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The Star Trek Expanded Universe Database is for fanon and related content. See for the canon Star Trek wiki.

This article deals with fan-made productions using elements of the Star Trek franchise. Paramount Pictures and its licensees are the only organizations legally allowed to create commercial products with the Star Trek name and trademark. Consequently, these fan productions are unauthorized and subject to legal issues. Even so, this massive body of work continues to exist and grow. Fans have produced works in the performing arts (fan films, the stage, audio drama or filk), literature (fan fiction and screenplays), visual arts (2D & 3D) and recreational arts (games, models & crafts).

The following articles define various aspects of fan fiction: fan gaming, fan productions, fan publications and fan websites.

Star Trek source fiction includes canon productions, licensed productions and other licensed publications, licensed websites, licensed gaming and limited license gaming.


Fan films

With the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise in 2005 and the improbability of any professional productions for the next few years, Star Trek fan films have become news. The number of groups producing fan films has leaped, with a crop of new fan films planned for release.

This article categorizes fan films by production status and notability. Produced films are listed first with the most notable productions. Films in post-production (filming or preparing raw footage for release) come next, followed by those in pre-production. Fan trailers are listed last, not because they are less notable, but because they are not meant for production at all.

Notable projects

A few productions are more notable than others due to fan and media attention from around the world. These films are often larger productions, with larger budgets, and in some cases are produced with the participation of actual Star Trek cast and crew.

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier
A long-running series with 45 produced episodes, the series focuses on the starship Excelsior and its home base, Deep Space 12, as they mediate disputes between various races, and fend off attacks from a powerful new alien race, the Grey. This series is an offshoot of a previous Los Angeles Star Trek fan series, Voyages of the USS Angeles, sharing some settings and characters. Fan Films Quarterly recognized Hidden Frontier as one of the ten most pivotal moments in fan film history within the pages of FFQ's Summer 2006 issue (issue #4), released in June 2006.
James Cawley as Kirk in Star Trek: New Voyages
Star Trek: New Voyages
One of the most ambitious fan film projects, creator James Cawley aimed to complete the original series' five-year mission, with fan actors cast as Kirk, Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew on an exact replica of the original bridge set. Begun in April 2003 with the help of producer Jack Marshall, the series has received major media coverage, with articles in Variety and Wired.
Eight episodes have been produced - the pilot, "Come What May", episode 1: "In Harm’s Way" in October, and the second episode, "To Serve All My Days" (penned by D.C. Fontana, story editor on the original series), and the third episode "World Enough and Time." "To Serve All My Days" features Walter Koenig guest-starring as an older version of Pavel Chekov, his character from the original series, and "World Enough and Time" has guest star George Takei reprising the role of Hikaru Sulu, as well as a cameo by the original Yeoman Janice Rand, Grace Lee Whitney. The fourth episode, "Blood and Fire" has been released, while the fifth, "Blood and Fire part 2", is currently in post-production, introduces  Bobby Rice, who portrayed Ensign Ro's brother in Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, as Peter Kirk and Patrick Bell as Xon from the unproduced Star Trek: Phase II. Also in post-production are episode 6 "Enemy:Starfleet" written by Trek novelist Dave Galanter and Patty Wright, episode 7, "The Child", written by Jaron Summers and Jon Povill, and episode 8 "Kitumba", written by Patty Wright from the two-script concept written by John Meredyth Lucas for the unproduced "Star Trek: Phase II" James Cawley guest-starred in one Hidden Frontier episode and in Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, and appeared in the 2009 J.J. Abrams "Star Trek" feature film, at the request of Abrams. Rod Roddenberry is also working on New Voyages. NV has been mentioned in Toyfare, Star Trek Magazine, and on, and was nominated for both a Nebula and Hugo in 2008. Also in 2008 Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II won the 2008 TV Guide On-Line Award for "Best Webisodes" , competing against Battlestar Gallactica and others. James Cawley was named one of the ten most important Star Trek fans in history by and won the Icon award for Best Actor on the Internet.
Fan Films Quarterly recognized New Voyages as one of the ten most pivotal moments in fan film history within the pages of FFQ's Summer 2006 issue (issue #4), released in June 2006.
Star Wreck
A series of Finnish parody movies created by Samuli Torssonen from 1992 onward. The first release was a simple animated film, but later films grew more complex, moving into 3D animation, then live action. The latest film, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, was released in October 2005 and became an internet sensation, having drawn more than four million downloads from the main site alone, making it the most popular film of all time in Finland.
Starship Exeter
An online series which focuses on the adventures of the starship Exeter (NCC-1706) in the TOS era, with production design matching the time. One complete episode has been released, with the second mid-way through its release in installments. A third episode is planned. This series features extensive use of interior starship sets and many human, Klingon, and Andorian characters.
Stone Trek's USS Magnetize
Stone Trek
A flash-animated cartoon series that presents episodes of Star Trek as it might have appeared in the universe of The Flintstones, complete with 1960s-style laugh tracks. The series takes place aboard the stoneship USS Magnetize, powered by its magma/antimagma engines. Characters include Captain James T. Kirkstone, the Vulcano first officer Mr. Sprock and ship's doctor Leonard "Fossils" RcKoy. The series also features a running count of redshirts killed in each episode, and fans can write in to nominate themselves to be caricatured as a redshirt in future episodes.
Yorktown II: A Time to Heal
This unreleased episode was to be the first installment of a planned series spinoff entitled Star Trek: Axiom, depicting events occurring between the original series (TOS) and the feature film franchise. The project, was placed on hiatus and never finished due to legal wrangling. The episode began filming in 1985, with George Takei reprising his role as Hikaru Sulu.

