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Farpoint Station in 2364.

Farpoint Station was a starbase on Deneb IV and was supposedly constructed by the inhabitants there, the Bandi. They had contacted Starfleet about negotiations for making use of the base but Starfleet was wary. On the one hand it was perfectly located to provide support for expeditions into the vast reaches of uncharted space beyond Deneb IV. On the other hand Starfleet had questions about exactly how and why the Bandi built Farpoint in the first place. In 2364, the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) received its first official mission: discover the mystery of Farpoint Station. They were to negotiate a friendly agreement for using Farpoint's facilities but at the same time snoop around and find out all they could about the construction of the mysterious starbase. However, before they can reach the station, they encounter Q who puts humanity on trial and agrees to let the situation at Farpoint to be a test for them.

Commander William T. Riker began his investigation of the starbase as he was waiting the arrival of the Enterprise. He had noticed several oddities that seemed to defy explanation. Meeting with the director of Farpoint, Groppler Zorn, Commander Riker politely questions him about how the Bandi could have constructed the station so rapidly and so perfectly suited to Starfleet's needs. Zorn is evasive and instead offers Riker some fruit instead. The Commander declines as there are no apples but suddenly a bowl of apples appears on the director's desk. Zorn nervously shrugs it off, saying they were there the whole time. Riker plays along but is more suspicious than ever about the true nature of Farpoint Station.

A similar occurrence happens later as Riker is shopping with Dr. Beverly Crusher. She expresses a certain preference for some cloth and as Riker urges her to investigate with him, the bolt of cloth mysteriously changes to fulfill Dr. Crusher’s desire. When the Enterprise arrives, Riker meets with Captain Jean-Luc Picard to discuss the situation at Farpoint. The only thing Riker can think of that can explain the hasty construction of the Starbase is that the Bandi might have traded some of their home planet’s natural geothermal energy for construction materials, some of which do not occur naturally on Deneb IV.

Captain Picard then goes to meet Groppler Zorn with Comnder Riker and Counselor Deanna Troi. He expresses his admiration for the Bandi’s construction techniques of Farpoint Station and lets Zorn know that Starfleet may be interested in having them construct similar starbases elsewhere. Riker also suggests that the Bandi might be interested in a trade: whatever they need in exchange for architects and engineers. Groppler Zorn is more evasive than ever and lets them know that the Bandi do not enjoy leaving their home and they seem to be totally uninterested in constructing similar bases elsewhere. Troi, meanwhile, senses nothing but terrible pain and despair, seemingly coming from some being very close. Picard then ends the interview with Zorn, unsatisfied with the lack of answers. The Director reacts and threatens that other powers, like the Ferengi, would be interested in Farpoint if Starfleet isn’t.

Later, Commander Riker, Lieutenant Commander Data, Lieutenant Tasha Yar, Lieutenant Geordi La Forge, and Counselor Troi continue their investigation of the starbase. Geordi analyzes the walls of some tunnels beneath the station and concludes that they are composed of a material he neither recognizes nor has ever heard of. As they continue their investigation an unidentified vessel approaches Deneb IV, begins firing on the old Bandi city, and kidnaps Director Zorn.

A corridor inside the unidentified vessel.

Captain Picard authorizes Riker to lead an away team to visit the ship and to rescue the director. As Riker, Troi, Yar and Data make their way to the hostile vessel they discover something even more unusual. The corridors of the unusual ship are of the same design and construction as the tunnels underneath Farpoint Station. More than that, the vessel appears to be deserted and there appears to be no evidence of power on board. In spite of this, Troi now senses nothing but anger and hatred. When the away team discovers Zorn, they find him being tortured by a mysterious force but manage to free him from his cell with their phasers.

Suddenly, the same mysterious force sends the away team and Zorn back to the Enterprise just as Troi realizes the ship is somehow alive. Captain Picard and Commander Riker surmise that it must be conceivable for creatures to exist that can convert energy into matter and specific patterns of matter. Groppler Zorn then confesses that his people found another creature similar to the living ship and that they helped it but only fed it enough to keep it alive, forcing it to shape itself into Farpoint Station. As Tasha Yar rigs the main phaser banks to deliver a beam of energy for Farpoint Station, the unidentified vessel begins to make a startling transformation into a huge jellyfish like creature. It was two creatres Troi had been sensing: the one on Deneb IV enslaved bythe Bandi to shape itself into Farpoint station, and the other the unidentified vessel full of hatred for those who had captured its mate.

The Star-jelly greeting its mate.

Picard orders the energy beam to be locked on Farpoint Station, notifying the Bandi evacuate immediately, and to let it absorb as much as it can take. Farpoint Station absorbs as much energy as it can take and then begins to transform into another jellyfish like creature. Rising from the surface, the Star-jelly is joyfully greeted by its mate in orbit of Deneb IV. As the two make their departure from the system, they send to Troi feelings of great joy and gratitude for freeing the enslaved one (TNG episode: Encounter at Farpoint).

Years later, the events at Farpoint Station would be a leading factor in Captain Riker’s initial insistence on aiding the Star-Jellies in their conflict with the Pa’haquel. He explains to his first officer, Christine Vale, that the Federation was selfish. He believed that Starfleet was too thrilled to get a facility like Farpoint Station to look at the situation too closely. They didn’t want to jeopardize acquiring such a fine starbase that was perfectly situated to provide support in such a remote region. Riker then wonders if that was why Q put humanity on trial, because of the exploitation of the Star-Jelly. The ironic thing, as Captain Riker then explains, was that the Bandi were never able to rebuild Farpoint and the expeditions into the areas of unexplored space around Deneb IV, the Cygnus Reach, were canceled (TTN novel: Orion's Hounds ).


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