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This page lists all books in Fallout 3.
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Name Skill # Locations Base ID
Big Book of Science Science 25-INF 0003403c
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual Sneak 25 00034045
D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine Medicine 25 00034043
Dean's Electronics Repair 25 0003403d
Duck and Cover! Explosives 25 0006a80c
Grognak the Barbarian Melee Weapons 25 00034040
Guns and Bullets Small Guns 25 0003403e
Lying, Congressional Style Speech 24 00034044
Motivational Secrets of the Stars cut Speech 0 0002d3a3
Nikola Tesla and You Energy Weapons 25 00034041
Paradise Lost Speech 1 000bacfe
Pugilism Illustrated Unarmed 25 0003403f
Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor Barter 23 00034042
Tumblers Today Lockpick 25 00034046
U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes Big Guns 25-INF 00034048


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Name Closest map marker Location description
Arlington Cemetery North In Arlington House, on the kitchen table.
Arlington Library In the Arlington Library, upstairs from the lobby to the right, on a desk in an office with two sofas.
Bethesda Ruins In Bethesda Offices West, on the main desk on the ground floor, right next to the terminal. Careful, there's a turret in here.
Broadcast Tower KB5 On highway bridge between Broadcast Tower KB5 and SatCom Array NW-07c, as you approach from the east, the corpse of a Scientist will be blown out of the back of a truck. The book will be on the scientist and is much more easily looted from any body parts that remain on the bridge rather than what has fallen into the river below the bridge.
Broadcast Tower LP8 In the Signal Echo Foxtrot sealed cistern.
Chryslus Building On a shelf in the northwestern-most room of the Building Basement.
Corvega Factory In a waste container to the south. You will need to jump in from the cliff above.
Corvega Factory Entrance, up the stairs and to your left. It's sitting on a desk (or on top of filing cabinet adjacent to desk).
Sewer Waystation In the County Sewer Mainline, in a big three-floored room next to a computer terminal, behind a locked gate.
Fort Bannister In an Average locked room at the bottom of the concrete stairs in Fort Bannister Main with a Fat Man and a Mini Nuke.
Fort Constantine Launch Control Bunker from the CO Quarters of Fort Constantine, on a desk in the NE corner.
Galaxy News Radio Rec room with Three Dog, on the desk next to the radio with other goodies. Must be stolen.
Greener Pastures Disposal Site In the back end of a truck in the southwest near a dead scientist.
Hallowed Moors Cemetery In the lectern.
Jury Street Metro Station On a desk in Drainage Chamber accessed through a manhole North of where you get the Radio Signal Oscar Tango, which is directly south of Jury Street Metro Station.
L'Enfant In between L'Enfant and L'Enfant South, in a Pulowski Preservation Shelter
Marigold Station In Queen Ant's Hatchery, in the lair of the Marigold Ant Queen on a desk next to a terminal. *May have been knocked on the ground next to the desk, check around there if it isn't on the desk.
Megaton One of the rewards of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest. Given by Moira Brown as reward for completion.
Nuka-Cola Plant On the second floor in the office area.
Rivet City In Rivet City Bow, in Pinkerton's room on the lower-level desk. Must be stolen.
RobCo Factory Factory floor, by the Protectron Pod area to NE, on console.
Shalebridge On a dead researcher in the egg room. The researcher respawns every 73 hours.
Tenpenny Tower In your suite in Tenpenny Tower, once you purchase the "Scientist" room theme (Tesla appears in the house in Megaton with this theme).
Vault-Tec Headquarters Corporate offices, it's sitting on a wall shelf hanging over open air on the second floor. You must jump to reach it, or crawl slowly on the bit of remaining floor, while looking up to the shelf. The book is on its side, barely hanging over the edge.
Warrington Station On a desk in the room with the door to the Metro Access & Generator.
Bethesda Ruins In Bethesda Offices East, on a desk with a typewriter and 2 missiles.
Broadcast Tower KT8 In the Signal Sierra Romeo drainage ditch room.
Capitol Building In Hall of Columns, behind a Hard locked door.
Cliffside Cavern In the Raider outpost on top of a small bookshelf in the northwestern chamber. Beware the raider with the missile launcher; he can knock the book a fair distance and there are many places for it to get lost.