Produced fan films

Captain's Nightmare
The Star Trek: The Next Generation LEGO film, “Captain’s Nightmare”, brings audiences back to the times of the Enterprise-D and crew when a familiar adversary transports aboard the ship from its enemy domain.

Directed by Jonathan Markiewitz (“Batman: Revenge”), “Captain’s Nightmare”, filmed entirely with LEGOs, revisits the days of The Next Generation in stop-motion animation. The film was inspired by the music composed and conducted by Ron Jones, and the two-part episode “The Best of Both Worlds”.

Car Trek
Short spoof of Star Trek TOS - based on the premise that the Enterprise was a Mini.
Cool Age 2
German parody Star Trek Fanfilm with elements of Star Wars and other sci-Fi movies.
Coolage Characters
Sci-Fi Shortmovie. Introduces the Movie "Coolage 3 - Revelations".
Dark Frontier
Based in a universe where Earth is destroyed and the Terran Empire as allied with the Romulan Star Empire to combat the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.
Deep Space: 90210
A crossover parody puts the cast of 90210 in deep space on the Star Trek spinoff.
Deep Space Nine - How You Live
Intergalactic Battle Tournament
The 74th annual Carl Weather's Karate Tournament is here! It's Bloodsport in space with exciting battle sequences that have really good choreography *sarcasm*. This exciting shitmovie has it all; sci-fi, action, musical interludes, and a surprisingly erotic performance by Dan Falzone.
Lon & Roxy's Big Star Trek Adventure #1
What Began as a space themed wedding turns into an intergalactic struggle between good and evil. This zany adventure from the "" team combines the thrills of Star Trek with the insanity of Pee-Wee's Playhouse.
Lon & Roxy's Big Star Trek Adventure #2
Lon and Roxy's wedding is interrupted by Starfleet when an unknown alien species appears in the neutral zone. This crazy spoof combines the fun of Star Trek and the absurdity of Pee-Wee's Playhouse.
The Metrén Incident
The Metrén Incident is the story of the USS Avatar and its crew under the command of Captain Talisa Ren. They boldly go on a rescue mission, where not everything pans out like the crew (nor the script writers) expected. A Vulcan Professor by the name of T'Prill is kidnapped for an unknown reason by the (up-to-now) non-violent inhabitants of the planet Metrén. As the crew finds out, diplomacy alone will not be enough to rescue the Professor. The Metrén Incident was filmed in Czech Republic by the members of local Star Trek fan club CZ Kontinuum and was released Nov 24th, 2007 in Atlas cinema in Prague.
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Ryan Johnson's take on a film the original Mystery Science Theater 3000 never tackled. Ryan and MST3K characters Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot mercilessly lampoon the fifth Star Trek feature film and William Shatner's direction.
Redshirt Blues
David Rogers' film presents the tale of a space-weary security officer on the Enterprise who is sick of James T. Kirk, the ship, and the red shirt he must wear every day. While on patrol, he meets another redshirt on first assignment, to whom he reveals the truth about redshirts. This film gained national exposure when screened on the SciFi Channel's Exposure in 2001.
SouthTrek is an animated w:South Park-style spoof on the original Star Trek series. The first episode, Logic Has Nothing to Do with It, was released in December 2006 and screened for the first time at I-CON 26 ([1]) in March 2007. In the South Park spirit, the voices for the entire cast of characters are made by only three actresses. See also: SouthTrek on IMDB
