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For a list of companions, see Fallout 3 followers.
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This page lists all characters in Fallout 3.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles.
  • For characters in other Fallout games, please see "Character".
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The characters are grouped by their initial loation. Only locations with at least two named characters have an own section. Characters in other locations can be found at #Miscellaneous locations.

dead Character starts game dead.
spawn Character only appears under certain conditions or as part of a quest.
doctor Character provides doctor services, i.e. healing, cleansing radiation and curing addictions.
merchant Character can be traded with.
repair Character can repair equipment.

Player character

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Lone Wanderer 00000007 00000014

Base game



Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Bill Wilson 00029aa4 00093edc
Jack Smith 00029aa1 0002dca3
Jenny Wilson 00029aa6 0002dc70
Junior Smith 00029aa3 0002dca1
Linda Smith 00029aa2 0002dca4
Martha Wilson 00029aa5 0002dc74
Old Man Harris 00029aa9 0002dc3a


Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Brailee Ewers 0001d711 0001d713
Davis West dead 000384ad 000384ae
Evan King 0001d5f6 0001d70f
Karen Schenzy 0001d714 0001cfae
Ken Ewers 0001d710 0001d712
Matilda West dead 000384af 000384b0

Big Town

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Bittercup 0002796a 00027f12
Dusty 000288bc 00028a59
Flash 0002796b 0002802a
Kimba 0002ab94 00027f3d
Pappy repair 0002796c 00027faa
Red doctor merchant 00025251 00025252
Shorty 0002ab95 00028029
Timebomb 0002805a 0002805b

Canterbury Commons

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Derek Pacion 00031ec7 00036f74
Dominic D'Ellsadro 00031ec6 00036f71
Joe Porter merchant link= 00031eca 00036f7d
Machete 00031ec8 00036f72
The AntAgonizer 00036c1c 00037225
The Mechanist 00036c1b 00037224
Uncle Roerepair link= 00031ec9 00036f73

Chevy Chase

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Initiate Jennings dead 0001f355 00020aef MQ01JenningsDead
Initiate Reddin 0001d42f 0001d42e MQ01Reddin
Knight Captain Colvin 0001d432 0001d431 MQ01Colvin
Paladin Vargas 0001d44e 0001d42d MQ01Vargas
Sentinel Lyons 0001d430 0001d44f MQ01SarahLyons


Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Elder Lyons 000156e4 000210e6
Knight Artemis 0001937d 000210d1
Knight Captain Durga merchant 0001e71a 0001e71c KnightSergeantDurga
Knight Captain Dusk 000156e7 000210eb
Knight Captain Gallows 000156e8 000210ec
Paladin Bael 000b875b 0008de18
Paladin Glade 000156e9 000210e9
Paladin Gunny 00026c57 00026c58
Paladin Kodiak 000156e6 000210ea
Sawbones doctor 0002131f 00021320
Scribe Bowditch 000156ec 000210e4
Scribe Jameson 00025fd0 00025fd1
Scribe Peabody repair 000156ed 000210e5
Scribe Rothchild 000156ea 0001f0c7
Squire Maxson 000156e2 000210e7
Star Paladin Cross 000156e5 00062735

Dukov's Place

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Cherry 0002ae21 0002ae22
Dukov 0002ae1e 0002ae1f
Fantasia 0002ae20 0002ae23

Falls Church

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Initiate Pek 00019938 0001993b FFDCFallsChurchBoSLostInititate
Paladin Hoss 00015502 00015501 FFDCFallsChurchBoSLeader01

Fort Independence

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Defender Morgan 00043deb 00043dee
Defender Rockfowl 00043dec 00043def
Protector Casdin 00040c39 00042196

Galaxy News Radio

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Knight Dillon 00025955 00025956 GNRKnightDillon
Knight Finley 00025954 00025957 GNRKnightFinley
Knight Sergeant Wilks 00025953 00025958 GNRKnightSergeantWilks
Three Dog 0002248b 00023943


Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Ronald Laren 000388e1 000388e2
Sierra Petrovita 000388df 000388e0


Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Bryan Wilks 000307c7 00033096
Doctor Lesko 000307c8 000393eb Marigold Station
Fred Wilks dead 0003197a 000393ea
Lug-Nut spawn 000388e3 000c8e23 Marigold Station
William Brandice dead 0007086e 00070870 Marigold Station

Jefferson Memorial

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Alex Dargon spawn 0001cca3 0001ccab
Daniel Agincourt spawn 0001cca1 0001ccba

Jury Street Metro Station

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Prime dead spawn 000c77f0 000c77f1 In diner
Ryan Brigg 000abd05 000abd04 Jury St. Tunnels

Lincoln Memorial

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Leroy Walker 000239ce 00027fba
Silas 00027faf 00027fbb

Little Lamplight

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Biwwy 00061794 00061799
Bumble 00015699 00036fee
Eclair merchant 00015682 0002e4b8
Joseph 0001568d 00003a13
Knick Knack merchant repair 00015692 00025fff
Knock Knock 00015693 00036fe1
Lucy doctor 00015696 00025248
Mayor MacCready 000156ac 0000313b
Princess 00015685 000185d5
Sticky 000295eb 000295ee
Zip 000179d6 00036fe6


Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Andy Stahl 00000a6c 00003b55
Billy Creel 00000a65 00003b5a
Colin Moriarty 00000a61 00003b3c
Confessor Cromwell 00000a6f 00003b48
Deputy Weld 0001fb39 0001fb3a
Deputy Steel 0001d76f 00044ccc
Doc Church doctor merchant 00000a6e 00003b56
Gob merchant 00000a62 00003b3d
Harden Simms 00000a73 00003b45
Jenny Stahl merchant 00000a6d 00003b53
Jericho 00000a71 00003b5d
Leo Stahl 00000a6b 00003b54
Lucas Simms 00000a60 00003b46
Lucy West 00000a69 00003b5b
Maggie 00000a66 00003b5c
Manya Vargas 00000a68 00003b58
Megaton Settler various various
Micky 000c6e90 000c6e91 WaterBeggar01 Outside town
Moira Brown merchant repair 0002d3c0 0002d2bc
Mother Maya 00000a70 00003b49
Nathan Vargas 00000a67 00003b57
Nova 00000a63 00003b3f
Stockholm 00003b1c 00003b26 On the wall
Wadsworth 0007f477 0007c130
Walter 00000a64 00003b59

Meresti Metro Station

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Alan 000200be 000200bf TheFamilyAlan
Brianna 000200bb 000200bc TheFamilBrianna
Holly 00019420 000200cc TheFamilyHolly
Ian West 0001d5f5 0001941e
Justin 000200c9 000200ca TheFamilyJustin
Karl merchant 000200c4 000200c5 TheFamilyKarl
Robert 000200cd 00020f5c TheFamilyRobert
Vance 0001d5f7 0001941d TheFamilyVance

Northwest Seneca Station

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Barrett 000c9cf9 000c9cfa
Murphy merchant 000c9cef 000c9cf0


Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Bloomseer Poplar 0002a278 0002a2b8
Branchtender Cypress 0002a279 0002a2bd
Branchtender Linden 0002a27a 0002a2be
Branchtender Maple 0002a27f 0002a2c1
Leaf Mother Laurel 0002a276 0002a2c3
Sapling Yew 0002aeff 0002af00
Tree Father Birch 0002a275 0002a2c5