Corvega Factory In a truck to the south, in a Very Hard footlocker (Same truck also has a U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes). Use Driver's Key.
Fairfax Metro Station Bottom level, laying on a slab of concrete on the rubble below the mezzanine next to the east escalator.
Flooded Metro Outside the southern map marker (West of Arlington Library), inside a Pulowski Preservation Shelter.
Fort Constantine CO Quarters, on the basement floor, to the right of the safe.
Georgetown/The Mall Metro Leaning on a cash register inside a ticket booth.
Irradiated Metro On the second level from the top, on top of a computer adjacent to a pit with irradiated water at the bottom.
L.O.B. Enterprises In L.O.B. Enterprises Archives, on a desk with a computer.
Mall Southwest In the Mirelurk Nesting Hole, in a cave northwest of and above the main chamber at the south.
Mama Dolce's At the Loading Yard, on the floor next to a Chinese Remnant Soldier who is stationed as a sniper on the eastern upper level
Megaton One can be found on a shelf in a ruined house at the top of the hill between Megaton and the Super-Duper Mart. The house is next to a big, rusty, domed silo.
Museum of History Offices. Right of Lincoln's Repeater.
Museum Station In the ladies room near the Museum of History metro entrance.
Nuka-Cola Plant Main entrance, look for a hole in the ceiling with a filing cabinet over it; it's in there.
Penn. Ave Northwest Inside the local map marker Hotel, the Brotherhood of Steel compound on Pennsylvania Avenue. Must be stolen unless you have Broken Steel, in which case the Hotel's loot is no longer "owned".
Reclining Groves Resort Homes In a Scavenger's very hard footlocker on the top floor of a ruined barn east of Reclining Groves Resort Homes. Must be stolen. Use Scavenger's Key
Red Racer Factory Outside, to the north-northeast, at Scavenger's Bridge. It is on a shelf together with D&C and Grognak. Must be stolen.
Regulator HQ In a truck trailer on the elevated highway just east of Regulator HQ. (NNE of Wheaton Armory)
SatCom Array NW-05a Near a terminal towards the left upon entering at the ground level.
Springvale Elementary At the end of the ant tunnel, under a corpse.
Statesman Hotel mid level, on a shelf in a Janitor's room in the an east-west running hallway before the stairs leading to the Statesman Hotel Restaurant door.
Taft Tunnels Near the overflow terminal, in the room where Enclave Soldiers shoot from above, behind a screen.
Abandoned Car Fort To the south, past the wrecked train and radiated zone, in between some Ant Egg Clutches, next to the corpse of a Raider. The corpse may not appear in all games, but the loot should still be there, albeit a bit harder to spot.
Anchorage Memorial In Anchorage Memorial Facility, on the bottom floor in the clinic on a table next to the one above the safe, behind a light
Big Town Red's Clinic, in the kitchen.
Capitol Building In Hall of Columns, upper level on a railing near a Talon Company sniper.
Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro In a bathroom on top of a first aid box mounted on the wall.
Fort Constantine Bomb Storage, on a table next to a Fatman where you find the T-51b Power Armor.
Georgetown West In DCTA Tunnel 014-B Potomac, through a long water-filled tunnel, on a console with two Stimpaks. A Mirelurk King may spawn in this room.
Germantown Police HQ Upper floor, on the conference room's table. Note: There is a mine right beyond the door in this room. If you set it off instead of disarming it the book can be sent flying off the table and be difficult to find. Note: there are two rooms with long wooden tables on this floor. The conference room has blue cushy chairs around the table.
Greener Pastures Disposal Site Silo Door to Makeshift Shack in the northwest area.
Hallowed Moors Cemetery On the bookshelf.
Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal In the office on the top of a bookshelf.
Mason Dixon Salvage In the Abandoned Shack with the broken refrigerator, sitting on the floor.
MDPL-21 Power Station North-northeast of MDPL-21 Power Station, at the very top of the map is an irradiated pool marked by toxic barrels with a shipping crate in the back. Swim through the crate and you'll find a small cave with the book on a desk.
Minefield In Benson House, upstairs in the main bedroom on a desk.
Museum of History On a shelf in the kitchen of Museum of History, Lower Halls. Eastern side of the map.
Oasis After you enter the Sunken Chamber in the Oasis Cavern, it is up a path on the left in a crate.
Our Lady of Hope Hospital In a room of the first floor guarded by a Centaur.