Star Track: The Next Hesitation
Star Track is a fan film comedy series, taking a satirical look at the world of Star Trek. Over 20 episodes have been produced, with a spinoff planned for 2007. Episodes are generally 20 minutes in length and range from mirror universe episodes to cloned enemies coming back from the dead. The USS Idomo is their home, a ship based on the NX-01 from Star Trek: Enterprise, though it was destroyed in episode 20. A new original ship will set sail in episode 21, scheduled for a late March 2007 release.
Heavy Lies The Crown.
Star Trek: Intrepid
Intrepid is set in the 24th century, several years after Star Trek Nemesis, and features Federation and Merchant Service efforts to colonize a sparse region of space far from the Federation core. A trailer and several blooper reels can be found on the Intrepid website. Star Trek: Intrepid was filmed entirely in Scotland. Production wrapped in October 2005, and the film was released May 26th, 2007.
Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation
In this 1989 film, the "Ferrari" have stolen all of the Pepsi from Starbase Seven-Up, and it is up to the crew of the Enterprise to rescue it. Captain Picard, along with Doodah the android, Ya Har, Jordashe, Rigor Mortis, Sexx Toii (the Betamax counselor), Ensign Expendable, and Weasley Crushme all leap into action. Along the way, viewers meet the harried Star Trek writing crew and the Ferrari's fearsome leader. This film has been popular for years, and was featured by the BBC in a series on Star Trek fans.
Star Trix
A series of three animated shorts made in 1974-75.
Starship Farragut
Launched in July 2005, this series takes place during the original series era and tells the story of the crew of the USS Farragut, a Constitution-class starship under the command of John T. Carter. To date, the production has released their pilot episode. The production was featured in a June 18, 2006 New York Times article, and has signed a cooperative deal with Star Trek: New Voyages. Production on their second episode began in September of 2006 and is targeted for a Fall 2007 release.
Steam Trek
The Endeavour Star Trek fan club's Ad Hoc Film Society made this short film in 1994, which was later re-cut for YouTube. Based on the concept Star Trek - The Silent Generation, Steam Trek is a satire based on early 20th-century silent films. It carries the tagline "In space, no one can hear you".
Toilet Trek
A Very Merry Star Track Christmas
Tales of the Seventh Fleet
A new ongoing multigenerational fandom video project covering all timelines, currently focusing on a small destroyer, the USS Justice in the late 23rd and early 24th centuries. Most of the cast are members of Star Trek fan clubs located in New Jersey. Three episodes have been completed, along with other special shorts. The 4th and 5th episodes are currently in pre-production.
The Voyages of the USS Angeles
This series started with a feature length film, The Price of Duty, produced in the mid-1990s by a Los Angeles Star Trek club's "video production committee." This TNG era series takes place around the wild region of space introduced in the film Star Trek: Insurrection. It was the basis of the later fan series Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, and spawned other local fan productions as well. Neither the series nor the movie is currently available on the internet due to strict regulations by the production team responsible for the creation of the show. It was only made available to the cast and crew of those production teams. Some episode titles are "A Little Night Music", "Dreamers", "Q in the Dark" and "Price of Duty".

