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This page lists only the holodisks which contain readable text or voice recordings. For other "holodisks" which do not contain text or voice info, see Fallout 3 miscellaneous items.
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This page lists all holodisks in Fallout 3.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles.
  • For holodisks in other Fallout games, please see "Holodisk".
  • For an overview of Fallout 3 content, please refer to "Portal:Fallout 3".


General information

In Fallout 3, picking up a holodisk or holotape will automatically add it to the Notes section under the "Data" tab of your Pip-Boy 3000.



cut Cut from final version of game or add-on.
sic Name is spelled as it is in-game, even if the in-game spelling is grammatically or otherwise wrong.

List of Fallout 3 holodisks

For locations and transcripts please refer to the individual articles.

Base game

Name Type Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
A free man... a new man... voice The Replicated Man MS08Note04 0005faea
A Note from Little Moonbeam's Father voice Stealing Independence MS15FinSydneyDadAudioNote 000b3972
A request for help voice The Replicated Man MS08Note2 0005fae8
Access Codes text - AWMNotePassword 000a8740
Almost Home... text - ExtraCorpseNote05 000c49a0
Anchorage War Memorial Stash text - AWMNoteFFStashLocation 000a8719
Androids are real. No really! voice The Replicated Man MS08Note1Technical 0005faed
Archives Security Terminal text Stealing Independence MS15ComputerSafePassword 0005b5a7
As Requested text - RockNote1 000cafc0
Assignment from the Commonwealth voice The Replicated Man MS08Note1Slaver 0005faeb
Better Days voice - MomHolo01 000c2f28
Bounty Notice: <playername> text - HitSquadNoteGoodGuys 000673d5
Bounty Notice: Junders Plunkett text - BountyJundersPlunkett 000cb4fa
Burn this Goddamn Jumpsuit voice - SuitHolo 00052394
Checking Out text - ExtraCorpseNote02 000c499d
Cloning Log text - LDVault108CloningLog 0004168b
DCTA Laser Firearms Protocol text - FriendshipFFLaserRifleNote 00054ebe
Dead End text - ExtraCorpseNote09 000c49a3
Dearest Grace... text - ExtraCorpseNote08 000c49a2
Diary of Candace Keller cut text - KellerJournal1 000b07a9
Doctor Lesko's Password Recording voice Those! MS04LeskoPasswordUpperNote 000bfa02
Elder Owyn Lyons -- Personal Log 1 voice - CitadelLyonsHolotape1 000bcddf
Elder Owyn Lyons -- Personal Log 2 voice - CitadelLyonsHolotape2 000bcde0
Elder Owyn Lyons -- Personal Log 3 voice - CitadelLyonsHolotape3 000bcde1
Eulogy Jones' Password text - PFallsEulogyPassword 000b175c
Extreme measures voice The Replicated Man MS08Note3Sympathizer 0005fae9
Fort Constantine Launch Codes text - FortCBunkerLaunchCodes 0004cc79
Fort Ind. Terminal Access Password text - FortIndependence02Terminal01Password 0003d6f7
Fuck This text - ExtraCorpseNote06 000c49a1
Get it done! voice The Replicated Man MS08Note3Slaver 0005faee
Grady's Last Recording voice Grady's Package MS04LastLog 000c8e04
Hidden Stash Note text JP Stash Note LDtxtzDCint12bNote01 00063a5b
Highwater Trousers' Activation Code text - SatComData03 000cb4d5
Home Sweet Home voice - CGDadSafeNote 0001a7ea
Internment Orders text - InternmentOrders 000c9413
Jail Cell Password text Trouble on the Homefront MS16SecurityPasswordNOTE 000c2f1e
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 01 voice - JaimesHolo01 000300be
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 02 voice - JaimesHolo02 000300be
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 03 voice - JaimesHolo03 000300c0
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 04 voice - JaimesHolo04 000300c1
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 05 voice - JaimesHolo05 000300c2
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 06 voice - JaimesHolo06 000300c3
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 07 voice - JaimesHolo07 000300c4
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 08 voice - JaimesHolo08 000300c5
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 09 voice - JaimesHolo09 000300c6
January 26, 2077 -- Little Lamplight! voice - LamplightHolo05 000bf0c0
Journal of Carrie Delaney, Entry 1 voice - LamplightHolo01 000bf0bc
Journal of Carrie Delaney, Entry 2 voice - LamplightHolo02 000bf0bd
Keller Family Transcript 1 of 5 voice Keller Family Refuge KellerHolotape1 0003d7f9
Keller Family Transcript 2 of 5 voice Keller Family Refuge KellerHolotape2 0003d7fa
Keller Family Transcript 3 of 5 voice Keller Family Refuge KellerHolotape3 0003d7fb
