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The Falcon is an airship from the game Final Fantasy VI. It is a simple airship, and does not have a casino, shop, or inn; however, it still has someone who can remove equipment from party members.


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The Falcon.

Originally owned and built by Darill, the girlfriend of Setzer Gabbiani. Setzer, who owned his own airship, the Blackjack, wanted the Falcon badly. Darryl told Setzer that the Falcon would be his if she died, however, Setzer challenged her to a race around the world, and said he would get the Falcon if he won. The race happened, and Setzer won. However, Darryl died in a crash as a result. Setzer waited for Darryl for hours at their favorite place, however, she never showed up. Setzer rebuilt the Falcon and buried it in Darryl's Tomb as a memory.

However, Setzer had to utilize the Falcon again in order to defeat Kefka. He took Celes and Edgar to Darryl's Tomb, and salvaged the Falcon.


Top Deck

The top deck of the Falcon is much longer than the Blackjack's but still maintains an identical basic structure.

Lower Deck

Although not as flashy as the Blackjack's, the Falcon's lower deck contains private chambers, an engine room and a foyer for the crew.


The music for the Falcon is "Searching for Friends", and first plays when the Falcon emerges from the water. It then becomes the Overworld theme, even when the party is not aboard the ship.


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