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Fatal Attraction
(Broken Steel add-on)
location: Presidential Metro
end location: La Maison Beauregard
given by: Sorry, My Darling holodisk
reward: All-Nighter Nightwear
Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor
Lag-Bolt's Shades

Fatal Attraction refers to an unmarked quest in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.



In the Presidential Metro, right before taking the train to Adams Air Force Base, go up the nearby stairs and you can find a holodisk called Sorry, My Darling next to a skeleton on a bench. The disk contains the apology of an unnamed woman to her "darling" for not being able to make it to their meeting point in La Maison Beauregard after all he had to go through to get the "special gift" for her.

Arriving at La Maison Beauregard through Georgetown East, you are confronted by a hostile character called Lag-Bolt. Aside from his unique armor and shades, he also carries the key to a suitcase nearby in which you find the "special gift", the All-Nighter Nightwear.


  • Lag-Bolt will not appear until you have found the holotape.
  • If you listen to the holodisk for the first time (enabling this quest) while in La Maison Beauregard, Lag-Bolt and his suitcase will suddenly appear and, if Lag-Bolt can see the player, he will immediately attack.
  • The suitcase is on the second floor, up a heap of junk on the pool table

Behind the scenes

  • This unmarked quest is a nod to another unmarked quest in Fallout 3, Grady's Package. Grady's Package is the Naughty Nightwear and once you have found it, you are approached by Lug-Nut (who is Lag-Bolt's brother according to a note found in the latter's possession) who demands it to be handed over.



Broken Steel (add-on)

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ST Expanded

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real-world perspective.

Fatal Attraction is the seventh episode of the first season of Star Trek: Abandoned.



A second signal has been detected, approaching the planet from another direction and a lot closer than the first. Olympus is dispatched to investigate, but Nathan is relieved when the ship turns out to be a Starfleet vessel. Olympus hails the vessel - the USS Adelphi under the command of Captain Tom Farrin, with whom Nathan has been involved before. The Olympus lands and the pair beam down to the control room where introductions are made. Nathan expresses his 'disappointment' to Will that Starfleet's idea of tactical reinforcement is "a single, sixty year-old Ambassador-class starship".

After bringing the captain up to date on events, Will returns to his quarters, obviously troubled. Nathan visits him and bluntly asks if he is jealous, but the lieutenant dismisses the notion. Nathan is visibly upset and leaves. Will stands on the mess hall balcony, looking across the city. Rhiohr joins him and tells him that his attraction to Nathan is obvious to everyone else on the base - why not to him? Will is angered somewhat, but sees his point. After the ensign leaves, he debates with himself whether such an involvement would be wise under their circumstances.

Nathan and Tom are discussing the merits of the Adelphi. The doctor does not hide his scepticism about the effectiveness the ship is likely to have, but Tom jokingly asks that he not judge until he has seen her in action. They receive a call from the bridge; an unidentified vessel has just appeared on an intercept course.

T'Sora and Hanar manage to get a positive, if distorted, ID on the vessel - it is a Vehrian arrowhead fighter. Nathan reaches the same conclusion and contacts the control room, but no fighters are reported missing and no traffic has been detected leaving the surface.

The unknown vessel engages the Adelphi

Adelphi is sustaining severe damage at the hands of the vessel, while her own weapons are having little effect. With the city's defences inoperable (the drones recognise the attacking ship as one of their own, and will not engage it) Rhiohr formulates a plan.

Aboard the Adelphi, fifteen additional fighters are detected - but instead of attacking them they engage the hostile ship which, after firing a last round at the starship causing several casualties, retreats and disappears. Nathan is among the wounded and is transported to the hospital.

Later that night, Nathan is alone in his quarters. Will visits him and admits that losing him would be too much to bear. The two men finally confess their feelings and embrace under the stars.

Cast of characters

Main cast

  • Doctor Nathan Carson
  • Lieutenant Will Gates
  • Professor T'Sora
  • Ensign Hanar D'Jan
  • Ensign Kira Rhiohr
  • Captain Tom Farrin

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Fatal Attraction at Ad Astra

This article uses material from the "Fatal Attraction" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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