Keller Family Transcript 4 of 5 voice Keller Family Refuge KellerHolotape4 0003d7fc
Keller Family Transcript 5 of 5 voice Keller Family Refuge KellerHolotape5 0003d7fd
Killing Time text - ExtraCorpseNote01 00024ea3
Left Behind text - ExtraCorpseNote03 000c499e
Lesko's Portable Terminal Access text Those! MS04LeskoPassword 0003a73d
Loving Life! text - ExtraCorpseNote04 000c499f
Lunch Meat Casserole Recipe cut text - RHSRecipe 0002e7d6
Marry Me! text - ExtraCorpseNote10 000c49a4
Medic Power Armor Manual text - MS14SuitManual 000a01ea
Merc's Orders text - AWMNoteMercenary 000aa848
Mesmetron Manual - Summary Page text - MS13MesmatronManual 0004f483
Metro Computer Password cut text - DemoComputerPassword 0001f93b
Moira's Terminal Password text - MoiraTerminalNote 0003e5ce
My Diary, by Jason Grant -- Entry 1 voice - LamplightHolo03 000bf0be
My Diary, by Jason Grant -- Entry 2 voice - LamplightHolo04 000bf0bf
Note For Ted text - AWMNoteTedFFStart 000a873f
Note from Dad voice Escape! CG04DadNote 000a6a47
Note to the Librariancut text - RHSLibraryMessage 0002f581
Oasis Coordinates text - OasisExileHolotape 000c942e
Oh man! A Circuit Neuralizer! voice The Replicated Man MS08Note3Technical 0005faf0
Overseer's Room Password text - Vault112Holotape 00071042
Overseer's Terminal Password text Escape! CG04OverseerPassword 00029859
partial CB Radio backup voice - FFRaiderCamp07holoObject 00029fa7
Password For Lockdown Computer text - MS01JailCellPassword 00031187
Password to AntAgonizer Lair cut text - MS02AntAgonizerPassword 0005ea1c
Password to Mechanist Lair cut text - MS02MechanistPassword 00036f7f
Patrick's Farewell text - POISuicideNote 0002dc1e
Pre-Harkness Audio Recording voice The Replicated Man MS08HarknessAudioLog 00024d65
Private Contract: Kill <playername>! text - HitSquadNoteBadGuys 00067344
Professor Malleus Audio Log V92-01 voice - MS17Vault92ScientistAudioNote01 000a1213
Professor Malleus Audio Log V92-02 voice - MS17Vault92ScientistAudioNote02 000a1214
Professor Malleus Audio Log V92-03 voice - MS17Vault92ScientistAudioNote03 000a1215
Professor Malleus Audio Log V92-04 voice - MS17Vault92ScientistAudioNote04 000a1216
Professor Malleus Audio Log V92-05 voice - MS17Vault92ScientistAudioNote05 000a1217
Professor Malleus Audio Log V92-06 voice - MS17Vault92ScientistAudioNote06 000a1218
Project Purity Journal: Entry 1 voice - MQ03Holo01 00044cd5
Project Purity Journal: Entry 3 voice - MQ03Holo03 00044cd9
Project Purity Journal: Entry 5 voice - MQ03Holo05 00044cdb
Project Purity Journal: Entry 7 voice - MQ03Holo07 00044cdd
Project Purity Journal: Entry 8 voice - MQ03Holo08 00044cde
Project Purity Personal Journal voice - MQ03Holo09 00044cdf
Project Purity Personal Journal: Entry 1 voice - MQ03Holo12 00044ce2
Project Purity Personal Journal: Entry 2 voice - MQ03Holo13 00044ce3
Project Purity Personal Journal: Entry 3 voice - MQ03Holo14 00044ce4
Project Purity Personal Journal: Entry 5 voice - MQ03Holo16 00044ce6
Project Purity Personal Journal: Entry 8 voice - MQ03Holo19 00044ce9
Project Purity Personal Journal: Entry 10 voice Scientific Pursuits MQ03Holo21 00044cb4
Recipe - Mirelurk Cakes text - AWMNoteMirelurkRecipe 000ac3bb
Rivet City Historical Record text - MS03HistoryHolotape 0002d3b3
Rogue Android voice The Replicated Man MS08Note1Sympathizer 0005fae7
Rollings -- We're Done text - RockopolisNote1 00064343
Satcom Array NN-03d Coordinates text - SatComData02 000cb4d4
Satcom Array NW-07c Coordinates text - SatComData01 000cb4d3
Seagrave's Incriminating Letter text Council Seat RCSeagraveLetter 000a6f75
Self determination is not a malfunction voice The Replicated Man MS08NoteHarknessToZimmer 0005fb06
Seward Square Artillery text - SewardSquareArtilleryNote 000c1633
Shocker Glove text - floodedSewerShockerNote 000bff6d
Song of the Lightman text - ChildrensStory02 000443f1
Springvale Raider Mining Log text - LDSpringvaleBossNote01 000892d8
Takoma Park Artillery Note text - TakomaParkArtilleryNote01 000c72d3
The Guardians of Gillyfrond text - ChildrensStory01 000443ef
The Weapons Cache text Caching in with Three Dog MQ02WeaponsCache 000bc721
Vault 101 Maintenance Password text Trouble on the Homefront MS16Vault101MaintenancePassword 0002485e
Wanted: Trustworthy Surgeon voice The Replicated Man MS08Note1Medical 0005faec
We got the tech, now we need the doc. voice The Replicated Man MS08Note3Medical 0005faef
Yao Guai Den Note text - LDtxtYaoGuaiDenNote01 000617e8
ZAX Destruct Sequence voice The American Dream MQ09AutumnHolo01 0001aa15

