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Final Fantasy VIII Enemy
HP (Level 1) HP (Level 100)
215 9,200
Elemental affinities
Halves Weak - Absorbs
- - - -
Japanese フォカロルフェイク
Romaji Fokarorufeiku
Location Beaches or desert terrain in:
Balamb - Alcauld Plains, Rinaul Coast
Trabia - Thor Peninsula, Heath Peninsula, Hawkwind Plains, Winter Island
Galbadia - Shenand Hill, Winhill Bluffs, Humphrey Archipelago, Dingo Desert, Great Plains of Galbadia, Gotland Peninsula, Yaulny Canyon, Hasberry Plains, Roshfall Forest, Mandy Beach, Lanker Plains, Nanchucket Island, Holy Glory Cape, Longhorn Island,
Centra - Lenown Plains, Cape of Good Hope, Yorn Mountains, Serengetti Plains, Centra Crater
Esthar - Grandidi Forest, Millefeulle Archipelago, Talle Mountains
Ultimecia Castle - Grand Hall, Waterway
Scan A fish that swims in the ground. Only the fin can be seen. One theory says that it may be a shark.
HP Formula 0.75(Lv)2 + 15(Lv) + 200
Card Fastitocalon-F

Fastitocalon-F is an enemy from Final Fantasy VIII. This fiery red fish often appears in groups of three. The "F" is short for "fake".

This smaller version of Fastitocalon is concealed by sand at the beginning of the battle, letting only its fin show. During this stage its Spirit and Vitality are greatly enhanced. After receiving damage it leaps into the air and is no longer weak against Earth magic. Thunder, however, remains useful against this sand-fish. The Fastitocalon-F is the first significant source of AP in the beginning of the game.

When targeted the enemy is known simply as the Fastitocalon. The name Fastitocalon-F is taken from the name of its Triple Triad card, possibly to distinguish it from the larger version of Fastitocalon.


Triple Triad

Image:TTFastitocalonF.png Level 1 (Monster Card) Element Earth
Refine 5 refines into 1 Water Crystal
Drop Fastitocalon-F
Card Fastitocalon-F
Win N/A


Fastitocalon is mentioned in an old-English poem called The Whale and is a name for the Devil.

Fastitocalon is also a name from J. R. R. Tolkien's works, in which it is a turtle-fish creature in a story told by the Hobbits.

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