Our Lady of Hope Hospital Second floor, cantina (room with the gas leak), on a table.
Red Racer Factory Near the cafeteria, on the east side of the map, on TOP of large machines -- under a bucket behind a toolbox on Factory Floor Level in the Red Racer Factory. Must drop down from a catwalk.
Relay Tower KX-B8-11 In a drainage tunnel to the southeast.
Rivet City In Rivet City Bow, in Pinkerton's room. Must be stolen.
RobCo Factory Offices and cafeteria, second floor, computer office room, just southeast of the stairs going up.
Roosevelt Academy Nurse's Office on the first floor.
Vault 92 In the southern most room of the Living Quarters, on a table next to a Laboratory terminal.
Vernon Square East In the crater with the crashed Delta IX rocket, take the sewer entrance. Kill the super mutants inside their small hideout and you're free to take it. Note: You'll need a large amount of RadAway and Rad-X, as this is possibly the second highest concentration of radiation in the game (40 rads/sec).
Anchorage Memorial In Anchorage Memorial Facility, in the infirmary on the west side, in a floor safe under a table on the north wall of the room.
Andale To the east, in a truck on the road. The truck is also an easy find by going NW from the Nuka-Cola Plant, straight uphill.
Bethesda Ruins In Bethesda Offices West, on the third floor at the bottom of a wooden crate on a desk under some other stuff.
Canterbury Commons In Dominic and Machete`s house on desk.
Corvega Factory On a desk on the second floor near the Ant Queen.
Dunwich Building In Forsaken Dunwich Ruins, on a shelf in a small room.
Hubris Comics In Hubris Comics Utility, on a desk close to the Grayditch sewer exit.
Hubris Comics Just outside the building, inside of the Pulowski Preservation Shelter.
Jury Street Metro Station On the workbench.
Mama Dolce's In Mama Dolce's Processed Foods, on a shelf in a stairwell at the southwest corner of the map
MDPL-05 Power Station Leaning against a toolbox.
Metro Central Near Foggy Bottom Station exit, behind a locked gate in generator area on a table.
Nuka-Cola Plant Factory floor on the desk, take a right when you first enter the building.
Our Lady of Hope Hospital In the Dry Sewers that lead from the basement of Our Lady of Hope Hospital to Dupont Circle. Its on a shelf in a room at the south end.
Ranger Compound On the generator in the pantry.
Red Racer Factory Enter through the front, going to the room straight ahead with a Giant Teddy Bear on a tricycle suspended in the air. If you jump on the barrels to the left of a machine so you are on top there is a tool box with the book next to it.
Relay Tower KX-B8-11 To the southeast, near Hilltop Farm Ruins, on top of a barrel inside a flipped-over container in a small radioctive pond
Rivet City In Rivet City Bow, in Pinkerton's lab, on the shelf. Must be stolen.
Rockbreaker's Last Gas In an abandoned shack on the cliff to the west, in a wooden box under the workbench.
Tepid Sewers In the Raider hideout (in the tunnels behind sandbags. Enter the hideout, turn left, and enter the small room on your left. The book will be on the right corner behind toolbox (near generator).
VAPL-58 Power Station On the desk next to computer.
VAPL-66 Power Station On the desk with the broken computer.
Vault 92 On a shelf in the destroyed barn to the west.
Vernon Square In a small sewer area marked as 'Sewer Entrance' (not the sewer down the crater) on the local map in Vernon Square (at the end alley to the right of Cinema, opposite the Statesman Hotel). The book is on a table behind an Average locked door along with a Sawed-Off Shotgun.
Warrington Station Past the beds where you meet Roy Phillips, hang left and enter the storage room. It's on the shelf left of you when entering. Use the step ladder to see it, or just jump.
Alexandria Arms On the first floor, southern-most part of the building. On a bookshelf next to a fire hose box.
Charnel House Second floor of the ruined house, across the plank bridge.
Citadel In Citadel Laboratory, in the restrooms in a wooden crate inside one of the stalls.
Deathclaw Sanctuary Outside the entrance in a locked footlocker.
Dukov's Place To the south close to the river, on a small table in a Raider "fort" on the coast.
Evergreen Mills foundry: Lying next to a dead body on the ledge above the broken terminal.