Paradise Falls

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Bleak 0001569d 00030d12
Breadbox 0001569a 00030d0f
Bronson 0001569b 00030d10
Carolina Red 000384d4 000384d7
Carter 00030d82 00031860
Clover 000156a2 000384d8
Crimson 000156a1 00034226
Cutter doctor merchant 000156a3 0002524d
Eulogy Jones 0001569f 00026010
Forty 000156a0 00030d0a
Frank 00066e68 00066e6f ParadiseFallsBarTender
Grouse 00015698 00033174
Jotun 000384d5 000384d9
Miss Jeanette 0001569c 00030d11
Penny 00015691 00030d0d
Pronto merchant repair 000156a4 00030d13
Rory Maclaren 0001569e 00030d0e
Sammy 00015684 00030d0c
Squirrel 00015686 00030d0b
Ymir 000384d6 000384da

Raven Rock

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Colonel Autumn 00019a1f 000a24f9 Raven Rock
Colonel Autumn 00019a1f 0001b52c Raven Rock
John Henry Eden 0007ddce

Red Racer Tricycle Factory

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Centre Dubois spawn 000cadc3 000caddc SDODubois Outside
Goalie Ledoux spawn 000cadc2 000cadde SDOLedoux Outside
The Surgeon 0006c48d 0006c48e RedRacerDoctor
Winger Gervais spawn 000cadc5 000caddd SDOGervais Outside

Republic of Dave

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Bob 0002b898 0002b8a6
Dave 00029a98 0002b89e
Flower 0002b89c 0002b8a3
Jessica 0002b896 0002b89f
Mary 0002b89a 0002b8a2
Rachael 0002b89b 0002b8a4
Ralph 0002b89d 0002b8a5
Rosie 000309c5 000309c7
Shawna merchant 0002c884 0002c885

Rivet City

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Abraham Washington 000156cf 0001e769
Angela Staley merchant 000156bd 0001e74f
Anna Holt 00038df5 00038df6
Armitage 0001e7ae 0001e7af
Bannon merchant 000156b5 0001e74b
Belle Bonny merchant 000156c1 0001e75b
Brock 000156c2 0001e75c
C.J. Young 000156c6 0001e762
Carlos 000c6e95 000c6e96 WaterBeggar02 Outside town
Christie Young 000156c8 0001e763
Cindy Cantelli merchant 000156b7 0001e74d
Diego 000156ce 0001e768
Doctor Li 000156cc 00019fc5
Doctor Li 000156cc 000290a5
Doctor Preston doctor merchant 000156d0 0001e76a
Dr. Zimmer 000156b9 0001e753
Father Clifford 000156cd 0001e767
Flak merchant 000156b3 0001e749
Gary Staley merchant 000156bc 0001e74e
Garza 0001d036 0001e764
Harkness 000156aa 0001db54
Henry Young 000156c7 0001e761
James Hargrave 000156c4 0001e75e
Janice Kaplinski 000156cb 00019fc6
Lana Danvers 000156ad 0001e748
Mei Wong 000156bf 0001e758
Mister Buckingham merchant 0001e746 0001e752
Mister Lopez 0001e759 0001e75a
Paulie Cantelli 000156b6 0001e74c
Pinkerton 000156ca 0006a178
Private Jones 0001e747 0001e760
Seagrave Holmes merchant 000156bb 0001e750
Shrapnel merchant 000156b4 0001e74a
Sister 0001e745 0001e756
Tammy Hargrave 000156c5 000278aa
Ted Strayer 000156be 0001e757
Trinnie 000156c3 0001e75d
Vera Weatherly 000156b8 0001e751
Victoria Watts 000c7faf 000c81f2

RobCo Factory

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Sergeant RL-3 00094867 00094285 Outside
Tinker Joe merchant 00036f86 00036f8d Outside


Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Daniel Littlehorn 0006f1f2 0006f1f3 Scrapyard Office
Dogmeat 0006a772 0006a775

Statesman Hotel

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Brick 00029576 0002b831 RRBrick
Butcher doctor 00029578 0002b832 RRButcher
Donovan repair 00029577 0002b833 RRDonovan
Theo dead 00029579 0002a32e RRTheo

