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Teleplay by: Ira Steven Behr & Hans Beimler
Directed by: Avery Brooks
Episode no.: 6x13
Production no.: 538
First aired: 11 February 1998
Date: 1940, 1953, 1954 and 2374

Sisko experiences another life where he is Benny Russell, a talented science fiction writer struggling against the racism of the 1950s.



Without warning, Benjamin Sisko is living another life. No longer a Starfleet captain, commander of space station Deep Space Nine, he is Benny Russell, a struggling science fiction writer living in 1950s Harlem. Benny has a dream, of a place called Deep Space Nine and a man named Ben Sisko, and a story he has to tell. But is the Earth of that era ready for a black science fiction hero?

Everyone tells him no, but Benny cannot abandon his dream. One way or another, he will tell the world about Captain Benjamin Sisko and Deep Space Nine.

A moving novel based on an unforgettable Star Trek event!





Benjamin SiskoKira NerysJadzia DaxWorfJulian BashirJake SiskoKasidy YatesJoseph SiskoSkrain DukatWeyounBenny RussellDouglas Pabst • Kay Eaton • Julius Eaton • Willie Hawkins • Herbert Rossoff • Albert Macklin • Darlene Kursky • JimmyCassieKevin MulkaheyBurt RyanRoy Ritterhouse • Preacher • Vendor • Ajabwe • Cooley • Elaine • Jenny • Ardelia Mathis • Miles O'Brien • Ozzie • Rike • Bill Robinson • Shakaar Edon • Sid • Swoop
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Abbott and Costello • Ivie Anderson • Harold Arlen • Henry Armstrong • Louis Armstrong • James Baldwin • Richmond Barthé • Romare Bearden • Ben Bova • Ray Bradbury • John W. Bubbles • Ford L. Buck • Cab Calloway • Jesus Christ • Countee Cullen • Eva Cunningham • Walt Disney • W. E. B. Du Bois • Duke Ellington • Harlan Ellison • Ralph Ellison • Marcus Garvey • Dizzy Gillespie • Benny Goodman • Coleman Hawkins • Robert A. Heinlein • Fletcher Henderson • Lena Horne • Langston Hughes • Zora Neale Hurston • Eva Jackson • James P. Johnson • William H. Johnson • Joe Louis • Jimmie Lunceford • "Madame French • Moms Mabley • Owney Madden • Mary Mallon • Rocky Marciano • Pigmeat Markham • MartokMarx Brothers • Thelonious Monk • NogOdo • Charlie Parker • Andrew Preer • Quark • A. Philip Randolph • Gene RoddenberryFranklin D. Roosevelt • Billy Rose • Emma Russell • "Fox" Russell • Jennifer Sisko • Bessie Smith • Cordwainer Smith • Willie Smith • Duke Snider • Joseph Stalin • Theodore Sturgeon • Quentin Swofford • Ed Tucker • Jules Verne • Fats Waller • George Washington • Ethel Waters • Chick Webb • Evelyn Welch • H. G. Wells • Mae West • Richard Wright


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Starships and vehicles

USS Defiant
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USS Cortez


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Bajoran Militia • Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation • Chevrolet • Dogon • Ford Motor CompanyGeneral MotorsGiants • Interborough Rapid Transit Company • League of Nations • Lenox High School • Macy's • New York City Police Department • New York City SubwayNew York Stock ExchangeNew York Yankees • Planters • StarfleetUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited States of America
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177619221927 • 1939 New York World's Fair • 1960 • A6M Zero • alien • ambulance • American Dream • American Revolutionary WarAmsterdam NewsAstounding Science Fictionautomobilebacon • Baptist • barber • basketballbaseball • bebop • BibleBorg (Incredible Tales)Buck Rogers • "Billy Rose's Aquacade" • Rick Blaine • boxingbreakfast • Captain Nemo • Cardassian silk • Caucasian • Cavor • centChristianityChristmas • clarinet • Coca-Cola • Communismcruller • Cuban • Deep Space Nine (novella) • DemocracitydollarDominion WardoughnutEmissary of the Prophets • Episcopal • "The Exterminator" • Far Beyond the Stars (novella) • Fascism • Ferengi • Flash Gordon • flying saucer • football • frank • From Here to EternityFuturamaGalaxyGodGone with the WindGreat Depression • Harlem Stride • Hugo Award • hydrogen bomb • hymn • Incredible Tales of Scientific WonderInfrastructurejazzJudaismKirk (Incredible Tales) • Klingon (Incredible Tales) • linotronic • loafer • locomotive • Lucite • MartianMickey's Surprise PartyNative SonNew York AgeNew York GlobeNew York TimesOccupation of BajorOperation Returnorb • peanut • pianoPicard (Incredible Tales) • pneumonia • President of the United States of Americaprostitution • racism • raktajino • "Road of Tomorrow" • Robor • robot • saxophone • science fiction • Benjamin Sisko (character) • space stationsteak and eggs • swing music • Tarzan • taxicab • televisionThanksgiving • time warp • Timex • tribble (Incredible Tales) • uridium • winter • World War IWorld War II • Vulcan (Incredible Tales) • Vulcan demicotton • Vulcan flu


  • Steven Barnes included an afterword in the novelization in which he looks at the role of African-Americans in science fiction and the changing attitudes to them. He commented on Deep Space Nine that it is "a major cultural turning point for America, and therefore, the world as a whole... DS9 is, as far as I'm concerned, the first successful dramatic television show in history with a non-Caucasian star".
  • Barnes had to write the novelization in a month, but "had a ball" doing so. He also commented that during the short time, he had "to create a full wraparound backstory, and do considerable research into New York in the 1950s and 1930s". (Voyages of Imagination)
  • Barnes was given notes on several aspects of the episode by Michael Okuda. These notes included the design of the Incredible Tales office and the eclectic contents in it. [1]
  • "Far Beyond the Stars" was the last Star Trek standard episode to receive a novelization. The earlier novelizations included "Relics", "Trials and Tribble-ations", "Flashback" and "Day of Honor".

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