F. Scott Key Trail & Campground On a picnic table.
Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro In a ticket booth hidden behind a barricade near the Glowing Ones.
Farragut West Metro Station Just north of Super-Duper Mart, in a camp under a bridge.
Fort Constantine On a desk in the Launch Control Bunker.
Germantown Police HQ About one third of the way to Minefield, slightly north of the line connecting Germantown to Minefield, in a small Raider camp in a trainwreck. On the ground next to the bathtub. (coc ffraidercamp14) Coordinates (11.1,6.2) (Horizontal, Vertical Coordinates) according to Fallout 3 map.
Germantown Police HQ From the entrance to the fence maze outside of Germantown Police HQ, head south for ten yards or so. You'll find a destroyed road. Follow that south to an intersection by two ruined houses. Then follow the road west for a little while and you will see a house. Look on the bookshelf.
Hamilton's Hideaway In the Raider's lair on the counter by some Cherry Bombs and a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum.
Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal To the north along the road, in the southeastern enterable shack with the pile of skeletal remains. Behind the turned over table next to the Mini Nuke.
Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop In the Signal Sierra Victor drainage chamber to the east of the activating antenna mast.
National Archives Lower level in the NW corner, in a room full of bookshelves. It is sitting on top of a school desk next to a pair of missiles.
National Archives Sub-basement in the generator room behind a Very Hard locked gate.
National Guard Depot Offices: on a long wooden table, that looks to be a bar.
Old Olney Sewer At the end of a rocky tunnel next to a skeleton.
Red Racer Factory Outside, to the north-northeast, at Scavenger's Bridge. It is on a shelf together with copies of Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual and Grognak the Barbarian. Must be stolen.
SatCom Array NW-07c To the northeast, halfway straight airline towards SatCom Array NW-05a: Down in the valley next to a few car wrecks. It's on the ground next to a skeleton and three ammo boxes. Coordinates (1.4, 2.9) (Horizontal, Vertical Coordinates) according to Fallout 3 map.
Springvale School On the upper floor, next to the active computer terminal past the locked library doors.
Super Mutant Bunker In The Mall, north of Museum of Technology.
Tenpenny Tower Just west of the tower, towards Warrington Trainyard, in a completely destroyed house on top of a shelf.
Vault 92 In the Overseer's office on a shelf.
Andale In Smiths' basement, on right side of counter closest to the doorway.
Bethesda Ruins In Bethesda Underworks, go down the stairs and into the side passage off of the train tracks in a small room.
Broadcast Tower KB5 In the small Raider camp immediately southwest of the tower buried beneath some tin cans in a box.
Canterbury Commons Derek Pacion carries one. Must be stolen.
Chaste Acres Dairy Farm On second floor of the barn, lying next to a bed.
Cliffside Cavern In the sniper nest in the main hall, at the base of one of the generators. (From the central platform with burn barrel and chess board, it is the platform directly northeast. Bright lights - large generator - wooden housing. Grognak is on top of that housing.)
Clifftop Shacks In a shack. Beware of the Super Mutant Master.
Corvega Factory North-northwest of the Corvega Factory is a Sewer Grate to Drainage Tunnels. Go in, and into the room ahead to your right. Grognak is on the bookshelf straight ahead as you enter. (This is the Yankee Bravo radio signal origination point.)
Fort Constantine Personnel Offices, first floor, behind a "Hard" locked door.
Georgetown West, you can get here by running through Tepid Sewers, it's on the second level of the building the super mutants are around, on a shelf with the ammo crates.
Hubris Comics In the area where Mad Johnny Wes is located.
Megaton In Jericho's apartment.
Minefield In Gillian House, upstairs on the child's bed.
Museum Station On a table near the Metro Central exit.
Red Racer Factory Outside, immediately to the south, in a rusty shipping container of toxic waste barrels.
Red Racer Factory Outside, to the north-northeast, at Scavenger's Bridge. It is on a shelf together with Spec. Ops and D&C. Must be stolen.
Scrapyard In John's Treasure Box, in the burned out bus near the red railroad car. You can get the key, which is a random encounter, or you can just pick the lock (hard)
Silver Lining Drive-In On a table in a nearby shack.
Statesman Hotel Restaurant On a shelf in the middle of main room.
Temple of the Union In the Raider camp on the highway nearby, on a table in one of the shacks. (Only available after finishing the Head of State quest.)
