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For a full list of all commands, see Fallout 3 console commands (all).

In Fallout 3, the console is a debugging tool left by the developers in the PC version of the game. It is useful for developing and quality assurance, but it can also be used to cheat. The Xbox 360 equivalent of this is Complicators Fallout 3 Save Editor, but it has a lot less uses and doesn't use the same commands.


To access the console, use the backquote key (`) while in-game (Unpaused). The backquote key shifts to tilde (~) on US keyboards, and the not symbol (¬) on UK keyboards. Other keyboards will differ, but the key is usually to the left of 1, and just under the Escape key (Esc) The HUD will disappear and you will get a prompt (|) in the lower left corner of the screen where you can type-in code(s).

  • The left side of the console might not be visible if you are not using a widescreen display.
  • The key is the top left key under escape, on non-US keyboards. (Example: § or ½ on Scandinavian (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian etc), circumflex (^) on German keyboards, ² on French ones, \ or | on Italian Keybooards.)
  • Some Vista laptop & desktop users must disable/uninstall the "Infrared" device (varies from machine to machine, but has that same line in the name) to access the tilde key. See "Bugs" section (Below) for further info.
  • The game will pause as well, making you unable to look around while using it -be sure to be looking at what you want to change, unlock, etc.

For nice screenshots

  • tfc - toggle free camera; lets you move around the camera at will. To take pictures of your character, make sure you go into third person mode first.
  • tm - toggle menus; removes the HUD for even nicer pictures (it will not notify you when the screenshot has been successfully captured but it will function)
  • sucsm 10, fast, sucsm 1, slow moving camera in tfc.
  • fov 40, narrow, fov 90, wide angle lens. fov 75, default lens.
  • tlb - toggle lightbrite mode makes everything well lit, great for dark spots.

Inventory manipulation

  • player.additem base_id amount condition - add item to your inventory, at full health.
Example: player.additem CB547 1 100 - add Vengeance to your inventory with full 'health'. This is a list of items in fallout 3.
  • player.additemhealthpercent base_id amount quality - add item to your inventory, with a specified condition. Quality should be given in decimal form.
Example: player.additemhealthpercent 432E 1 .50 will add 1 Gatling Laser at 50% to the player's inventory
  • player.removeitem base_id amount - remove item from your inventory; useful to get rid of useless quest items
  • player.srm - Show Repair Menu for the player. This allows items to be repaired using the player's Repair skill as though the player were a merchant. Caps are required to repair items as for merchant repair, but they are paid to the player, resulting in no net transfer of caps. Using srm on NPCs that don't normally repair goods will typically cause the game to crash.
  • player.showinventory - Lists Inventory with object id's suitable for using player.additem with
  • player.setweaponhealthperc - Changes the currently held weapon's health.
Example: player.setweaponhealthperc 80 Will change the current weapon's health to 80%.

NPC manipulation

  • prid ref_id - set an id target. Same as clicking, but will work even if the target isn't visible.
  • setessential base_id 1 - set NPC as unkillable.
    • setessential base_id 0 - set unkillable NPC to be killable again.
  • player.placeleveledactoratme base_id - create/clone an NPC and place it at the player.
  • ShowInventory - displays items in NPCs inventory.
  • sbm - Show Barter Menu with the NPC, may crash if not used with Traders(useful if traders are inaccessible like Lydia Montenegro, after helping the ghouls).
  • equipitem base_id - equip item in NPCs inventory.
  • unequipitem base_id - unequip item the NPC has currently equipped. (Works for Weapons and Clothing/Armor)
  • player.moveto ref_id - move player to NPC

The following commands require that you first type prid ref_id and Enter to select the NPC. Then type...

  • moveto player - move NPC to player
  • kill - kills NPC
  • resethealth - Will restore NPC's health (can be used with player.resethealth too)
  • resurrect - resurrect NPC (Will also "reroll" the inventory, meaning you could get different items!!)
    • If you type resurrect 1, then it will make the NPC stand up again, as if it was unconscious. Beware that this can give you some silly results, especially when it involves gibs.
  • disable, enable - disable and enable the NPC in the game (total vanish, reappearing)
  • startcombat, stopcombat - starts or stops combat with the selected NPC. Warning: Stopcombat will not make an NPC permanently unhostile, and may immediately resume attacking the player if s/he is in sight.

(Note the difference: base_id marks the "character sheet" and ref_id marks an instance of the character with location.) There is a list of the base_ids and form_ids of the major named characters.

