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See DHARMA logos for the official DHARMA logos produced for the show.

Non-Canon Hoax Alert!
This article contains false information that does not officially belong to The Lost Experience or other Lost mythos.
Unlike fanon or parody, the material was created intentionally to cause confusion with information from official sources.

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This article contains art, spin-off fiction, theories, reference and community material created by fans inspired by Lost.
It is by definition non-canon, but generally distinct from intentionally fake hoaxes or humorous fan parody material.

Fan-made DHARMA logos have surfaced on the internet, and are described below.



Lost film production crew


Lost's LA office

This is the unofficial logo used by the film production crew Grass Skirt Productions, and is visible on call sheets, slates, and crew logowear. It is also visible on the front window of Lost's LA office of Grass Skirt Productions at the Disney lot.

Wardrobe department

The Lost production crew's costume department is known to use a modified DHARMA logo with a spray bottle at the center to identify their trailer. The image shown here is from the set from a location shoot at Mililani Mauka by Ryan Ozawa submitted to themisfitishere's blog.

Ubisoft Montreal

The offices of Ubisoft Montreal, the makers of Lost: The Video Game were shown to have this logo in the extra "The Next Level - Inside the Video Game" in the Lost: The Complete Third Season (DVD).

Logos in false orientation films

These logos have been created by fans for use in fan-made orientation videos.

The Achilles

From a fake orientation video by Ali Films

The Goblet

This is from the fake Goblet Orientation Film.

Psychological Research

This is from the fake Initiative Classifications video.

Parapsychological Research

This is from the fake Initiative Classifications video.

Astronomy & Meteorology

This is from the fake Initiative Classifications video.

Human Advancement

This is from the fake Initiative Classifications video.

Island Security

This is from the fake Security orientation video

Logos in imitation websites

These logos have been created by fans for use in fan-made websites, some of which pose as "real" websites from Lost's storyline.

"DHARMA Keyhole Station" logo

Found on the fan based ARG - LOST: Beyond the Looking Glass.

"Catbird" logo

Found on the fake Mega Lotto Jackpot website.

"DHARMA Progression" Logo

Found on the fake Mega Lotto Jackpot website's images directory.

"Artemis" logo

Found on a sub-page from

"Infinity" logo

Found on

"" (mispelled ROT site) logo

Found on

"DHARMA Industries" logo

Found on

The "Ray Mullen" fake site logo

An unidentified DHARMA logo on the letterehead of an image from a fake Lost Experience website.

Other logos

These logos are found as part of existing entities, such as (but not limited to) fan websites.

Heroes/Lost Crossover Logo


Logo by User:AndrewMcK666

Lostpedia Logo

This logo is on the Lostpedia book at the top of this website.

Amphibian Station Logo

Found on Lost: The Missing Tale.This is the amphibian station's symbol. The station is used for creating a new breed of half human and half amphibian life form as mentioned in the orientation video in the series.

The Dharmalars

From The Dharmalars, an unofficial fan-made podcast.

Jay and Jack

This iPod-based logo is found at The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack.


This logo was made to promote Fanpop's own Lost section of it's website by a fan. Found on Fanpop

DHARMA "Recycling Station" logo

Fictional DHARMA Initiative Station for experiments in the field of recycling. Created by user Psychoanalysis

"Ecological Community Development Project"

Found on Off The Island, a fan-film.

The Dharma Island

Found on

The Others (band)

This is the logo for The Others, a band that writes songs about Lost. Found on The Others' website and social networking page.


Main article: Stationzer0

Found at

DHARMA Music Group, Ltd

Fictitious music publisher. Found on Lost: The Rock Opera fansite.

Graco Awards/USAccolades

Don from Graco Awards/USAccolades made an acrylic Hanso Foundation award as a demo piece for the company's display room. According to Don, he "just tried to think about what Alvar Hanso would put on an award he would give to a faithful DHARMA employee". Don explains the story

The Helm station

A Dharma station for weather and climate reasearch. Picture found on Facebook (deleted now).

The Vigilance Station

Location on the Nothern coast of the Island. The Vigilance Station or the Tower, was built in the center of some ancient ruins dubbed as Gods Garden. The station's main function is to Overlook and map the space time continuum.

More Info on Logo & Station

From, which showcases user submitted art, come the following (in alphabetical order):

New Stations

  • The Biohazard
  • The Book
  • The Bulb
  • The Gift Shop
  • The Helix
  • The Jove
  • The Libra
  • The Orbit
  • The Maple
  • The Phoenix
  • The Pigeon
  • The Portal
  • The Rose
  • The Roswell
  • The Stallion
  • The Terra
  • The Wolf
  • (Unclear)

New Misc.

  • "The Bartha Initiative"
  • Dharma "Best Dad" mug
  • Dharma Operating System
  • Dharma Marijuana
  • Dharma Video Gaming
  • "Hic sunt dracones"
  • Infinite regression ("The Dharma Infinitive")
    The Iris Logo

Redesigns of existing logos

  • The "New Classic" DHARMA Initiative
  • The Arrow
  • The Flame
  • The Swan (1)
  • The Swan (2)

Amalgams between DHARMA and...

  • ...Domo-kun
  • ...G7
  • ...Half Life
  • ...InGen, from Jurassic Park
  • ...Motorolla
  • ...The Pillows (music group)
  • ...Portal
  • ...Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • ...The Soviet Union
  • ...The Umbrella Corporation, from Resident Evil
  • ...The New Umbrell-Aperture (Resident Evil/Portal)

DHARMA For Dummies

Fictitious book. Found here.

This article uses material from the "Fan-made DHARMA logos" article on the Lostpedia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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