Tenleytown/Friendship Station Friendship half. In a small office. Check two sets of lockers: it is placed on the top left shelf.
Vault 101 An copy will be given to you by Amata in Growing Up Fast during your birthday party. If you don't use it during this quest, it will be in the dresser in your room when you start the Escape! quest.
Vault-Tec Headquarters On a desk on the top floor of the Vault-Tec Office.
Vernon Square North In Metro Junction. It's halfway down to the platform; a board leads over the railing, and there is a table with a lamp below.
Yao Guai Tunnels On a ledge accessible after passing through the Yao Guai Den next to a Raider corpse.
Alexandria Arms On a desk on the second floor, near a terminal.
Arlington Library Top floor of the Children's Wing. To get there, you have to go through the Media Wing.
Arlington Library In the Pulowski Preservation Shelter immediately outside and to the the north.
Chryslus Building Reception Area, northern room.
Citadel In A Ring, in The Den, under one of the beds.
Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel In the Tabernacle, among the ammo boxes on the north side.
Everglow National Campground In the silver trailer that serves as the main Raider lair.
Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro In Franklin Metro Utility, downstairs in the center of the second room, in a gated off area on a desk with a shotgun, some missiles, and a Stealthboy.
Flooded Metro First big open room behind left (West) pillar with a skeleton.
Fort Bannister Bunker Area, in Locker room on Top of a Gun Cabinet)
Fort Constantine CO Quarters of Fort Constantine, on the bed.
Fort Constantine Behind a Very Hard locked door in the Bomb Storage of Fort Constantine accessed through the Launch Control Bunker.
Grayditch An abandoned home in eastern Grayditch.
Hamilton's Hideaway In the locked weapons stash. The key is obtained by completing the Caching in with Three Dog unmarked quest.
Mama Dolce's At the Loading Yard, on the floor next to a Chinese Remnant Sergeant who is stationed as a sniper on the western upper level
Mama Dolce's At the Processed Foods section, in a men's bathroom stall on the ground floor underneath a pile of burned books
Mason District South Second story of a building north of the entrance. The building overlooks a park with a bunch of mutants roaming around.
MDPL Mass Relay Station On a desk.
Museum of Technology On a desk in a hidden room in the West Wing, near the rocket display. Jump down from above to reach.
Old Olney In a post box next to the crashed Nuka-Cola truck to the east of the town.
Red Racer Factory To the east, in a Raider camp located in a dead-end alley. In front of the refrigerators.
Regulator HQ Under bed next to Sonora Cruz. Can only be reached with Lawbringer perk.
Relay Tower KX-B8-11 Southeast, in an outhouse located at the Hilltop Farm Ruins
Rockbreaker's Last Gas In the Sniper Shack to the west.
Scrapyard In John's Treasure Box, an ammo container, in the burned out bus near the red railroad car. The key can be found on a body in a random encounter, or the Hard Lock can just be picked.
Arlington Library Children's Wing, it's next to the coffee-makers on a countertop in a break room.
Capitol Building In Conference Hall, on a podium.
Capitol Building South of The Capitol Building East Entrance in Seward Square, inside of a Pulowski Preservation Shelter.
Corvega Factory Directly forward from the entrance on a counter.
Dupont Station Near the entrance from Dupont, in a bucket on table in first room to the right with a Protectron and a Computer Terminal.
Georgetown In McClellan Family Townhome.
Germantown Police HQ On the ground floor, in the corner of a classroom on the child-sized rusty desk.
Jury Street Metro Station On a safe where you kill Ryan Brigg in the Jury St. Tunnels.
Jury Street Metro Station Southwest of the entrance, inside the unmarked Calverton church.
Megaton Can be found in your Megaton House after purchasing the Love Machine Theme.
Megaton After completing the Arlington Library portion of The Wasteland Survival Guide and it's optional objective, Moira will give you a copy.
Meresti Trainyard In Meresti Metro Station, under a box on top of the train.
National Archives In the secure wing east, next to the safe containing the Bill of Rights.
Nuka-Cola Plant Offices on the second level.
Rivet City Outside of the carrier, northwest of the entrance in a Mutant Camp with a captive.
RobCo Factory Factory floor, on large desk at back of foyer.
Robot Repair Center In Mechanist's Forge (Section A, 2nd floor) on desk.
