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"With the white ones, I was born..."
Famfrit being summoned

Famfrit is the Totema of the Moogles in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and is the first Totema fought by Marche Radiuju. After being defeated, Famfrit can be summoned by any Moogle member of Clan Nutsy, including Montblanc. A Dephs of Famfrit also appears during the fight with Queen Remedi in her Battle Queen form.



Famrit is accompanied by two Floateyes and two Ahrimans. It is best to take out the Ahriman on Famfrit's left first, because it usually starts out with its deadly attack Roulette. It can be taken out easily by a mid-level Black Magic spell. You can also move a unit into the Ahriman's move range of 5, which will lure it towards your party for a physical attack instead of using Roulette. If the Ahriman is let alone, it may actually KO one of its own allies with Roulette.

Famfrit mostly attacks with Demi, but he uses Breath of God every once in awhile, usually after you K.O. a Floateye or an Ahriman. Use a Combo whenever you can to defeat him. It is recommended you give another clan member a Combo if possible.

Bring in Marche and a Fighter to deal with Famfrit, and Montblanc or another Black Mage to fight the other enemies. Bring in a Bishop or White Mage to keep Marche and other important clan members alive.




Totema command. Drive off all intruders.

Skill Effect
Breath of God Envelops surronding units and deals damage.
Lightspeed Damages unit and bypasses reaction ability.
Presence Damages and knocks back a unit using the fear of god.


Totema command. Use all the world's magic.

Skill Effect
Slow Inflicts the Slow status.
Demi Deals damage equal to 1/2 of targets current HP.


Skill Effect
Counter Follow up an enemy attack with an attack of your own.

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