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The Master of Disguise



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False Face's true name and background is unknown. There is little record of how he first developed his craft, or the means by which he formed his criminal gang.

Place of Birth
Unknown (possibly Gotham City)


First appearance
Last appearance

(Comic) Batman #113; (TV) True of False Face
(Comic) Batman #113; (TV) Holy Rat Race




In Comics

False Face was a self-proclaimed master of disguise who created problems for Batman and Robin several years ago. Little is known of the Caped Crusaders' first meeting with the villain, but on their second chance encounter, they found that he had impersonated a wealthy uranium tycoon named P.S. Smithington. As Smithington, False Face robbed a local Gotham City jewelry store framing the true Smithington for the crime. Batman managed to rescue the actual Smithington, but was unable to recover the stolen jewels.

At police headquarters, Commissioner Gordon supplied Batman and Robin with all of the details of the case, and the two gave chase. False Face however struck again. This time, he kidnapped rock n' roll star, Wally Weskit during a charity benefit concert, and concealed him within an elevator shaft. While False Face took Weskit's place, his henchman, Pebbles, attempted to make off with the charity proceeds. Batman and Robin arrived and prevented the theft, but False Face and his crew managed to escape.

The following day, False Face struck a third time. He impersonated a safari hunter named Arthur Crandall and used his identity to gain access to the Gotham City Explorer's Club. While attempting to steal the club's Golden Tiger award, False Face found Batman and Robin on his heels once again. He lured Batman towards a large water tank and managed to temporarily trap him, but the Dark Knight detective succeeded in outsmarting False Face and his men, apprehending the entire group in the process. False Face was taken to prison, whereupon he soon retired from his life of crime.


In an alternate version of the character, False Face once again resurfaced to plague Batman and Robin. On one particularly daring scheme, he impersonated the escort of a visiting dignitary, stealing the fabled Mergenberg Crown in the process. Batman and Robin investigated the theft, and discovered that a false crown had been left in place of the true one. Inside, they found a clue leading to False Face's next crime.

Batman and Robin solved the clue, and realized that False Face would attempt to rob the Gotham City First National Bank. They squared off with him outside of the complex, but the villain and his cronies managed to elude capture by way of their special, customized Trick-Truck.

To facilitate his next series of crimes, False Face required a disguise that would grant him access to police headquarters. He kidnapped police Chief O'Hara and took his place at the station where he worked alongside Commissioner James Gordon. During this time, Batman and Robin managed to apprehend one of False Face's assistants, Blaze. They brought Blaze to police headquarters, where False Face (still disguised as O'Hara) interrogated her. Blaze, aware of Face's ruse, pretended to submit to the interrogation and revealed the location of False Face's hideout.

Batman and Robin raced to the hideout only to fall into a trap. False Face captured the Dynamic Duo and secured them to a set of railroad tracks with super-strong adhesive. Thanks to the assistance of their trusted butler Alfred Pennyworth however, the heroes escaped and resumed their search for False Face.

They deduced that the villain's next scheme would involve a counterfeiting racket at the Gotham bank. Although they managed to get the drop on False Face, the villain succeeded in eluding capture once again and led Batman and Robin on a chase all throughout the city. They eventually tracked him down to Bioscope Movie Studios where they were able to finally put a stop to his crime spree once and for all.

Powers and Abilities


This individual does not possess any superhuman capabilities.


Mimicry: False Face was a master of disguise, and could mimic the voice and mannerisms of another individual so effectively, that he could even fool his target's closest acquaintences.

Strength level

Average: False Face possessed the strength level of a man his age, size and weight who engaged in moderate regular exercise.



False Face possessed a vast array of disguises and costumes, ranging from facial prosthetics, wigs, false mustaches and other cosmetic enhancements.


False Face often used his special custom-made Trick Truck when committing crimes.


  • The character of False Face was created by writer, Bill Finger.
  • False Face made appearances in both the Batman comic book series and the Batman 1966 television series. In the comic book series, the character of False Face was exclusive to the continuity of Earth-One. As Earth-One was destroyed following the collapse of the Multiverse during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, all references to False Face are considered apocryphal by the standards of the modern DC Universe continuity.
  • False Face made use of several noted underlings during his career. In the comics, he employed a cronie named Pebbles. In the Batman series, he made use of a voluptuous, purple-haired woman named Blaze.


  • An alternate version of False Face, appeared on the "Plague" episode of Batman Beyond. Unlike his previous counterparts, this version of False Face actually possessed the ability to alter his physical form. His powers were similar to that of Matt Hagen, the Silver Age, Clayface.

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