  • Note: Sometimes resetting a companion NPC will result in him/her giving a generic response to dialogue prompts. To fix this, reset the follower's hire quest using resetquest quest_id in the console. A list of quest IDs is given here.

Example (commands in order)

prid 3a77 - target Sydney
moveto player - move Sydney to the player
additem cb547 1 - add Vengeance
additem 6b53e 1000 - add ammunition to Sydney
equipitem cb547 - equip Vengeance
unequipitem 20420 - unequip Combat Armor
setessential 3a22 1 - make Sydney unkillable
placeleveledactoratme 94ecc - place a new Super Mutant Master at Sydney. Can be repeated for more.

NPC reset example (in order)

prid 3a77 - target Sydney
disable followed by enable - disable and enable, make sure the NPC is active
kill followed by resurrect - kill and resurrect, reset the NPC
moveto player - move NPC to player (or player.moveto 3a77 to move the player to Sydney.)

However it might not work all the time.

Stats and character manipulation

character variables

any skill (without space!)
any s.p.e.c.i.a.l attribute

  • player.setscale scale - set player scale; 1.0 is default; 0.95 is small, 1.1 is big, 10.0 is huge (not recommended to use indoors)
  • player.getav variable - read out a character value, for instance karma, intelligence or smallguns.
  • player.modav variable amount - modify a value; it will peak normally (100 for skills, 85 for resistances, 10 for S.P.E.C.I.A.L., etc). Negative values lowers the variable.
  • player.forceav variable amount - set a value
  • player.addperk variable - add a perk
  • player.removeperk variable - remove a perk
  • player.sexchange - toggle male/female
  • shownamemenu - open the menu to change the name of the player
  • showracemenu - open the menu to change the race and face of the player
  • warning changing your characters race disables all of their perks and need to be removed and added again to work.
  • player.advlevel - advance one level
  • player.setlevel level - set level
  • setgs iMaxCharacterLevel # - set level cap (has to be set every time the game is started)
  • player.agerace increment - A total agerace of -1 results in being a child, 1 an adult, and 2 an elderly person. (ex: player.agerace -3 makes you a child no matter what agerace you currently are)
  • rewardkarma amount, rewardxp amount - give player karma or xp


player.addperk 58fdf - add Power Armor Training
player.forceav smallguns 100 - set Small Guns 100, to the maximum of 100
player.modav intelligence -5 - lower Intelligence by 5 (minimum 1)
player.rewardkarma -1000 - Loses 1,000 Karma
player.forceav carryweight 5000 Set's player's max carry weight to 5000


(warnings about issues successfully addressed by patches removed due to redundancy)

Be extremely careful when using setscale to large numbers like 10. You may seem big and powerful, but a very small dropoff (in comparison to your size) will be fatal. Cliffs look very tiny from 50 feet up, but still kill you as if you were normal size. Plus cells will still only load as if you were normal size, and moving through un-spawned cells can cause the game to crash.

Items & world manipulation

This is easiest if you first click on something in the world with the console open, to target it.

  • unlock - unlock doors, safes, terminals or any other locked container; you can of course also lock .
  • activate - activate an item, say a door, that is normally operated by a switch
  • setownership - make the item yours (for instance a cabinet or a bed)
  • player.placeatme base_id stack amount quality - place an item next to the player; for many items only a stack amount of 1 is valid
  • set timescale to scale - sets the timescale, the ratio determining how fast game time moves relative to real time; the default setting is 30. For example, setting the timescale to 1 would cause one second to pass in game time for every second in real time.

It is also possible to change the current weather.

  • fw <ID> - forces weather. Replace <ID> with a Form ID from one of these:
EditorID                         FormID       
DefaultWeather                   0000015E      
GNRRoofOvercast01                0001E3F0       
gUrbanCloudy01                   00059869      
gWastelandClear01                0005CF9C      
gWastelandCloudy                 0005C88D      
InvertedDaylightWeather          000B362D       
InvertedDaylightWeatherTenPenny  00052928      
InvertedDaylightWeatherWarm      000BC39B       
MegatonCloudy01                  0001D776       
MegatonFalloutDecay              0006A076      
SuburbanCloudy                   00017906      
TranquilityClear                 0002BF97      
UrbanDeep                        00065952      
UrbanDeepInner                   0006CA4E       
UrbanDeepInnerCitadel            000BE1FF       
UrbanDeepInnerDCMall             000BE1FE       
UrbanDeeplnnerDCMONtop           0003A236      
UrbanDeeplnnerMamaDC             000BE3E2      
UrbanOvercast                    000154E5      
UrbanOvercast01Intro01           00022BD5       
WastelandClear                   00064609      
WastelandClearMegaton            00054E12      
WastelandClearNoLighting         000B419E      
WastelandDecay                   0005A728      
WastelandEast                    0003D438      
WastelandEastOasis               00054E1D       
WastelandNorth                   00027DF3


