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Fall of Hallowvale
Beginning End
Invasion of Cave Canem Battle of Hallowvale
The Hallowland, Eastern Sea Islands
Decisive Zamorakian Victory
Zamorakians Saradominists
Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan King Ascertes, Queen Efarity, Valis
Heavy Extremely heavy; near complete annhialation of Icyene race
Concurrent war
God Wars
Next war
Morytania Campaign

The Fall of Hallowvale was a massive military campaign led by Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan in the early Third Age. The war saw the invasion of the Hallowland by Drakan and an army of vampyres, werewolves, and other magically-infused races.

The war was planned as early as the late Second Age, when Lord Drakan aided the Mahjarrat Zamorak in his overthrow of the deity Zaros. When Zamorak returned from banishment in the early Third Age, he eventually gave Drakan permission to conquer the Hallowlands, which were at the time a peaceful agricultural nation ruled primarily by the Icyene. The war's name is somewhat misleading, as the conflict involved the entire Hallowland, rather than only the city of Hallowvale.

Drakan invaded the Hallowlands by crossing what is now known as the River Salve near Silvarea. The war was extremely long-lasting, and was one of the God Wars' most far-reaching and widespread campaigns. In order to end the conflict in his favor, Drakan managed to kidnap King Ascertes of Hallowvale, eventually forcing the nation to surrender.

Drakan would go on to convert Hallowvale into a blood-farming ghetto known as Meiyerditch, and using unknown magicks managed to turn the wooded region into a swamp he would refer to as Morytania. Since then, the region has been a hotbed of conflict, and has been involved in wars such as Kharidian Desert Campaign, the Fall of Senntisten, the Morytania Campaign, the Misthalin - Morytania War, the War of 164, and the Sanguinesti Liberation War.


  • The Fall of Hallowvale is a playable campaign in Jagex's Funorb game, Armies of Gielinor. The non-specific presentation of the war and occasional historical contradictions within the game, however, suggests that the campaign is meant only to be a vague overview of the actual war, rather than a brick-for-brick representation.

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