Temple of the Union

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Alejandra Torres 000239d1 000239da
Bill Seward 000239d2 000239dc
Caleb Smith 000239cf 000278e0
Four Score 00027fa7 00027fa8
Hannibal Hamlin 000239cd 000239dd
Simone Cameron 000239d0 000239db

Tenpenny Tower

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Allistair Tenpenny 000156e0 00017a0d
Anthony Ling merchant 000156db 00017a04
Chief Gustavo merchant 0005c341 00020680
Doctor Banfield doctor merchant 000156d9 00017a06
Edgar Wellington II 000156d7 00017a0f
Godfrey 0007f476 0008f674
Herbert "Daring" Dashwood 000156df 00017a11
Irving Cheng 000156dc 00017a0b
Lydia Montenegro merchant 000156da 00017a05
Margaret Primrose merchant 000179ec 00017a07
Michael Hawthorne 000156d6 00017a12
Millicent Wellington 000156d8 00017a0e
Mister Burke 00000a6a 00014f77
Shakes merchant 00017a03 00017a0a
Susan Lancaster 000156de 00017a10
Tenpenny Resident various various
Tiffany Cheng 000156dd 00017a0c
Willy 000c6e97 000c6e9b WaterBeggar03 Outside town

Tranquility Lane (Vault 112)

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Bill Foster 00095b48 00095b4a
George Neusbaum 0002449d 00025091
Janet Rockwell 0002449f 00025095
Mabel Henderson 000244a3 00025090
Martha Simpson 000244a1 00025097
Old Lady Dithers 000244a2 0002508f
Pat Neusbaum 0002449e 00025092
Roger Rockwell 000244a0 00025096
Stanislaus Braun 0002449c 000bd694 Betty
Timmy Neusbaum 00025093 00025094


Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Ahzrukhal merchant 000156f7 0002b8e2
Carol 000156f2 0002b8dd
Cerberus 0002b8ea 0002b8eb
Charon 000156f6 0002b8e1 The Ninth Circle
Doctor Barrows doctor merchant 000156f0 0002524e
Ethyl 000300a2 00095eb7
Greta merchant 000156f3 0002b8de
Meat 000300a3 00095eb8
Mister Crowley 000156f5 0002b8e0
Nurse Graves 0002a9ff 0002aa00
Patchwork 000156ef 0002b8e9
Quinn 000156f4 0002b8df
Reilly 000156f1 0002a9fc RRReily
Snowflake 00054e91 00054e92
Tulip merchant 000156f8 000b7622
Willow 000c4f40 000c4f42 Outside on The Mall
Winthrop 000156ee 00026004

Vault 101

Many Vault 101 characters have multiple BaseIDs because they have different models, one for each segment of the Tutorial Levels. (e.g., when your character is 10 years old, 16 and 19.) Because of this many characters are listed multiple times. In addition while many Vault 101 security guards are named ingame, behind the scenes they are just generically labelled. Collectively this means many Base IDs for characters in this section may be incorrect or missing.

