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Faora was a Kryptonian criminal who had been imprisoned inside the Phantom Zone. Although being described as a "man-hater", she was the bride of General Zod and the mother of the man known as Davis Bloome. Zod and Faora were unable to conceive children through conventional means, so they used Kryptonian genetic material and sent it to Earth where it would evolve into what they hoped would be a weapon of mass destruction.

In 2008, Faora encountered Kara Zor-El and her cousin Clark Kent who had been trapped inside the Phantom Zone. Faora managed to slip past Clark's defenses and escape the zone to Earth. Once on Earth, she took physical possession of Lois Lane. She tracked down her son who was now an adult and working as an ambulance driver. She told Davis of his origins and that it was his destiny to be a Doomsday weapon upon the Earth.

Clark soon escaped from the Phantom Zone with the help of Chloe Sullivan and fought with Faora-Lois. It was actually his cousin Kara who saved the day though, when she used a Kryptonian relic to exorcise Faora’s essence from Lois’ body, sending her back into the Phantom Zone. Lois recovered with no memory of being possessed by the Zoner. Whether Faora will ever escape the Zone again remains to be seen.

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Kryptonian Power Set: The following represents the potential superhuman abilities available to the average Kryptonian while operating within a yellow sun environment such as Earth even if demonstration of such abilities has not been explicitly shown in a canonical resource. Variations of these powers may apply depending upon the wielder in question.

  • Possession: As a Zoner, Faora could take physical possession of the living.


  • In her natural state, Faora was presented as a computer generated image. While possessing Lois Lane, Faora was played by actress Erica Durance.
  • The character of Faora is based upon two DC Comics characters. Faora Hu-Ul was a Silver Age character and a confederate of General Zod, though the two were not romantically linked. Smallville's Faora also bears similarities to the Kryptonian villain Ursa, who is in fact married to Zod and is the father of his child.

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  • Smallville Episode: Bloodline


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