Operation: Anchorage

Name Type Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Close Assault Requisition Holo text Paving the Way DLC02RequisitionHoloCloseAssault xx002f2c
Fire Team Requisition Holo text Paving the Way DLC02RequisitionHoloFireTeam xx002f2d
Heavy Weapons Requisition Holo text Paving the Way DLC02RequisitionHoloHeavyWeapon xx002f2e
Holotape - Bombardment voice - DLC02HolotapeMountain3 xx00b56a
Holotape - Goodbye voice - DLC02HolotapeMountain1 xx00b568
Holotape - I'm Okay voice - DLC02HolotapeAnch1 xx00b56c
Holotape - Invasion voice - DLC02HolotapeMountain2 xx00b569
Holotape - Overrun voice - DLC02HolotapeMountain4 xx00b56b
Holotape - Psycho voice - DLC02HolotapeAnch2 xx00b56d
Interrogation Log cut voice - DLC02HolotapeGaryInterrogationNote xx00c523
Resconstructed Audio Log 11.38 sic cut voice - DLC02OverheardHolotape02 xx00c525
Resconstructed Audio Log 13.13 sic cut voice - DLC02OverheardHolotape04 xx00c527
Resconstructed Audio Log 31.13 sic cut voice - DLC02OverheardHolotape03 xx00c526
Resconstructed Audio Log 40.26 sic cut voice - DLC02OverheardHolotape01 xx00c524
Sniper Requisition Holo text Paving the Way DLC02RequisitionHoloSniper xx002f2f

The Pitt

Name Type Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Diary 1: To Marie voice - DLC01AshurNote1Item xx00ab97
Diary 2: The Scourge voice - DLC01AshurNote2Item xx00ab98
Diary 3: The Mill voice - DLC01AshurNote3Item xx00ab99
Diary 4: The Cure voice - DLC01AshurNote4Item xx00ab9a

