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Fallen Angels

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Fallen Angels

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The group began as a gang of adolescent thieves organized by the adult mutant criminal known as the Vanisher.

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The Fallen Angels is a group of superhuman individuals, primarily made up of adolescent mutants, that is based at the Beat Street Club in Manhattan, New York.

The group began as a gang of adolescent thieves organized by the adult mutant criminal known as the Vanisher. Among his recruits were the young mutant Boom Boom (now, Meltdown), a cyborg named Gomi and his two cybernetically-enhanced lobsters Bill and Don, a runaway named Chance, who did not know she herself was a superhuman mutant, and a young female named Ariel, who, unknown to the Vanisher, was actually an extraterrestrial from a planet she calls the Coconut Grove.

When the young mutant Sunspot left his own team, the New Mutants, in shame over injuring his teammate Cannonball, he and a fellow teammate Warlock ran away to the city. They encountered Chance, who led them to the Fallen Angels, and the two were invited to join. Associates of the New Mutants, Siryn and the Multiple Man, were asked to follow Sunspot, and they soon encountered and joined the group as well.

In reality, Ariel was the driving force behind the group, as she had been secretly assigned by the government of her home planet to gather a collection of superhuman mutants for her planet's scientists to study. She had used Chance as an accomplice to this end, not realizing that Chance was a mutant herself. Ariel also helped round out the group by inducting the beings known as Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy.

Finally, the Fallen Angels journeyed to Ariel's home planet, where they were made captives. Ariel turned against her home planet's ruler Unipar when he took not only her friend Chance but also Ariel herself captive as well, since they both proved to possess superhuman mutant powers. The Fallen Angels succeeded in regaining their freedom and returned to Earth.

Sunspot and Warlock returned to the New Mutants, and eventually Siryn and Multiple Man returned to their base at the Muir Island research facility. Boom Boom left to become inducted as a trainee of the original mutant team X-Factor. The other members of the Fallen Angels continued to remain together as a group.


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