Scrapyard In the office. Can only be reached with the Contract Killer perk.
Takoma Industrial Eastern room.
Tenleytown/Friendship Station In one of the several metal shelves near two Feral ghoul have killed a female mercenary in a cross tunnel between the tracks.
Tenpenny Tower Can be found in your Tenpenny Suite after purchasing the Love Machine Theme.
Tenpenny Tower It can be found in Tenpenny Tower in Allistair Tenpenny's suite. Book respawns after helping the ghouls get into the Tower.
Vault 108 Cloning Lab, on a table in the same room as the Charisma Bobblehead.
Vernon East/Takoma Park Coming into the Vernon East/Takoma Park metro from Vernon Square East, you'll find one just a few feet away in a ticket booth.
Arlington Library In the Talon Company Outpost south of the library, on top of a round table on the highest level.
Capitol Building In Capitol Building West Entrance, on a table behind a Hard locked door.
Deathclaw Sanctuary In the first area on a table next to the Endurance Bobblehead.
Evergreen Mills In the bazaar area, on top of a bed in one of the cells that surround the topmost room.
Farragut West Metro Station In a room with a terminal and safe.
Foggy Bottom Station In the room with the Protectron on the computer console adjacent to the Protectron charging pad.
Fort Bannister On the roof of a lower catwalk along with a ham radio and ammo box, directly beneath the player when entering the missile silo from the sewer access point.
Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop Inside.
Jury Street Metro Station Southwest of the entrance, south of the unmarked Calverton church in a broken house.
Jury Street Metro Station Complete the Rube's Gold Ribbon unmarked quest, inside the Gold Ribbon Grocers.
Mason Dixon Salvage On the table inside the Abandoned Shack with the broken refrigerator
Mason Dixon Salvage To the northeast is an Abandoned Tent with the book inside, on a shelf between two Ammunition Boxes.
MDPL-21 Power Station On a workbench.
Megaton A copy can be found if you buy the Science theme from Moira Brown. It is in the bookcase next to the stairs.
Museum of History Near the entrance. In a ladies bathroom stall.
Museum of Technology Atrium: In control room overlooking the entrance, next to the maintenance terminal.
National Guard Depot In a single room with a door labeled "Authorized Personnel Only" on the lowest floor.
Red Racer Factory On a shelf behind a locked door (Average) in the CEO Offices.
RobCo Facility Offices and cafeteria, second floor, desk in NW corner of office.
Robot Repair Center Next to a broken Protectron on the first floor.
SatCom Array NW-05a Midway to the MDPL-05 Power Station to the west, at the Raider Wharf, on the roof of the boat.
Taft Tunnels (while escorting Scientists during The Waters of Life quest): next to Nuka Cola Quantum on a green bench.
Vault 87 In a box near a stone statue in the reaction chamber.
Vault 92 Near the studio computer.
Vault 106 Living Quarters, upper catwalk room with school desks and a switched off projector. Inside the bottom wooden box in a stack on the large desk.
Museum of History Can be received for free from Tulip in Underworld.
Anacostia Crossing In Anacostia Crossing Station, the northern end of the upper level, on a table with various chems, alcohol, etc.
Anchorage Memorial North of the Memorial in a lone Super Mutant Master's camp, inside a truck
Arefu After completing the Blood Ties quest, if you secure the bloodpacks for protection agreement. Alan takes over the house near the Brahmin pen at the bottom of bridge. It is laying on a table to the left of the entrance.
Charnel House Go West to the radio tower, then North-Northeast to the drainage chamber.
Chaste Acres Dairy Farm Inside grain silo.
Chryslus Building Lower Offices, upstairs, in one of the buckets next to a vending machine.
Clifftop Shacks Inside the larger of two shacks, on a bookcase in the second room.
Dukov's Place Upstairs, in the bedroom.
Faded Pomp Estates In one ruined house, by bed, at the foot of fireplace. It's the nearest house to the east of the fast-travel point.
Flooded Metro Outside the southern map marker (West of Arlington Library), in the Raider camp southeast of the southern entrance, on the makeshift kitchen table.
Jury Street Metro Station Southwest of the entrance, inside the unmarked Calverton church.
L.O.B. Enterprises In a room full of shelves on the first floor.
