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This page lists only the paper notes which contain readable text. For other paper items which cannot be read, see Fallout 3 miscellaneous items.
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This page lists all paper notes in Fallout 3.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles.
  • For paper notes in other Fallout games, please see "Paper note".
  • For an overview of Fallout 3 content, please refer to "Portal:Fallout 3".


General information

In Fallout 3, picking up paper notes will add them to the "Notes" category of your Pip-Boy 3000's "Data" screen.



cut Cut from final version of game or add-on.
sic Name is spelled as it is in-game, even if the in-game spelling is grammatically or otherwise wrong.

List of Fallout 3 paper notes

For locations and transcripts please refer to the individual articles.

Base game

Name Type Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
A Birthday Poem text Growing Up Fast CG02Note 000744b7
Arlington Library Password text The Wasteland Survival Guide MS03LibraryPassword 0006d91d
Caravan Merchants text - CCTraderNote 0006a3d4
Caravan Trade Route image - CCTradeRouteNote 0008d4e5
Contract for Extermination text The Power of the Atom FFEU14Note 0006f835
Contract Killing text - FFER17Note 0006f930
Contract With Ahzrukhal cut text - FFUnderworldAhzrukhalNote 0008f7cf
Crumbled Note text - BrassLanternPasswordAdder 000151db
Dave's Note cut text - MS14DavesNote 0004e31b
Dispatch to Scribe Yearling cut text - FFDCLibrarianNote 0008f7d2
Feedback Loops text - MS17Vault92aSpeakerFeedback 0009193e
Feel The Love Man text - Vault106BLivingQuartersHippyNote 0007dc19
Finding the Formula text Just for the Taste of It MSMiniWingerMercierNote 000cadce
Flying Bananas Cant Talk text - GermPoliceHQ01Bananas 0004f568
Ghoul Note text Tenpenny Tower MS12RandomQuestNoteA 0006bb3c
Ghoul Note text Tenpenny Tower MS12RandomQuestNoteB 0006bb3b
Gibson's Scrap of Paper text - GibsonsScrapofPaper 0006ebf7
Help Me text - MS05NukaColaClosetNote 00027f11
Jon Adiglio's Note text - MS17Vault92bFortifiedClosetCorpse 00091944
Kidnap Order text The Kid-Kidnapper LLKidnapNote 0008c72d
Lamplight Fungus Trade text Fungus Deal LLFungusDealNote1 0008c72e
Letter from Bittercup cut text - FFBigtownBittercupNote 00086486
Letter from Vault-Tec text - Vault101AcceptanceLetter 000cb4fc
Letter from Vault-Tec text - Vault101RejectionLetter 000cb4ff
List of "recruits" for Paradise Falls text Strictly Business MS13SlaveList 0002d78a
Littlehorn and Associates text - PerkContractKillerNOTE 0006f226
Love Letter text Tenpenny Tower MS12LoveLetter 000291e1
Love letter from Burke text The Power of the Atom MS11BurkeLoveLetter1 0003da2c
Love letter from Burke #2 text The Power of the Atom MS11BurkeLoveLetter2 0003da2d
Love letter from Burke text The Power of the Atom MS11BurkeLoveLetter3 0003da2e
Love letter from Burke text The Power of the Atom MS11BurkeLoveLetter4 0003da2f
Megaton Cult Pamphlet text - FFMegatonChurchNote 0008f7d1
Merchant Contract text Merchant Empire CCContractNote 0006a3d5
Meresti Entry Password text Blood Ties MS09MerestiEntryPassword 000031c9
Meresti Security Password text Blood Ties MS09MerestiPassword 00020364
Mister Crowley's hit list cut text - MS14KillList 0002abb0
Moriarty's Password text Following in His Footsteps MQ01MoriartyTerminalPassword 0003ca29
Neighborly Letter text - NeighborlyLetter 000cb501
Note From Leo Stahl text Leo's Drug Habit FFMegatonLeoStahlNote 00086485
Note From Pronto text Economics of Violence FFParadiseFallsProntoNote 00072521
Note From Walter cut text - FFMegatonWalterNote 00086484
Notice From Winthrop cut text - FFUnderworldWinthropNote 0008f7ce
Nuka 4 Zip! cut text - LLNukaNote 0008c72a
Nuka-Cola Accident Report text The Nuka-Cola Challenge MS05OldOlneyDriverNote 0000357a
Pennsylvania Ave Explosives Note text - PAAveMercenaryNote01 000bb1e1
Property Deed: Megaton House text The Power of the Atom HouseDeedMegaton 000c402b
Property Deed: Tenpenny Tower Suite text The Power of the Atom HouseDeedTenpenny 000c402c
Reilly's Directions to Statesman Hotel text Reilly's Rangers MS18DirectionsNote 0004e151
Sanitizer Instructions text The Wasteland Survival Guide MS03SanitizerNote 0006a792
Scribbles text - Vault106BRantingsNoteA 0007dc17
Scribe Jameson's Report to Elder Lyons text Collecting Holotags FFDCScribeJamesonReport 0002e034
Search Party Log #1 text Searching for Cheryl FFSuperMutantCamp01Note01 00097f36
Search Party Log #2 text Searching for Cheryl FFSuperMutantCamp01Note02 000c3a1a
Search Party Log #3 text Searching for Cheryl FFSuperMutantCamp01Note03 000c3a1b
Search Party Log #4 text Searching for Cheryl FFSuperMutantCamp01Note04 000c3a1c
Shipping Computer Login Code text The Nuka-Cola Challenge MS05ShippingPassword 0004d5b8
Slave Collar Insructions sic text Strictly Business MS13CollarManual 0004f484
Slave Map text - MS06Map 000ae670
Strayer's Note cut text - MS14StrayersNote 0004e318
Sugar Bombing Run text Murphy's Bombing Run MSMiniMurphyNote 000c9d16
Tales of the Wastes cut text - LLTalesNote 0008c72c
Tara's Note cut text - MS14TarasNote 0004e31a
The Family's Terminal Password text Blood Ties MS09FamilyPassword 0009a409
The Regulators text - PerkLawbringerNOTE 0006f227
To Anyone Who Gets This text - Vault106BLockedFamily 0007dc5d
Torn Out Journal Entry text - Vault106AScientistNote 0007dbef
Vote for Bob text Election Day DaveBallot3 000312b4
Vote for Dave text Election Day DaveBallot1 000312b2
Vote for Rosie text Election Day DaveBallot2 000312b3
Washington Monument Access text Galaxy News Radio MQ02WashPassword 00062186
Wasteland Merchant Note text - FFEU20Note 000c47c2
Wastelander Map text - FFEU02Note 0003f74d
Wastelander Note text - FFEU16Note 000908f7
Welcome to the Nuka-Cola Family! text - MS05NukaColaFactoryIDNote 000a8618