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Allen Mack 0003d346 000569b4
Amata 0002549e 000282d4
Amata 0002549e 000230e4
Amata 0002549e 0001ce25
Amata 0002549e 000300f2
Andy 00074163 0007546a
Beatrice 000309ac 000309ad
Butch 00027f65 000300f3
Butch 00027f65 0002a4e8
Butch 00027f65 000230e3
Christine Kendall 0005157a 00029078
Christine Kendall 0005157a 0002b795
Ellen DeLoria 000273cb 000230e2
Ellen DeLoria 000273cb 000282d6
Floyd Lewis 00054432
Freddie Gomez 0004e896 0001d029
Freddie Gomez 0004e896 0002907c
Gloria Mack 0006b96d 0006b96e CG04GloriaMack
Grandma Taylor 00054398
James 000300ef
James 0002ea46 00019d09 CG01Dad
James 0001ce3a
James 0006a25d
James 00019cef 0006a25e MQDad
James 0001ce38 0006a25b CG03Dad
James 0002fdcf 000290a7 CG02Dad
Jonas 0001cfbc 00099344 CG03Jonas
Jonas 000300e7 0001cfbe CG02Jonas
Jonas 00099343 000300e8 CG04Jonas
Mary Holden 00057507 0005750b CG04MaryHolden
Mr. Brotch 0003d347 0001cfb8 MrBrotch
Mr. Brotch 0001cfb7 00029077 CG03MrBrotch
Officer Armstrong 000c09d9
Officer Gomez 000309ae 00064914 CG02Vault101Security04
Officer Gomez 000309ae 0003a901
Officer Gomez 000309ae 000309af
Officer Kendall 0009b177
Officer Kendall 00064912
Officer Kendall 0002d4c2
Officer Mack 0002d4bb
Officer Mack 00064913
Officer O'Brian 0007d42c
Officer Park 00035daa
Officer Richards 00064916
Officer Taylor 000c09d6 000c09dd
Officer Wilkins 0006bc15 0006bc1d
Officer Wolfe 00035dab
Old Lady Palmer 000309a7 00029076
Old Lady Palmer 000309a6 000309a8
Overseer Mack 00029079
Paul Hannon 000300eb 0001ce29 CG02PaulHannon
Pepper Gomez 0001d02a 0002907b
Security Chief Hannon 0002985a
Security Chief Hannon 00027054 0006490e Vault101Security01
Stanley 0001cfd8 00031649
Stanley 0001cfd8 0006ffda
Stanley 0001cfd8 0006b23b
Stanley 0001cfd8 0001cfd9
Stevie Mack 000309b0 000309b1 CG02StevieMack
Susie Mack 0004e895 00034203
Susie Mack 0004e895 00042e76
The Overseer 000230da 000230e1 CG04Overseer
The Overseer 000300f0 0002d4bc CG02Overseer
Tom Holden 00057508 0005750c CG04TomHolden
Wally Mack 0004e894 0001ce2b
Wally Mack 0004e894 0002907a
Wally Mack 0004e894 000300f5

Vault 108

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Gary 1 0004168a 00041689 LDGary1
Gary 12 00041688 00041681 LDGary12
Gary 17 00041686 00041687 LDGary17
Gary 25 0004167a 0008d0f6 LDGary25
Gary 27 00041680 00041678 LDGary27
Gary 29 0004167c 000bc118 LDGary29
Gary 32 00041677 0004167b LDGary32
Gary 33 0004167e 00041679 LDGary33
Gary 36 0008aaab 0008aaaa LDGary36
Gary 41 0008aabb 0008aaba LDGary41
Gary 42 0008d10d 0008d10c LDGary42
Gary 43 00041682 00041683 LDGary43
Gary 47 00041684 00041685 LDGary47

Warrington Station

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Bessie Lynn 0001dc18 0001f980
Michael Masters 0001dc19 0001f981
Roy Phillips 0001d7b0 0001f983

Variable locations

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Ben Canning 00031e28 00031e2f Random encounter
Caravan Guard (Crow) 00069c43 00052bc3 CrowCaravanGuard1 Travelling with Crow
Caravan Guard (Harith) 00069c47 00052bc1 HarithCaravanGuard1 Travelling with Lucky Harith
Caravan Guard (Hoff) 00069c49 00052bbf HoffCaravanGuard1 Travelling with Doc Hoff
Caravan Guard (Wolfgang) 00069c45 00052bc2 WolfgangCaravanGuard1 Travelling with Crazy Wolfgang
Crazy Wolfgang merchant repair 00063bfa 00063c07 Along Caravan Trade Route
Crow merchant repair 00063bf8 00063c05 Along Caravan Trade Route
Dead Chinese Commando 000a0a4c 000a0a4d Random encounter
Doc Hoff merchant repair 00063bf7 00063c06 Along Caravan Trade Route
John 00090a23 Random encounter
Laszlo Radford 000474c5 000474c7 Random encounter
Lucky Harith merchant repair 00063bf9 00063c08 Along Caravan Trade Route
Mel 00058059 0005805c Random encounter
Sam Warrick 000458be 000458c3 Random encounter
Uncle Leo 0004f793 0004f793 Random encounter

