door. Sneak up on him during these moments and you can give him whatever you wish.
  • James can equip Power Armor through reverse pickpocketing, however you must exit and then re-enter the room (i.e. when he is talking to Dr.Li in Rivet City.)
  • In the "Six Years Later" scene he can be heard giving the "talk" to his son, saying: "Ah. Well... Umm. You'd think being a doctor would make this easy... Boys and girls have different parts. Right? And when a boy and a girl love each other…"
  • Regardless of race and facial structure that the player chooses, his hair and eye colors do not change, as well as hair and beard style (though his facial hair changes with his age).

Behind the scenes

  • James' voice is provided by actor Liam Neeson, after whom the character is also physically modeled. "This role was written with Liam in mind, and provides the dramatic tone for the entire game. Liam is absolutely amazing to work with"." said Todd Howard, Executive Producer of Fallout 3. "It’s been a pleasure bringing the father to life and working with the wonderfully talented people at Bethesda on Fallout 3", said Neeson. “I hope the fans of the franchise and the game will be excited by the results."


  • James can appear in the the mission Take It Back! and will still be standing outside of the Jefferson Memorial if you have the Broken Steel Add-on. If the player uses the glitch to enter the Citadel early, and looks at the computer that has the locations of the vaults the quest Picking Up The Trail can be started. Once the Player has retrieved the G.E.C.K the player should then start the quest Take It Back! but should not choose the option of "I'm all ready" but choose the option that says "I think I need another minute or two". After this the player should go to Vault 112 and retrieve James from Tranquility Lane. After this the player should fast travel to Rivet City and wait for James. Walk with James and Dr Li and the others to the Jefferson Memorial. James will tell you to kill the remaining Super Mutants but there aren't any in there due to the Enclave occupying Project Purity. Now go back to the Citadel and start the quest Take it Back!, and James should be standing outside shooting the Enclave when you arrive there with Liberty Prime. He will still be there after you have completed the quest if you have Broken steel Installed. Although you can't say anything useful to him, he'll still ask if you've killed the Super Mutants in Project Purity yet. (PC, Xbox 360 and PS3).

Related quests

Major characters of Fallout 3
Vault 101

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Father may refer to:

  • Father Chuck, the priest at Anthony Cooper's faux funeral
  • Father Aguillar, the priest at Tito Reyes' funeral
  • Eko, who as a priest was addressed as "Father Tunde"
  • Yemi, who as a priest was addressed as "Father Yemi"
  • Any of the characters listed in Category:Fathers

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Han Solo and Leia Organa celebrating in 4 ABY. They became parents of Jaina and Jacen Solo in 9 ABY and of Anakin Solo in 10.5 ABY.
"No. I am your father."
Darth Vader

A parent was the progenitor of biological offspring. Some species, such as exogorths, had only one, asexually reproducing parent. Most species, however, reproduced sexually: a male or female parent was called a father or a mother, respectively. Parent was sometimes also used in non-literal contexts, for instance in the term Hold-Parent.


  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  • Death Star (novel)
  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (novel) (First mentioned)
  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
  • Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (First appearance)
  • Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
  • The Last Command
  • The Crystal Star


  • Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force

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Biographical information



4,970 BBY


5,002 BBY

Physical description





2.02 meters

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information
Known apprentices

Thomas Magruder

Father was a sycotic Ithorian born on an unknown planet. His parents were never recorded nor found, and his easily-broken temper didn't help those who wished to find out. Father constructed The Sons Lightning in 5,000 BBY (he was about thrity years of age).

Another major accomplishment that Father aquired in his life was the Clan of Two Cities. As the first founder, Father proved a loyal competitor against those who opposed him. Together, he and a young woman supported and raised a young boy named Thomas Magruder. The two loved him dearly until Father's rage broke like a shattered spine.

According to the past, Father was killed shortly into his life by Thomas, his own adopted son. During his life, Father made great history and accomplishments with the Clan of Two Cities, where his followers believed him as a god. However, that belief was shortly worshiped when the surviving members of the clan were driven mad, and Father's past was forgotten.

Early Life

Born on a planet unknown to any archive, a young Ithorian with a blank name arose from the dark inner core of a woman's stomach. Under his best accounts, no tale or speaking of Father's parents were made, and to what he did say was that he never remembered having any parents.

Not much was spoken or known about his early life except for the fact that he trained himself in using the force before he knew what it was, and was skilled in combat with a lightsaber.

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