Fan films in production

Fan film groups which are either filming or have completed filming and are in post-production prior to release. Does not include trailer or teaser-only projects.

Borg War
Borg War was the first feature-length animated Star Trek fan film, slated for release on September 8th 2006. It was produced by a single individual using two Star Trek themed computer games, a process known as machinima. The film takes place 17 years after the return of the USS Voyager, as the Alpha Quadrant is invaded by a group of alien-infected rogue Borg. Borg War is unusual among fan films in that the licenses for the games specifically allow the creation of new game materials subject to certain restrictions. It also repurposes the voice-over clips from the games to create an entirely new plot line.
Star Trek: Andromeda
Developed from a 1997 audio drama series (Star Trek: The Undiscovered Series), Andromeda was launched in June 2004 by fans in Osnabrück, Germany. Filming began the next month, and the first teaser trailer was released in October 2004. of that year. Primarily a three-man operation, Andromeda is shot live action shot against green screen with CGI ship scenes. Episodes are planned to be 45-60 minutes long, with audio in German with English subtitles. The current release estimate is for the end of 2006.
Star Trek: Dark Armada
Based out of the Netherlands, the first episode of Dark Armada for the most part takes place in the original series era. Filming began in January 2006. The series takes place on board the USS Batavia, named after the famous Dutch ship from the 17th century. Captain Richardson and his crew will make a shocking discovery which will determinate the fate of life on Earth and other planets of the Federation. To date, one episode entitled "These Are The Voyages..." has been released, the second full-length episode, "Nightfall" is currently entering post-production and will be released late 2009. Several shorts are also in production.
Star Trek: Das Vermächtnis
Germany's Star Trek: Das Vermächtnis (Star Trek: The Legacy) is shaping up to be one of Europe's most ambitious fan films. After a false start with director Christoph Hees in 1997, the project went into hiatus for two years. In 2000, German fan celebrity Willi Wiegand (aka Vulcan Willi) joined the cast. In May 2003, the production was featured in Trekkies 2, when Denise Crosby visited their new Next Generation-style bridge set. By July 2005, nearly $30,000US had been spent on the sets, mostly by Christoph personally. The film is planned to be roughly 60-90 minutes long, and is scheduled to be released in 2006 on the internet as a free download. The filmmakers plan on releasing an English dub as well.
Star Trek Excalibur
Excalibur, which is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, began production in June 2005 and large-scale sets are at an advanced stage. In the story, the Excalibur is being repaired and refitted in spacedock after the wargames in which the USS Enterprise, under the control of the M-5 computer (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer"), nearly destroyed the ship and killed the entire crew. The Excalibur's launch date is just days away, when Admiral Yoritomo comes aboard to personally deliver Captain Nelson the ship's first assignment. The production has already planned several episodes, and has arranged for a composer to write an original score. Filming of the first episode is tentatively scheduled for mid-June 2006.
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men
A three-part series directed by Tim Russ, starring several Star Trek stars, including Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig.
Star Trek Protector
Star Trek Protector is a London based fan production with an expected release in Summer 2008. A teaser can be seen on you tube or via the website.
Star Trek: SFI
Star Trek: SFI is scheduled to begin filming in April 2008. Principal photography will take place in San Francisco, California and the surrounding areas. The series will follow the life of Lieutenant Commander Nick Spencer, a Starfleet Intelligence analyst, and his colleagues as they struggle to balance the competing demands of personal and professional roles. Current plans call for a six-episode story-arc for Season One, which is essentially the backstory for TOS: "The Enterprise Incident". SFI is unique to the Star Trek universe in that it is not set in space.
Star Trek: USS Hathaway
Star Trek: USS Hathaway takes place during the same time as events in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. The production crew plans to have the pilot episode, "Genesis", finished and released in four parts during 2006. The group hopes to be able to produce three to four episodes a year. A trailer has been released, and the series has been highlighted by G4TV.
Trinity is a brand new fan film set within the Star Trek universe. Its aim is to create a high quality trilogy of films, preceded by a series of short 'webisodes' to introduce the backstory and principal characters, as well as hint at the darker things to come. The decision was made with Trinity to move past what has been seen before, and tell a new story with new characters. It is a live action production, using a combination of physical and virtual sets, and a number of external locations.