Operation: Anchorage

No notes are added by Operation: Anchorage.

The Pitt

Name Type Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Ammo Mill Instructions text Free Labor DLC01MillAmmoNote xx007356
Cure Research text Free Labor DLC01CureResearch xx0080a6
Note from Wild Bill text Find Wild Bill DLC01WildBillNote xx009f4c
Steel for the Mill text Mill Worker DLC01FFCollectionNote xx00b4b4
Toys Wanted for Marie (Midea version) text Toys for Tots DLC01MideaBabyNote xx00b3cb
Toys Wanted for Marie (Sandra version) text Toys for Tots DLC01SandraBabyNote xx00b3cc
Wernher's Note to Midea text Free Labor DLC01MideaNote xx005fba

Broken Steel

Name Type Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Dunbar's Note text - DLC03DunbarNote xx00bd82
Holy Water Pamphlet text Holy Water DLC03WQ03HolyWaterPamphlet xx0064ff
Lag-Bolt's Note text Fatal Attraction DLC03LagBoltNote xx00b968

Point Lookout

Name Type Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Note to Nadine text Lost Daughter DLC04CatherineMessage xx0072f8
Obadiah's Letter to Marcella cut text - DLC04FF02ObadiahLetter xx0030d5
Point Lookout text - DLC04StartNote xx00b5e7

Mothership Zeta

Name Type Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
MPLX "Novasurge" Prototype Plasma Pistol text - DLC05MPLXPistolNote xx00ab88
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