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This page lists all books in Fallout Tactics.
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  • For books in other Fallout games, please see "Book".
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General information

Some books in Fallout Tactics can be used to increase a character's skill in specific areas of study. After a book is used, it is removed from your inventory. Other books are used in quests.

In Fallout Tactics, the amount of skill points gained is equal to 100, subtract the current skill level, divide by 10, and then rounded down. Thus, the maximum a skill can increased by books is up to 91%.




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Name Closest map marker Location description
Rock Falls In locked chest
Preoria In two places
Jefferson In fridge
Kansas City In two shelves
Junction City In bookshelf
Special encounter: Merchant For sale
Special encounter: Brothers Grimm Carried by Joe Grimm
Bunker Beta Sold by mechanics after Mardin
Bunker Gamma Sold by mechanics after Osceolla
St. Louis On workbench
Junction City In shelf
Vault 0 In locker
Special encounter: Brothers Grimm Carried by Joe Grimm
Preoria In medical bay
Kansas City In shelf
Great Bend On two corpses
Coldwater In footlocker
Scott City In shelf and on desk
Vault 0 In locker
Preoria In desk
Mardin On ghoul corpse
Great Bend On two corpses
Coldwater For sale
Scott City In metal shelf
Special encounter: Farmer For sale
Rock Falls In safe in headquarters
Macomb Rewarded by the librarian
Preoria In trapped shelf
Great Bend On Ripley's corpse
Scott City On floor
Special encounter: Merchant For sale
Freeport In bookshelf
Preoria On corpse
Mardin On beastlord
Jefferson In chest
Special encounter: Canadian Invasion On tribal
Special encounter: Farmer For sale
Special encounter: Hermit For sale
Bunker Alpha Sold by mechanic Rock Falls
Bunker Beta Sold by mechanic after Mardin
Preoria in desk
St. Louis in workbench
Great Bend on Ripley's corpse
Special encounter: Merchant For sale

Other books

Skillbooks in the Fallout games

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