Fan trailers

Fan-produced trailers for films that are not intended for production.

Bring Back Kirk 
When Captain Kirk was killed in Star Trek Generations, fans from around the world started the "Bring Back Kirk" campaign. The campaign's goal was simple: to see Captain Kirk returned to the living, and to see the character have a happy ending. This short film is not so much an endorsement on a particular plot point, but an effort to show the possibilities of Kirk's return. This nine-minute trailer, released in 2004, features new CGI footage showing ships from the various Trek shows together on screen.

Some fan trailers, such as Grayson, have eclipsed many produced fan films in popularity.

Fan audio dramas

Inspired in part by the success of a long-running series of audio adventures produced by Big Finish Productions in the United Kingdom based upon Doctor Who, some similar audio series based upon characters and situations from Star Trek have been launched. Unlike Doctor Who productions, which are produced under license by the BBC (rights holders of the Doctor Who property), these Star Trek audio series are not similarly licensed by Paramount. It is worth noting, however, that the Doctor Who audios were not initially licensed by the BBC, although this was when they were produced on an amateur rather than a professional basis, as has been the case since 1999.

This series, a spin-off from The Section 31 Files is a crossover venture into the Star Wars universe. The series exists in two incarnations - the first, a stand-alone episode in which two characters found themselves in the Star Wars universe, while the second was an official episode of The Section 31 Files, in which the starship Nosferatu travels to the Star Wars universe via a dimensional rift. While more entries in the series are planned, no definite production plans have yet been announced.
Henglaar, M.D.
A spin-off from Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, Henglaar, M.D. is a combination of Star Trek and medical drama House, M.D., starring Hidden Frontier Doctor Henglaar and a group of Starfleet Medical officers aboard a hospital ship USS Jennifer Cole.
Star Trek: Dimensions
When the USS Churchill is destroyed, her crew is framed and forced to participate in a clandestine trip to the mirror universe to clear their good name. “In space, even the bravest sometimes face their worst nightmares…nothing has prepared us for the enemy we fight now: Ourselves. In the Mirror Universe, up is down…good is evil…and we… are just trying to survive.”
Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations
tells stories from the perspective of the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, the organization that moves in after a first contact and settles in for the long haul. As of July 2008, ST:DR has been in production for six months and released its ninety-minute pilot episode.
Star Trek: Eras
Star Trek: Eras is an audio series by TimeWell Electronic Recording Productions. The series will span through all of the established time frames of the series, from Star Trek: Enterprise through Star Trek: Nemesis, and will be told primarily through flashback from the point-of-view of Admiral Evori aboard Deep Space 5. As of March 1, 2007, TWERPs has completed their first episode and have begun working on episode two.
Star Trek: Excelsior
billed as "the first fan production based closely on the events of a roleplaying game" (though this distinction may well belong to Defiant), Excelsior's format is unremarkable: a ship and crew explore the distant reaches of the Delta Quadrant. However, the show is notable for its extremely long and intricate multi-part stories, which typically span eight to twelve months and four or five forty-five minute episodes.
Star Trek: Outpost
Star Trek: Outpost is an audio drama series by Giant Gnome Productions. The show's opening lines set the stage: "In the darkest reaches of the United Federation of Planets, an isolated station stands sentinel over a neglected frontier. Commissioned long ago with high hopes, its promise is now all but forgotten; a lonely outpost serving as the gateway to the vast expanse beyond, where discovery… and adventure… await." With its premiere in April 2009, Star Trek: Outpost focuses on the adventures of the crew of Deep Space 3 and the USS Chimera, a once proud, now transformed Oberth-class starship.
Star Trek: Pioneers
Star Trek: Pioneers
Debuting in 2003, this series follows the crew us the starship USS Pioneer. During a routine exploration mission, the Federation discovers a gateway to the other side of the galaxy, finding a new frontier waiting to be discovered. The Pioneer leads the exploration of this new area of space, and everything it had to offer. In March 2005, it became part of the Darker Projects family, and as of June 2006, six episodes have been produced. The series is currently on hiatus.
Star Trek: The Section 31 Files
The Section 31 Files is an audio series by Darker Projects that explores the darker side of the Federation, set on a starship that defends the Federation against dangers from which it cannot protect itself. The series relies on voice talents from across the globe for the production. The series ran for three seasons and 29 episodes and was followed up by Star Trek: Lost Frontiers.