  • movetoqt - move player to current quest target
  • showquestlog - show the quest log, everything the player has encountered and done
  • completequest base id - complete quest
  • resetquest base id - reset quest
  • sqs base id - list all quest objective levels (stages). Use with setstage.
  • setstage base id Quest Objective - sets a quest to an objective level useful for resetting bugged scripts
  • sqt - list current quest targets

(raw quest base id list here)


  • save save name - save current game with description
  • save save name 1 - save current game with description and output a .txt file with game information.
  • load save name - load a game from a previous named save
  • exit - exits the current game, displays some credits, then goes to the starting menu.
  • quitgame or qqq - exits Fallout 3 without going through any menus.
  • saq - END GAME

Debugging and mapping

  • tmm 1 - turn on all Pip-Boy map markers.
  • tfow - toggle fog-of-war in the Pip-Boy local map.
  • tgm - toggle god mode; gives you invincibility to damage and radiation, unlimited AP(Reload does use AP)(confirmed with some weapons), ammo, carrying capacity and stops item degradation.
  • tcl - toggle clipping, The world looks cool as your form moves like a ghost through anything, entering forbidden areas (aka "noclip"), disables physics engine
  • killall - kill all NPCs in the area
  • coc cell edid - teleport to cell
  • scof "filename" - write console output to the specified file
  • bat "filename" - Executes specified list of commands as defined by a text file (.txt)

Batch Example

To create a batch file all you need to do is place a plain text file with the commands you wish to execute in the root directory of the game

(in other words, the same folder as falloutlauncher.exe)

This example file allows you to experience the game as if you were a very powerful Super Hero (or Villian):

savegame pre_futurepeter


setgs fmoverunmult 10 

player.setav speech 100  

tmm 1 


player.additem 00004322 5 

player.additem 0000432c 5 

player.additem 0003422B 5 

player.additem 0003C07A 5

player.additem 00029364 100 

player.additem 00004330 100 

player.additem 00020799 100 

player.additem 0002937E 100

By executing this list you will (in this order) Save the game, Toggle God Mode, Toggle Clipping Mode, Increase Running Speed (though not to an insane amount), Increase Speech skill to max, Show all map markers, Toggle fog-of-war, Add fun weapons and ammo (Alien Blaster, Fat Man, Experimental MIRV, Lincoln's Repeater and Frag Grenades).

To execute these commands, you would type bat futurepeter

player.additem 0006B53C 90000
player.additem 000207F7 90000 

player.additem 0002937E 90000 

player.additem 00004241 90000 

player.additem 00078CC4 90000 

player.additem 00004240 90000 

player.additem 0006B53D 90000 

player.additem 000615A8 90000

player.additem 00029364 90000 

player.additem 0002935B 90000  

player.additem 00047419 90000 

player.additem 0002936E 90000 

player.additem 000615AF 90000 

player.additem 0006B53E 90000 

player.additem 00020772 90000 

player.additem 00078CC2 90000 

player.additem 00029371 90000

player.additem 00078CC1 90000 

player.additem 0006A80D 90000 

player.additem 00078CC3 90000 

player.additem 00004485 90000 

player.additem 00020799 90000 

player.additem 000B8791 90000

player.additem 0005F706 90000

player.additem 00078CC5 90000 

player.additem 00029383 90000

player.additem 00029384 90000

player.additem 00028EEA 90000

player.additem 0004C5F9 90000

player.additem 00056634 90000

player.additem 00004342 20 

player.additem 0000433A 20 

player.additem 00004330 20

player.additem 0000433C 20

player.additem 0000433D 20

player.additem 00004331 20

player.additem 0000433E 20

this one gives you alot of ammo and some grenades / mines

[ ammo made by MaT5892 ]

getav Health
getav DamageResist

getav SmallGuns 

getav EnergyWeapons

getav BigGuns 

getav Explosives 

getav MeleeWeapons

getav Unarmed

This batch shows the most relevant information about NPCs and enemies. Select a NPC or enemy and type bat info

To find all the positions of a selected object (x position, y position, z position; x angle, y angle, z angle) all at once you can use the

bat command with a text file containing the getpos and getangle commands. Example:

GetPos X
GetPos y 

GetPos z

GetAngle x

GetAngle y

GetAngle z

To execute the command, you would type bat pos

PRID 63C05

forceav repair 100

PRID 63C06 


forceav repair 100

PRID 63C07


forceav repair 100

PRID 63C08 


forceav repair 100

setessential 63BF7 1

setessential 63BF8 1

setessential 63BF9 1

setessential 63BFA 1

To execute the command, you would type BatTraders

  • Note that there is NO need to put a space between the bat command and the batch file Traders. The console is also not case-sensitive, therefore the execution of this batch can simply be done by typing in battraders.