Metro Central On a shelf in a locked supply closet (Average) close to the Museum Station.
Minefield In Zane House, upstairs in the kid's room.
Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema On one of the picnic tables.
Penn. Ave Northwest Near the White House, on the table in the first room on the right inside the Utility Tunnels.
Roosevelt Academy Academy ground floor, in men's restroom.
Roosevelt Academy Maintenance and evacuation, third generator room, on shelves in NW corner.
SatCom Array NN-03d Tower C, on the leftmost toilet seat
SatCom Array NW-07c In the Internment Truck on the elevated highway near SatCom Array NW-07c.
Springvale Inside the mailbox of the destroyed house west of Red Rocket Gas.
Vault 87 In the locked area upstairs of Living Quarters.
Vault 108 Living Quarters, on the counter in the cafeteria.
Warrington Station At the beds area where you meet Roy Phillips, its in a wooden crate on the shelf across from the bed that Michael Masters sleeps in.
Warrington Station In Lucky's, behind the counter.
Abandoned Car Fort Left of the ammo boxes.
Andale or Fairfax Ruins In the Concrete Treehouse halfway between Andale and Fairfax Ruins.
Arlington Library Media Archive: on a table with a coffee machine, in a room with a pool table and a nuka cola vending machine. North-west part of the map.
Bethesda Ruins To the east, in The Raid Shack, on a coffee table in the bedroom on the second floor of the Shack.
Bethesda Ruins In Bethesda Underworks, on a bucket sitting on a bench found right after coming from the tunnel at the entrance.
Capitol Building In Capitol Building East Entrance, on a desk in an office area, opposite the center office door from the hallway that runs East/West.
Dupont East Inside Lady Frumperton's Fashions.
Grisly Diner On a shelf.
Hubris Comics Once you go in the door, there is a computer terminal directly ahead which will explode. It is on a shelf to the left of the terminal.
Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal To the north along the road, in the northern enterable shack.
Little Lamplight In Murder Pass On a toilet in the southeast corner of the room north of the entrance.
Mama Dolce's Outside, opposite the entrance to the Food Distribution section, in a broken container with several barrels inside
National Archives In a strongroom, on the side by a safe.
National Guard Depot Depot Training Wing, on a desk in an office area located on the second floor.
Reclining Groves Resort Homes Easternmost destroyed home, on top of a shelf
Sewer Waystation Carried by a ghoul named Gallo.
Statesman Hotel Ground floor, up the stairs to the left, follow hallway left then right, it's the room in the northeast corner.
Super Duper Mart On the counter directly in front of the room with the Protectron. if it is not on the counter, check the floor around it, it may of been knocked off somehow.
Temple of the Union In a Raider fortress on top of a highway to the southwest. (Only available after finishing the Head of State quest.)
Tenpenny Tower Next to the Love Letter on a desk in Susan Lancaster's room. This book can be found again after helping the ghouls getting into the Tower!
Tenpenny Tower To the east, in Willy's Grocer.
Vault 92 In the supply room, on the shelf just behind Supply Room Terminal.
Vault-Tec Headquarters In the Guest Relations area after you come down from Administration.
Arlington Library Media Archive: The desk flanked by two sets of microfiche readers in the room with the safe (it's the southern-most room) that is very close to the Children's Wing door. A battle with raiders may knock the book off the desk; check the floor if there is nothing on the desk.
Broadcast Tower KB5 In the drainage chamber on the floor in front of a locked door.
Broadcast Tower KB5 To the west-northwest, in the ruins of a house occupied by Raiders, on a shelf along the wall that is shared with a freezer filled with gore. It's next to the plates on the shelves.
Drowned Devil's Crossing In the red truck trailer near the bridge.
Falls Church Southernmost Office Building, on a desk. Watch out for traps.
Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro In Franklin Metro Utility, on the lower floor to the right of the turret. It is on top of the locked mine box (Average).
Flooded Metro Outside the southern map market (West of Arlington Library), in the Raider camp. A copy is located on a raised platform, where the Raider that carries Missile Launcher usually is.
Freedom Street Station On a table where the Scavenger trader resides. Must be stolen.
Germantown Police HQ Basement: in the locked weapons closet.
Grayditch To the west, in the Talon Company Camp.
Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal To the north along the road, outside the center enterable shack. In a turned over refrigerator to left of the door.