Fan comics

Star Trek Crusader
A somewhat dark adult comic with scenes of erotic content. It is set during the late 24th century, and chronicles the voyages of the USS Crusader (NCC-51492) in the Cestus Sector of the Beta Quadrant as they search for a smuggler, work on ridding the Orion Syndicate in the sector, and preserving the new Romulan alliance.
Star Trek: Paradigms
A parody comic series, set in the 143rd century, aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-JFAZW).
Star Trek: Phoenix-X
A humorous look at the crew of the USS Phoenix-X, an advanced starship which failed its transwarp tests and was therefore recommissioned as a normal starship.
A manga-style comic set in the 23rd century with a small-statured female captain, Julienne Cochrane, who leads the crew of the destroyer USS Tamerlane through various adventures inside the Federation.
Also a humorous comic, TOSS is a strip-style comic centered around the "below-decks" crew members of the starship USS Mumbai.

Screenplay & novel-episodic series

Star Trek Avalon 
A fan-made series that follows the creative vision of several fans who wish to redefine the franchise and Roddenberry's vision of the future, by throwing the rules out the window and creating a new time where some things are familiar but many are completely reinvented. More of a western in space than even TOS, Avalon is a mix of dark drama, action and quite a bit of humor.
Star Trek: Frontiers 
A recent entry into the fan-based series arena, featuring weekly episode releases in teleplay format. The series blends the spirit of adventure from the classic series and the dramatic, serialized storytelling of Deep Space Nine. The show follows a new ship and crew who set out to establish a network of transwarp gates in other galaxies, in an effort to expand the crumbling Federation forty years after the war with the Dominion.
Star Trek: Renaissance 
A collaborative fan fiction project depicting events in the Alpha Quadrant after the Dominion War. With an original ship and crew, the series is a mixture of political intrigue, exploration, and character-driven drama with a strong story arc. It is written as a series of teleplays grouped into 26-episode "seasons".
Star Trek: Voyager Virtual Season 8 Project 
A collaborative fan fiction project continuing the story of the Voyager crew after they returned to the Alpha Quadrant at the end of the show. Written in the form of 25-45 page short stories (in Word or PDF format) grouped into two 26-episode "seasons" (Seasons 8 & 9 if they aired on TV). This series was produced in 2001 & 2002.
Star Trek: Voyager Virtual Season 8 and 9 translated in French 
From the original project, a complete set of 55 translated stories published in 2002 and 2003.
Virtual Enterprise 
A script-based series which continues the cancelled Star Trek: Enterprise beyond its 4th season.
Virtual Enterprise Season 5... translated in French 
After the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise, a complete new virtual season 5 of 14 novels-episodes, 20 to 50 pages long each, translated in French (original novels published on Enterprise ST Virtual).

