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Faris Scherwiz
Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
Sprite(s) Faris' in-game battle sprite Faris' menu portraitFaris as Princess Sarisa
A.K.A. Sarisa Scherwil Tycoon, Salsa
Japanese Name ファリス・シェルヴィッツ
Romaji Farisu Sheruvittsu
Element Fire
Profession Pirate Captain
Age 20
Height 5'7" (1.70 m)
Weight 117 lb (53 kg)
Birthplace Tycoon
Final Fantasy V Character
"I'm just not cut out for a princess, I'm afraid. Pirating's much more my style."
—Faris Scherwiz

Faris Scherwiz (ファリス・シェルヴィッツ Farisu Sheruvittsu), real name Sarisa Scherwil Tycoon (サリサ・シュヴィール・タイクーン Sarisa Shuvīru Taikūn), or Salsa in the US Anthology release, is a pirate captain and one of the Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy V, and the elder sister of Lenna Charlotte Tycoon. This technically makes her the Queen of Tycoon, but she does not accept the position, saying that "pirating's more my style." She represents Fire, the element of courage, in the party.



Born as Sarisa Scherwil Tycoon, the daughter of Alexander Highwind Tycoon and his queen, but when she was a small child she was lost at sea and found by pirates. As she was unable to pronounce her name correctly to them (calling herself 'Farifa'), they dubbed her Faris. Due to the fact that women were not respected among them, she was raised as a boy and dressed accordingly in order to be accepted by them. When she was fifteen years old, the ship she was aboard encountered a mysterious whirlpool. Faris dove in to discover what caused it and came out with Syldra, a sea-dragon with whom she formed an almost sisterly bond. The pirates made her their captain for this, supposedly the youngest a pirate had ever been made captain.

Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.

By the age of twenty, Faris was still captain of her own ship and well-respected among the crew, although some of them may have suspected that she was actually female. It was during this time that three adventurers on their way to the Wind Shrine attempted to steal her ship, after they saw it was able to move without sails. As the ship was pulled by Syldra, however, they were unsuccessful and Faris and her pirates captured them easily. The adventurers, Bartz, Galuf, and Lenna Tycoon tried to plead for a ride, and Lenna revealed her identity as Princess of Tycoon. Upon learning this, Faris' initial thought was to hold Lenna for ransom, but when Lenna displayed a pendant identical to the one she wore, Faris changed her mind. She decided to help the three get to the Wind Shrine in the hopes of discovering why she and Lenna share the pendant, responding to her crew and prisoner's questions of why with a simple "I reconsidered [Lenna's] request."

At the Wind Shrine, Faris was startled by the disappearance of King Tycoon and volunteered to join the quest to find him, becoming a permanent member of the party. Not long after this, Syldra was mortally injured in a battle with Karbalos. Without him, the ship drifted to the Ship Graveyard. After crossing a flooded room, Bartz and Galuf tussled with Faris to get "him" to dry his clothes by the fire, and discover that she was, in fact, a woman. Faris insisted that she was no less important than any of the others despite this.

In need of a new method of transportation, the party climbs North Mountain in a attempt to relocate Hiryuu, Lenna's Wind Drake. A hunter named Magissa attacks Lenna. Faris quickly rushes to her rescue, jumping over a chasm to stop Magissa from kidnapping Lenna and together the party fights her off. Afterwards, Lenna walks across the poisonous field to acquire Dragon Grass for Hiryuu and collapses. Hiryuu heals her injuries and the party flies off, despite Bartz's protest that he is afraid of heights. The party lands at the Castle of Walse, and head to the throne room. There, Lenna addresses the king, begging him to stop abusing the power of the Water Crystal. He refuses to listen due to how much Walse has prospered thanks to the crystal.

A meteor crashes nearby soon after. The party rushes to the tower where the crystal resides, and fight off a monster in an attempt to protect the Crystal. The Water Crystal shatters anyways, and the tower sinks. The party is rescued by Syldra, who carries them safely to shore. Syldra is then lost in the current, much to Faris's grief. The party then approaches the site where the Meteor fell and are transported to another Meteor site.

Arriving at Karnak, the party is arrested not long after their arrival. An old man in a cell next to them introduces himself as Cid and reveals his involvement with the crystals. The party is let free along with Cid not long afterwards, and enter the steamship nearby. The party will eventually make their way into the engine room of the steam ship, which seems to be overworking itself. There, they encounter the Queen of Karnak, who proceeds to attack them. It is revealed after defeating her that she was being possessed. The party rushes to defend the Fire Crystal, but to no avail. The Fire Crystal shatters, and the party is forced to flee to safety.

The party then heads to the Ancient Library in pursuit of Cid. Encountering his grandson Mid, they fight off a monster that is attacking him. Mid then heads with them back to Karnak, where he knocks some sense into his grandfather. King Tycoon is then spotted in the Quicksand. The party heads there to look for him. With the help of Cid and Md, they are able to cross the desert and make their way to the Ruined City. When Faris spots the king, she calls him father, leading to a emotional, although brief reunion between her and Lenna as they were officially reunited as sisters. The party ends up under Crescent, where they encounter Cid and Mid once more.