This prevents traders from dying (Doc Hoff, Crow, Lucky Harith and Crazy Wolfgang).

  • If they are already dead, this will resurrect them.
    • If they are not dead, which would be the case most of the time, this MAY reset the NPC's inventory. However, it will not affect any of your 'investments.'
    • This will only keep the actual trader alive - the caravan guards and Brahmin will still be vulnerable.
  • As a bonus and solution to end the frustration of only having weapons that can only repaired up to 85% condition (by Wolfgang), I've added the lines forceav repair 100 that would cause the four traders to have the ability to fully repair all armours and weapons.
    • If you do NOT want this feature, simply remove the four forceav repair 100 lines that I've added in. Otherwise; Enjoy!!!
player.additem 5deee 1
player.additem 50f92 1

player.additem 6f210 1

player.additem 21367 1

player.additem 6b532 1

This batch gives you some of the weapons that are not available through normal game-play. These are either unique weapons that specific NPCs use or cut-content. The execution of this batch in-game will add; "Highwater Trousers" Missile Launcher (the weapon used at the SatCom Array NW-05a missile launch), Mysterious Stranger's .44 Magnum (instant-kill no matter what), Sonora's 10mm, Behemoth's fire hydrant and Law Dog.

[ Traders & Awesome Weapons made by TheFev ]

Advanced use

Two very handy commands:

Kill-kills the selected unit (Note:must first select an NPC)

Unlock-unlocks any selected locked item (Note:if door is protected by electricity or some other contraption this will not work)

Activate-activates object, opens doors that are activated elsewhere (Note: select object first)

All commands applying to the player, npcs or items can be used on any of those, with varying result.

  • moveto has already been used like this in the examples above.


prid 3a77 - target Sydney
showinventory - show Sydney's inventory - and inv has the same effect
getav smallguns - check her Small Guns skill
setscale 0.5 - make her very small

To get every hex code available in game type save save_name 1 in console (i.e. save fred 1).

NOTE: Those codes are ref_id not base_id type and they will NOT work with player.placeatme command



Some users can't see the left-most columns of text in the console; they can only see the end of statements, and can't see what they're typing, unless it's very long. This is known to impact some users without widescreens (a 4:3 screen like 1600x1200, 800x600, etc. - not 5:3 or 16:9 widescreen). Fortunately, Fallout 3 has an easy fix for this.

The position of console text can be set in the Fallout.ini file. In Windows XP at:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Games\Fallout3\FALLOUT.INI

For Vista and Windows 7:

C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Fallout3\Fallout.ini

Open the file in a text editor like Notepad. Search for "iConsoleText".

  • Set iConsoleTextXPos to 200 or so. Higher figures move console text to the right. This is the main problem.
  • IConsoleTextYPos should be approx. 100 or 200 less than your Y resolution. Lower figure moves it up (0 is the top of the screen).

An example for a 1280x1024 (XxY) 5:4 display:

Setting            Default  New Setting  Notes
iConsoleTextYPos     940        900      Y (up/down) pos is 100-200 less than your Y res (here, 1024)
iConsoleTextXPos      30        200      X (left/right) position is higher (which moves it to the right)

You can use a command like help to see if the console works. Even though you can't see the editing line or the cursor, it will flood the console with text.

Alternatively you can repeatedly press TAB before entering a command, this way the text gets pushed to the right and will be readable without affecting the entered text.

Other bugs

It's common for Vista users and some XP users to be unable to access the Console. Following are some possible causes & solutions:

"Infrared Device" drivers interfere with the "Tilde" (~) key being able to access the Console, so must be disable/uninstalled.