Legal issues

The attitude of the Star Trek copyright and trademark holders towards fan works has varied over time. In early 1996, Viacom went on the attack, sending out a wave of cease and desist letters to webmasters of Star Trek fan sites which contained copyrighted film clips, sounds, insignia, or other copyrighted material. Under threat of legal action, many Trekkers shut down, leaving behind scanned copies of letters sent by Viacom. Shortly afterwards, Paramount launched a subscription-based website, Star Trek Continuum. In the lead-up to the release of the film Star Trek: Insurrection, then-president of Paramount Digital Entertainment David Wertheimer stated Viacom was targeting sites that were "selling ads, collecting fees, selling illegal merchandise or posting copyrighted materials."

Faced with the threat of legal prosecution, most of the sites complied with Viacom's demands, deleting the offending data. However, a handful of webmasters resisted Viacom's pressure tactics, demanding specific citations of offending material from Viacom.

Viacom's actions were seen by numerous sources as an example of a wider civil liberties issue and poor public relations. In a Wired article, Jennifer Granick, a San Francisco criminal lawyer who went on to champion cyber rights, felt that the unofficial sites should be covered by the fair use doctrine in U.S. copyright law. In a 1998 article, UCLA associate professor Howard Besser saw it as an example of the content industry "exploiting concerns over digitization and attempting to reshape the law by strengthening protection for copyrights holders and weakening public rights to access and use material."

Fan fiction has been a specific battleground for the legal issues balancing a copyright owner's legal rights against a fan's use of that material, and Star Trek has been at the forefront of the controversy. Many precedents set by fan fiction apply to other media, particularly fan films and audio dramas - however, the same dangers apply as well. Incidents where fans have broken the tacit agreement between authors and fans (for example, trying to make money from a derivative work themselves, or accusing an author of appropriating their idea) have caused a backlash from certain authors.

Star Trek fan films currently operate in an informational vacuum, since Paramount has made no official statement regarding their existence, pro or con. Fan filmmakers have generally kept a low profile, hoping not to draw attention. However, with the demise of official productions, the fan film community has been drawing more attention in the media, and even a certain amount of recognition from the entertainment industry.

Cow Creek Films, the production company at the time for Star Trek: New Voyages, had contact with Paramount to successfully reverse a cease-and-desist order which resulted in a set of guidelines being verbally agreed on:

  1. No profit can come from the film.
  2. It cannot be shown in festivals or at conventions or any other venue where money is charged for admission, either directly for the film or the event itself.
  3. It can only be a free download and cannot be offered in lieu of a "donation".
  4. They were NOT giving permission to do the show, but rather turning a blind eye to it as long as the producers stick to the rules.

It should be borne in mind that there has never been any independent corroboration of this - Viacom has been consistently silent on the subject. However, the source, Jack Marshall, Executive Producer at the time, is considered trustworthy. What is more, the subsequent success of Star Trek: New Voyages and the prominent collaboration of ex-Paramount cast and crew would suggest that Paramount know about them and are giving their tacit permission.

For a more comprehensive listing of fan productions on Star Trek Expanded Universe, see the categories at the bottom of this page.

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"There is plenty of room for fans to express their own feelings and opinions. We believe our core fans are responsible for the continuing popularity of the series, and we want to encourage them. Our intellectual properties are there for you to play with, but we expect you won't try and make a profit or use our characters in a salacious way. Having that wide-open frontier serves as a self-policing mechanism for the fans, who are really appreciative of being included."
Steve Sansweet

A fan film is a film made by fans. The contents can include canon material but any storylines made are not recognized as canon.

Most fan films are humorous and they are mostly fanon although some may contain elements or mentioning of canon.


Websites with fan films

  • This site is devoted to nothing but Star Wars fan films. It has the largest selection of Star Wars fan films anywhere, including a large library of films available for download.
  • is one of the biggest fan websites on the Internet and has the largest database of Star Wars fan films. The site also has many tips and tutorials on creating fan films.
  • has been holding awards for Fan Films since 2002.

Notable fan films

Poster of the fan film Revelations

Notable directors

"The galaxy is a big place. We're not asking for money, just recognition."
―Mazen Malawi, Director of Seeds of Darkness

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