Returning to the over world, the party locates the Earth Crystal in the flying ruins, a city floating in midair due to the power of the crystal. The party fights their way into it, defeating Soul Cannon with the help of Cid and his grandson. When the party reaches the top, they encounter King Tycoon. He does not appear to recognize either of his daughters and attacks the party, to the shock of Lenna and Faris. The encounter of another meteor, along with Galuf's granddaughter Krile, stop him from doing so. Krile then knocks him out with a spell. This brings back the king's memory and as he regains consciousness, he recognizes both of his daughters, calling them both by name. The happy reunion is cut short when the last of the crystals shatters, freeing the legendary sorcerer, Exdeath. The king tells his daughters to unite to fight Exdeath and asks Bartz to protect them before sacrificing himself to save the party.

Having escaped Exdeath for the time being, Galuf separates from the party and heads back to his own world with Krile to prepare for the upcoming battle against Exdeath. Utilizing the power of all three meteors, the remaining party was able to travel to Galuf's world. Before they are able to locate Galuf, Bartz, Lenna and Faris are captured by monsters and brought to Exdeath's Castle. There the party is used as bait to keep Galuf and his troops from entering the castle. Galuf enters on his own and rescues the party. They then escape together, fighting off Gilgamesh along the way. Reunited, the party plans for the battle with Exdeath. Krile's Hiryuu is ill from helping the party, so to save the Wind Drake, the party heads to Drakenvale, to acquire Dragon Grass. The Wind Drake is reluctant to accept any, however, so Lenna tastes the Dragon Grass to encourage the Hiryuu to eat, despite Dragon Grass being deadly to humans. Krile then gives Lenna an Elixir to heal her.

Along the way the party encounters remaining Dawn Warriors, King Xezat and the werewolf Kelgar, both of whom are killed aiding the party. The party tracks down Exdeath in the Great Forest of Moore. They are attacked by Exdeath, who uses the power of the crystals against them. Krile's attempt to rescue them fails leading Galuf to fight off Exdeath by himself. He then falls in combat and transfers all of his powers on to Krile before dieing. The party continues onwards, infiltrating Exdeath's castle and supposedly killing him.

After Exdeath shattered the remaining crystals of the second world, the party blacked out and mysteriously found themselves back at Castle Tycoon. Here, Faris was welcomed back as Princess Sarisa, and a grand celebration was held to celebrate the return of the heiresses. She despised the fancy clothing (despite Bartz insisting she was beautiful), and not long into the ceremonies she slipped off to join Bartz and Krile as they continued their search for Exdeath, leaving only Lenna behind when the castle was consumed by the return of the Void. Although the rest of the party believed that Lenna was dead, she was actually retrieved by Hiryuu from the Interdimensional Rift, but was possessed by a demon of the Rift named Melusine. Melamine forced Lenna to attack her friends, but the injured Hiryuu knocked her out and forced the hostile spirit to leave her body. After the demon was slain, Lenna recovered and rejoined the party for the remainder of the game.

Faris and the other Warriors of Light defeated Exdeath and restored the power of the Crystals at last, returning the world to peace. Faris initially returned to Tycoon and shared the throne with her sister, but she hated the life of a queen and missed her old life, and soon she had changed back into her pirate clothing and returned to her ship.

Musical Themes

Faris' theme is widely considered to be Pirates Ahoy, which is played when the party first meets her, and can later be heard in the Pirates' Hideout.



Faris is an Arabic word meaning "horseman, rider" (i. e. "Knight"). It is debatable if this fact was intended to be a counterpart to some other element in the game or as a metaphor of its bearer.


  • In the original SNES version of Final Fantasy V, Faris appeared as a pirate with long purple hair, green eyes identical to Lenna's, and blue-and-green pirate clothing. However, the full-motion video segments from the Final Fantasy Anthology version and her portrait for the Advance remake were based on Amano's original design of Faris, a blonde in a black trenchcoat with golden pauldrons.
  • Faris, along with Terra of Final Fantasy VI, is Amano's favorite design.
  • In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Sarisa is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Thief job.
  • In the manual for Final Fantasy V Advance, unlike the other three initial party members, Faris' profile is gender-neutral while speaking of her, helping preserve the secret of her true identity.
  • Faris is the first character of the "strong, serious female" archetype, something that continued on with Celes, Tifa, Quistis, Freya, Lulu, Fran, and Fang.
  • Faris spoke with a pirate accent in the first official localization of Final Fantasy V for the PlayStation. This was not in the Japanese version of the game originally. It remained in the Gameboy Advance version released after, but it was kept to a small degree.

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  • Seafarer, a Faris fan shrine

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