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A Farming shop is a type of specialty shop that sell basic tools players need to start Farming. There are four Farming shops in Runescape, all found near allotment patches. They are marked on the map with the File:Farming_shop_icon.png Icon.

Their locations are:

They all sell the items given in the following table.

Item Stock Sells For Buys For
Basket 10  1 0
Basket pack 50 not sellable
Compost 300  20 14
Empty sack 10  1 0
Empty sack pack 50 not sellable
Plant cure 10  40 28
Plant pot (Filled) 100  1 0
Rake 10  6 4
Secateurs 10  5 3
Seed dibber 10  6 4
Spade 10  3 2
Trowel 10  12 8
Bucket 100  2 1
Watering can 30  8 5
Amulet of farming 10  200

The respawn rate for most items, with the exception of Plant cure, is set to allow a respawn of the full inventory over 24 hours (i.e. 30/day for baskets and sacks, 300/day for compost, etc.). The ten Plant Cure vials respawn completely in 1 minute (1 every 6 seconds).

In addition to selling these tools, the shops will buy some of the crops that players produce for a nominal price:

Item Stock Buys For
Asgarnian hops 0 3
Barley 0 2
Cabbage 0 0
Hammerstone hops 0 2
Jute fibre 0 4
Krandorian hops 0 7
Onion 0 8
Potato 0 11
Strawberry 0 11
Sweetcorn 0 6
Tomato 0 9
Watermelon 0 33
Wildblood hops 0 10
Yanillian hops 0 4


In addition to the four main shops, the farmers who look after farming patches (marked with the File:Farmingpatchicon.PNG Icon) also sell a unlimited number of farming related items. These farmers can be found at all farming patches except the specials, and sell the items in the following table.

Item Stock Sells For
Compost Infinite 35
Plant cure Infinite 25
Rake Infinite 15
Seed dibber Infinite 15
Trowel Infinite 15
Watering can Infinite 25

Seed stall

There is a single place that sells seeds: a seed stall run by Olivia in Draynor Village.


  • If you ask any person running a Farming shop about gardening tips, they will always say the same thing: "Yes, ask a gardener."

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