Jury Street Metro Station Complete the Rube's Gold Ribbon unmarked quest inside Gold Ribbon Grocers.
L.O.B. Enterprises East Wing on CEO's Desk.
Mama Dolce's At the Food Distribution section, in the dug-out basement, next to two locked safes (one average, one hard) and three upturned desks
Mason Dixon Salvage On the floor next to the footlocker in the Abandoned Shack, the one that doesn't have the broken refrigerator inside.
Meresti Trainyard In the Meresti Service Tunnels, on the table near Robert's bed (the guy who guards the entrance to Family gang encampment). Whilst it is amongst owned goods, the book itself can be taken without a karma penalty.
Meresti Trainyard Sitting in a bathtub in one of the demolished houses south-southeast of the yard.
Minefield In Gibson House, sitting in the office on the desk.
Nuka-Cola Plant In the factory floor area in the closet with the safe in the room with the computer that has the shipping manifest.
Roosevelt Arts and Athletics Hall On a desk near a locked safe of the third floor.
Seward Sq. North Metro In the Sewer (metro), which is northeast of the map marker. Near the debris area on the southeastern tunnel - JP Stash Note will lead you to it.
Smith Casey's Garage In the safe behind the counter located on the immediate right as you enter the garage.
Tenpenny Tower Southeast of the tower, on a bookshelf on the second floor of a wrecked building.
Vault 106 The science area: after going down both flights of stairs, there is a room to your right with two visible lockers. In the back of this room on the left.
Vault 108 Entrance floor in a small storage room adjacent to the malfunctioning generator. Behind several yellow metal crates is an metal ladder on top of which is a Nuka-Cola Quantum, book is under the ladder, but apparently inaccessible. Try to throw grenade inside ladder, blast may launch book on more accessible place.
Anchorage Memorial In the Anchorage Memorial Service Entrance, in the Utility Room.
Arlington Cemetery North In the Arlington Utility tunnels. From Arlington Cemerary north, go up a set of stairs on the left then right at the top. It's on a shelf on the right side of the room.
Arlington/Falls Church Metro On a chair inside an open container on the way to the Arlington Cemetery exit.
Bethesda Ruins In Bethesda Offices East, on a Raider with a Flamer normally on the top floor. respawns every 73 'game time' hours!
Capitol Building In Capitol Building West Entrance, on a table in the dome, where you fight the Super Mutant Behemoth; this one is likely to have been knocked off in the firefight.
Corvega Factory In a truck to the south.
Dupont Northeast Found in the Sunken Sewers on a locked safe(Average).
Evergreen Mills Second room in the Southern Shack, on a bookshelf.
Fairfax Ruins In the Car Dealership building to the east, on the upper level where there are smaller, ruined vehicles. You need to jump onto the coffee table in the corner to get to there.
Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro In Franklin Metro Utility, through an underwater section of the subway tunnels near a lot of radiation. Can also be reached from the subway entrance next to Hubris Comics
Farragut West Metro Station Bottom of the room with the ghouls, behind a locked door (Average).
Five Axles Rest Stop In the truck that serves as the main raider lair.
Georgetown East In La Maison Beauregard, on the floor beside a desk with a cash register on your left when you enter the Lobby.
Grisly Diner In the bus to the north.
Jury Street Metro Station In a truck located at the mid-point between Jury Street Metro Station and VAPL-84 Power Station.
L'Enfant Plaza In L'Enfant, northeast corner, in is a small camp underneath a partially-collapsed overpass.
Little Lamplight In Murder Pass, in the southwestern most tunnel.
National Guard Depot In the armory, next to Experimental M.I.R.V.
Nuka-Cola Plant To the north on a table in Dot's Diner.
Reclining Groves Resort Homes On a hill to the north-northeast, directly northeast of the Scavenger's barn, amongst a heap of tin cans.
Red Racer Factory In a Raider camp, located in a dead-end alley to the east. It is at the foot of the bed.
Scrapyard In John's Treasure Box, an ammo container, in the burned out bus near the red railroad car. You need the key, which can be found on a body in a random encounter.
Takoma Industrial In the auto shop by Takoma Industrial, just watch out for the Behemoth right outside.
VAPL-58 Power Station On the roof.
Wheaton Armory In a room full of weapons on the bottom floor behind a very hard door or a very hard terminal.

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