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The village of Falgabard.
The village of Falgabard on the World Map.

Falgabard, also known as Fargabaad, is an optional village of Dark Knights located to the sothwest of Saronia in Final Fantasy III. The player must be in possession of the Invincible, as a few mountains must be flown over in order to get to the village. It is possible to reach Falgabard prior to obtaining the Invincible by used a glitch to dive under Saronia with the Nautilus, however the Nautilus must be carefully placed on a mountain to leave afterward.

The optional boss, Shinobi, can be fought in a cavern located under the waterfall in the north of town. Upon defeat, he will give the party a Kiku-Ichimonji, the strongest katana that can be obtained in Falgabard.

The inn here charges 640 gil.





Item Cost Att. Additional
Ashura 16,000 gil 100 Effective against dividing enemies.
Yoichi Bow 42,000 gil 75
Yoichi Arrow 500 gil 40
Demon Axe 40,000 gil 116


Item Cost Def. Additional
Demon Mail 25,000 gil 38
Demon Shield 12,500 gil 12 Protects against some status ailments.


Item Cost Effect
Hi-Potion 600 gil Restores 500 HP.
Gold Needle 100 gil Removes Petrify.
Echo Herbs 100 gil Removes Silence.
Eye Drops 40 gil Removes Blind.
Antidote 80 gil Removes Poison.
Ottershroom 2,000 gil Teleports party out of dungeons.
Gysahl Greens 150 gil Attracts Chocobos.
Gnomish Bread 200 gil Displays a detailed map.


Item Cost Type LV Effect
Fira 1,500 gil Black 3 Deals Fire damage.
Blizzara 1,500 gil Black 3 Deals Ice damage.
Thundara 1,500 gil Black 3 Deals Lightning damage.
Cura 1,500 gil White 3 Restores large amount of HP.
Teleport 1,500 gil White 3 Teleports party out of dungeons.
Blindna 1,500 gil White 3 Removes Blind.


Item Location
Blessed Hammer Northern Cave
Demon Mail Northern Cave
Ashura Northern Cave
Kotetsu Northern Cave
Kiku-Ichimonji Defeat Shinobi.
Demon Mail Small island in the center of the town.
Hi-Potion Small island in the center of the town.
Demon Shield Small island in the center of the town.
Blessed Hammer Small island in the center of the town.

Enemy Encounters

Battle Background

File:Altar Cave.PNG


"Covert Village Falgabard" from the DS version of Final Fantasy III
Image:FFIII - Covert Village Falgabard.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

The background theme that plays at Falgabard is known as "Covert Village Falgabard" (隠れ村ファルガバード Kakuremura Farugabādo, "Hidden Town of Falgabard"), despite being originally translated as "In the Covert Town" in the Original Sound Version.

Other Appearances

Final Fantasy Tactics


Falgabard is mentioned as one of the wonders in Final Fantasy Tactics. It bears the following description:

This village is said to have been inhabited by an order of dark knights. While the fell blades of these knights lent them great power, they also cut short their lives. The order’s numbers dwindled, until at last none remained.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Falgabirds are special units of the Red Wings. This force consists of Lich, a Zombie, Marilith, a Lamia, Kraken, an Ice Flan, and Tiamat, a Thundrake. They are fought in Missions 80: Earth Sigil, 76: Fire Sigil, 78: Water Sigil, and 79: Wind Sigil, respectively, and are a direct reference to the Four Fiends.

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