Broken Steel

Name Type Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Enclave Soldier Log #1 voice - DLC03LDAFBEnclave01Holotape xx007d9d
Flamer Fuel Stash Holotape voice - DLC03LDAFBEnclave02Holotape xx0081e3
Griffon's Bottling Instructions voice The Amazing Aqua Cura DLC03WQ02Note xx00b172
New Meeting Place voice Protecting the Water Way DLC03WQ01Note xx003b37
Orders voice Who Dares Wins DLC03BoSOrders xx00a675
Sector 1 Artillery Note text - DLC03AFBArtilleryNote02 xx0068e3
Sector 2 Artillery Note text - DLC03AFBArtilleryNote01 xx004a0d
Sorry, My Darling voice Fatal Attraction DLC03NN01 xx00b957
Talon Company Merc Log #1 voice - DLC03FFELD02Holotape xx006718
Wastelander Holotape #1 voice - DLC03FFELD03Holotape xx006717

Point Lookout

Name Type Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Blackbox Recording voice - DLC04BlackBoxNote xx00c2b8
Box 1191 - Password Backup voice - DLC04FF05holoPasswordAlt01 xx010a4c
Box 1207 - Spy's Audio Password voice The Velvet Curtain DLC04FF05holoPassword xx005b71
Box 1213 - Bern's Voice voice - DLC04FF05holoPasswordAlt02 xx010a4d
Contact Tape voice The Velvet Curtain DLC04FF05holoContact xx004370
Espionage Debriefing voice The Velvet Curtain DLC04FF05holoDebriefing xx006aba
For Ozwaldo text - DLC04BeachDiggerNote xx00f754
Holotape Note text - DLC04HardwareLetter xx010acc
Marcella's Last Words voice The Dark Heart of Blackhall DLC04FF02MarcellaHolo xx00fc29
Smuggler Confession voice - DLC04ExecutionHolotape xx00e1ea
Soil Survey Tape #1 voice An Antique Land DLC04FF01holoNote01 xx002f1b
Soil Survey Tape #2 voice An Antique Land DLC04FF01holoNote02 xx002f1c
Soil Survey Tape #3 voice An Antique Land DLC04FF01holoNote03 xx002f1d

Mothership Zeta

Name Type Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Alien Captive Recorded Log 1 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape01 xx009a0c
Alien Captive Recorded Log 2 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape02 xx009a0d
Alien Captive Recorded Log 3 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape03 xx009a0e
Alien Captive Recorded Log 4 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape04 xx009a0f
Alien Captive Recorded Log 5 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape05 xx00a88d
Alien Captive Recorded Log 6 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape06 xx00a88e
Alien Captive Recorded Log 7 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape07 xx00a88f
Alien Captive Recorded Log 8 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape08 xx00a890
Alien Captive Recorded Log 9 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape09 xx00ab74
Alien Captive Recorded Log 10 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape10 xx00ab75
Alien Captive Recorded Log 11 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape11 xx00ab76
Alien Captive Recorded Log 12 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape12 xx00ab77
Alien Captive Recorded Log 13 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape13 xx00ab78
Alien Captive Recorded Log 14 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape14 xx00ab79
Alien Captive Recorded Log 15 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape15 xx00ab7a
Alien Captive Recorded Log 16 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape16 xx00ab7b
Alien Captive Recorded Log 17 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape17 xx00ab7d
Alien Captive Recorded Log 18 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape18 xx00ab7e
Alien Captive Recorded Log 19 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape19 xx00ab7f
Alien Captive Recorded Log 20 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape20 xx00ab80
Alien Captive Recorded Log 21 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape21 xx00abc5
Alien Captive Recorded Log 22 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape22 xx00abc6
Alien Captive Recorded Log 23 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape23 xx00ac04
Alien Captive Recorded Log 24 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape24 xx00ac05
Alien Captive Recorded Log 25 voice Alien Archivist achievement DLC05CaptiveHolotape25 xx00ac06
Anchorage Quartermaster Shipment voice - DLC05AnchorageHolotape xx00ab7c
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