Miscellaneous locations

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Agatha 0003d34a 0003d34b Agatha's House
Arkansas 0002bd23 0002bd14 Minefield
Commander Jabsco 000b25b5 00044b22 fortBannTalonCompanyHead Fort Bannister
Fawkes 0003d34e 0002d9cf Vault 87
Gallo 00064d47 00064d48 County Sewer Mainline
Grandma Sparkle 0005215f 00054d93 Wilhelm's Wharf
Jaime 00037f43 0003ccce Dunwich Building
Junders Plunkett 000cafa7 000cafa8 Arlington House
Mad Johnny Wes 00030104 00030105 HubrisComicsJohnnyWes Hubris Comics
Recon Craft Theta Pilot dead 0008a3bf Alien Crash Site
Rocksalt 000b54c2 000a3bba Tepid Sewer
Scribe Yearling 000156eb 00032913 Arlington Library
Sid 000a6d67 000a6d68 Vault 87
Silver 0009ea79 0009ea7a MQ01Silver Springvale
Smiling Jack merchant repair 000824ab 000824ad Evergreen Mills Bazaar
Sonora Cruz 0006f211 0006f212 Regulator HQ
Sydney 00003a22 00003a77 National Archives
Tara dead 0004cfc7 0004cfc8 Fort Constantine
The Roach King 00030de1 000c8240 Wasteland
Torcher 000ca6ef 000ca761 wastlelandTorcher MDPL Mass Relay Station
Winger Mercier dead 000cadc4 000cadc6 SDOMercier Nuka-Cola Plant

Broken Steel

Adams Air Force Base

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Armory Master xx008893 xx008894
Enclave Sigma Leader xx0068c3 xx0057bd
Enclave Squad Sigma xx0057be xx0057b8
Hoover xx009ae3 xx000000
Security Officer xx00953e xx00d442
Sparky xx009ae1 xx000000
Stiggs xx0068bf xx0068c0

Holy Light Monastery

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Atom's Champion xx006520 xx006521
Brother Gerard xx004c76 xx00b823
Mother Curie III xx004c77 xx004c78
Novice xx007e34 xx007e37
Sun of Atom xx007e36 xx007e39

Jefferson Memorial

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Scribe Bigsley xx00382d xx003846
Project Purity Scientist xx007313 xx000000

Old Olney Underground

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Badger xx000000 xx000000
Carl xx000000 xx000000
Connelly xx000000 xx000000
Dunbar xx000000 xx000000
Kidd xx000000 xx000000
Sanders (Broken Steel) xx000000 xx000000
Wint xx000000 xx000000

Rivet City

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Officer Davis xx000000 xx000000
Officer Lepelletier xx000000 xx000000
Officer Lorin xx000000 xx000000

Wilhelm's Wharf

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Bandit xx000000 xx000000
Split Jack xx000000 xx000000

Miscellaneous locations

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Operations Officer Edwards xx005732 xx00572d DLC03RelayStatBoSCommandoCommander Satellite Relay Station
Ghoul Guard xx006f5f
Museum Authority Building
Griffon xx000000 xx000000 Underworld
Paladin Jensen xx000000 xx000000 Fort Bannister
Lag-Bolt xx000000 xx000000 La Maison Beauregard
Rosa xx000000 xx000000 Outside Megaton
Scribe Vallincourt xx000000 xx000000 Citadel
Paladin Tristan xx000000 xx000000 Rockland Car Tunnel

