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The Pulse fal'Cie, Anima

The fal'Cie (ファルシ Farushi) are supernatural beings in Final Fantasy XIII. In the Famitsu magazine in June 2009, the fal'Cie were revealed to be formed from the crystals residing inside of them. The crystals act as energy sources to the beings. The director of the game, Motomu Toriyama, described the fal'Cie as "god machines surrounding the crystals". They are not real gods, though, because in the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy XIII lore, there is an even greater being that created the fal'Cie and sent them into the world. However, people worship the fal'Cie as gods because of the variety of things they offer to the humans to improve their lives.

The fal'Cie have the power to brand people with the power of the crystals in order to make them fulfill special missions called Focuses for them. These people, called the l'Cie, can be identified by a symbol somewhere in their bodies. The appearance of the mark depends on the fal'Cie that choses the l'Cie. Each fal'Cie has a different mark that they use. The mark of Anima's l'Cie is an overlapping sequence of black arrows. Lightning and her companions are marked as l'Cie by the Pulse fal'Cie.

In the interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine in August 2009, producer Yoshinori Kitase revealed that there are various types of fal'Cie, their actual number being incalculable, although only a handful will appear in Final Fantasy XIII. Whereas Orphan represents the power of sunlight, the Pulse fal'Cie represents the power of nature and has a green glow. Orphan is shown towards the beginning of the game, when Lightning and her companions fly into the yellow energy arcs it creates to evade Sanctum aerial forces.

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Known fal'Cie

Other appearances

Beside crystals, the fal'Cie are a central part of the story in the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy XIII. Due to this, they also appear in the two other confirmed parts of this compilation: Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

While this has not been confirmed by the developers directly, recent concept art for Versus revealed fal'Cie to appear in the game. The Goddess Etro is speculated to be one of them. In Agito, the army of Cid's country is said to consist of l'Cie, which leads to the assumption, that fal'Cie may be an important part of the story here as well.

However, this with information the story may change during development.

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