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Falador Mole Lair
Kingdom Asgarnia
Members Area Yes
Main Music The Mad Mole
Levels 1
Strongest Monster Giant Mole (level 230)
Quests None
Inhabitants/Race Mole
Mole Lair.
The entrance of the lair.

The Falador Mole Lair is a dungeon located in Falador. To get here you must have a light source (lit candle, lantern, etc.) and dig in one of the mole hills in Falador Park with a spade. There is a level 230 Giant Mole inside. It is advised for lower levels to avoid this area. Also, when fighting the mole, sometimes it will retreat and dig under the surface, extinguishing your light source. You will then need to find it again. To get out of this labyrinth, go to the southern end and jump on the rocks. After that, climb the rope and you will arrive at a well south of White Knight Castle. If you have mole claws or hides, you can trade them with Wyson for bird nests, which contain seeds or jewellery.

The mole lair can be entered in Falador park, in the northern part of the city. There are many mole hills throughout the park and players can dig in any mole hill to enter the lair. Regardless of the mole hill used to enter the lair, the player always appears in the same spot in the lair.

When exiting the lair, the player appears next to the well in the southern part of the city. This is a one-way exit; the player cannot climb down the well to enter the lair.


Music unlocked:


  • Before the Trade and Drop Changes people used to lure low-level players to the lair and get them to attack the mole. When they died, the person who lured them took their items. This is now obsolete. 'One fast banking method when using the lair is to use the lair's exit, run to the Falador east bank, and then run from there to the park to enter the lair again. 'Using the Falador Teleport spell can often be an even faster banking method. Just use the teleport in the lair, run to the east bank, and run to the park to enter the lair again. Selling just some of the mole's drops should easily pay for the teleport runes.
  • The giant mole is not aggressive, so players are safe in the lair unless they attack the mole themselves. This makes the lesser Summoning Obelisk in the lair quite usable by any level player. Since there is no other summoning obelisk in or near Falador, the lair's obelisks is a practical way to recharge summoning points while in Falador. The Protect from Melee prayer can be very useful when fighting the giant mole. There is an Altar to recharge prayer on the second floor of the White Knights Castle.
    • Teleport to a place with a handy altar and then teleport back to Falador. For example, the Lumbridge Teleport arrives near the altar in Lumbridge. Other convenient teleports are available but may involve completing quests or having somewhat expensive enchanted jewellery. See the Altar article for more details.
    • If you have a Chapel in your POH, just move it to Taverley and run there to recharge prayer.
  • Use Prayer potions. These potions are somewhat expensive, but the mole's drop should pay for the potions and still allow for a profit.
  • Some mapping to fix the floor and walls in the Falador Mole Lair were altered due to an update on 9 November 2009.
  • When examining a baby mole the text says "Moley, Moley, Moley!" This may be a reference to "Austin Powers: Goldmember"

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