Mothership Zeta

Mothership Zeta

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Alien xx000000 xx000000
Alien Captain xx000000 xx000000
Alien Worker xx000000 xx000000
Colonel Hartigan xx000000 xx000000
Corporal Rheems xx000000 xx000000
Corporal Spurlock xx000000 xx000000
Elliot Tercorien xx000000 xx000000
Paulson xx000000 xx000000
Private Beckett xx000000 xx000000
Private Mears xx000000 xx000000
Sally xx000000 xx000000
Sergeant Daniels xx000000 xx000000
Somah xx000000 xx000000
Toshiro Kago xx000000 xx000000
Test Subject xx000000 xx000000

Operation: Anchorage

Anchorage Reclamation simulation

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
General Chase xx000000 xx000000
Benjamin Montgomery xx000000 xx000000
Adrienn Adami xx000000 xx000000
Lieutenant Morgan xx000000 xx000000
American War Correspondent xx000000 xx000000
Quartermaster xx000000 xx000000
General Jingwei xx000000 xx000000

Outcast Outpost

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Defender Sibley xx000000 xx000000
Protector McGraw xx000000 xx000000
Defender Morrill xx000000 xx000000
Specialist Olin xx000000 xx000000

Point Lookout

Capital Wasteland

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Catherine xx000000 xx000000
Tobar the Ferryman xx000000 xx000000

Ark & Dove Cathedral (Point Lookout)

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Croatoa xx000000 xx000000
Jackson xx000000 xx000000
Jimson xx000000 xx000000
Nadine xx000000 xx000000
Woodrose xx000000 xx000000

Calvert Mansion (Point Lookout)

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Desmond Lockheart xx000000 xx000000
Freki xx000000 xx000000
Geri xx000000 xx000000

Coastal Grotto (Point Lookout)

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Jacob Humboldt xx000000 xx000000
Rip Smithy xx000000 xx000000
Plik xx000000 xx000000

Miscellaneous locations

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Haley xx000000 xx000000 Haley's Hardware
Kenny xx000000 xx000000 Kenny's Cave
Marcella xx000000 xx000000 Disaster Relief Outpost
Marguerite xx000000 xx000000 Marguerite's Shack
Obadiah Blackhall xx000000 xx000000 Blackhall Manor
Panada xx000000 xx000000 Pilgrim's Landing
Professor Calvert xx000000 xx000000 Underground Lab
Ruzka xx000000 xx000000 Ruzka's Lair

The Pitt

Capital Wasteland

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Prosper xx000000 xx000000
Ramsey xx000000 xx000000
Wernher xx000000 xx000000

Downtown (The Pitt)

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Adan xx000000 xx000000
Bingo xx000000 xx000000
Friday xx000000 xx000000
Harris xx000000 xx000000
Jackson xx000000 xx000000
Kai xx000000 xx000000
Mex xx000000 xx000000
Midea xx000000 xx000000
Milly xx000000 xx000000
Nola xx000000 xx000000
Slave Master xx000000 xx000000
Trouble Man xx000000 xx000000

Haven (The Pitt)

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Ashur xx000000 xx000000
Marie xx000000 xx000000
Sandra xx000000 xx000000

Steelyard (The Pitt)

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Wild Bill xx000000 xx000000

The Mill (The Pitt)

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Bone xx000000 xx000000
Brand xx000000 xx000000
Everett xx000000 xx000000
Faydra xx000000 xx000000
Grudd Bear xx000000 xx000000
Gruber xx000000 xx000000
Hammer xx000000 xx000000
John Bear xx000000 xx000000
Marco xx000000 xx000000
Spook xx000000 xx000000

Uptown (The Pitt)

Name Base ID Ref ID G.E.C.K. ID Location
Duke xx000000 xx000000
Krenshaw xx000000 xx000000
Lulu xx000000 xx000000
Mona xx000000 xx000000
O-Dog xx000000 xx000000
Vikia xx000000 xx000000
Phantom xx000000 xx000000
Reddup xx000000 xx000000
Squill xx000000 xx000000

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