Here's a direct quote from Bethesda Softworks Technical Support: "If you have a new system with the Microsoft eHome devices, these will conflict with the program being able to read the scan code for the tilde key from the keyboard. Those Microsoft eHome devices or drivers need to be disabled in order to allow the game to "see" the tilde key being pressed. The MIRC (Microsoft Infrared Remote Control) seems to disable the tilde (~) key in both Oblivion and Morrowind. Simply disconnecting the MIRC from the USB port will fix this issue."

To Unistall/ Disable the conflicting device(s), try the following steps:

Open up the "Start" menu, go into "Control Panel" > "System and Maintenance" > "Device Manager". Click "Human Interface Devices". If you see "Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver", right-click and uninstall it. If not, then locate the driver with the word "Infrared" in it's name elsewhere in the Device Manager and uninstall. Unfortunately, when you turn-off and then restart your pc, it will automatically reinstall the driver. As a result, you'll have to repeat the uninstall procedure whenever you go to play and wish to have access to the Console.


[Temp Fix] Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Human Interface Devices > uninstall Infrared driver (don't ask me why but this driver interferes).

If using a controller, you have to switch back to mouse/keyboard control to get the console, switching to mouse/keyboard control will occasionally crash the game to desktop, so save before you try, just in case. (Tested with 360 controller on Vista 32)[Works also on Vista x64 with xbox 360 controler]

It has been reported that the console will not work with some Vista 32 and 64 bit systems with NO fix. Those people can only hope for a mod that solves this (example - the ring of console in Oblivion).

For Vista 32 and 64 bit its a mod for the Console and works

HOWEVER, try this, before giving up and using the ring of console.

This editor has no infrared device drivers, and tried this. It worked.

Open regedit (Go into Command Prompt and type in regedit... this will open a new window.)

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\i8042prt\Parameters

There should be an entry named OverrideKeyboardSubtype with a type of REG_DWORD and a value of 2. Set the value to 0 and reboot.

now, uninstalling the IR drivers in the device manager (if you have them) will work to enable the console to come up.

if you don't have any IR drivers, then just doing the reg change should fix it for you.

You should try this first:

Tested and working method under Vista and Windows 7:

This will work not only for Fallout 3, but all other games that use the "~" for console, AND lets you use your MS remote.


This was an insta-fix for any laptop w/ a built-in detacheable remote. It also has less technical gobble-degook than registry entry edits, (and their eventual complications), and isn't nearly as sketchy as uninstalling and reinstalling the device/driver. A+ perma-fix for media centre comps/laptops.

Ring of Console fix

Follow the steps on the page to help activate the console. The page can be found at here.

You must have the original ring of console as well.

NOTE: This is only for users who CAN NOT under any circumstance open the console. Please try other solutions before resorting to this option, you might save yourself some time. This mod is in a beta, so use at your own risk.

This mod works in the same way as the Ring of Console, and the item is gained after you escape from the vault.

Console Key Binder fix

An easier alternative to the Ring of Console fix would be the Console Key Binder mod, removing the hassle of equipping/unequipping an item. The file can be found here.

This mod allows you to bind another key to open the console (default is F4) which is very useful if your tilde key does not work. Take note, however, that this mod requires Fallout Script Extender (FOSE). FOSE can be found here.

Microsoft eHome remote/receiver

If you use the Microsoft eHome remote/receiver (official media centre remote and USB receiver) you'll notice under your device manager you have a new device named Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Keyboard; this is the cause of the tilde key not working. It also affects your plus, minus, parenthesis, hash, @, and slash keys remapping them to different functions. (some are even Kanji characters)

NOTE: Many "ITECIR" (infrared) drivers under the device manager also cause the same issue.

Solution is as follows and will not affect the functionality of your Media Centre remote:

1. Go into Device Manager -> Keyboards.

2. Right-click "Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Keyboard", choose "Update Driver" ("Update Driver Software" on Vista).

3. Choose "Browse my computer for software" (XP users tell it not to install automatically and say you'll specify the location, then when it asks you where you would like it to search for drivers choose the option to choose from a list) then "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer".

4. Make sure "show compatible hardware" is checked, then select "HID-compliant device" and click next. Click any remaining "OK" or "Finish" buttons after Windows has installed the driver.

AutoHotKey Fix

AutoHotkey is a free, open-source utility for Windows, used to remap keyboard or mouse buttons. If your "Tilde" (~) key isn't recognized in Fallout 3, one fix is to install AutoHotKey, and in the script used by the program, assign the "~" to another key. For example, to turn "F12" into a "~", use the line:


Now "F12" will be recognized as the command line button.

YouTube Videos

Fallout 3 timescale: [1], God Mode and placing multiple creatures: [2]

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