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Faith as seen in the DS version of Final Fantasy IV.
Symbol as seen in Final Fantasy IV (DS).

Faith (フェイス, Feisu) is a spell and the status effect said spell inflicts. If a character has the Faith status, they will get a boost to their magic abilities.




Final Fantasy IV

Faith is one of the new spells that can be accessed when Rosa and Rydia use Twincast and can be cast by anyone when they use the Recall command through the new Augment Ability system in the Nintendo DS version.

Final Fantasy XII

"The character is pure of thought and at one with the arcane, increasing magick potency. The effect is temporary."

Faith is a Green Magick spell that can be acquired by unlocking the Green Magick 6 license on the License Board. Faith increases the target's magick power by 30-50%.

In the International Zodiac Job System version, Faith is listed as White Magick 8 License. Costs 70 LP and uses 24 MP. Not bought in magick shops, but found in chest in Necrohol of Nabudis' Hall of the Ivory Covenant. Only White Mage and Knight jobs can use it.

Final Fantasy XIII

In the latest scan from Dengeki, Faith continues to be a magic spell used to increase a character's magic power.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Faith is a positive status effect that raises a unit's Magick Attack. Penelo's Mystic Dance and the Judge of Wings's Heroism are a few of the spells that may grant this effect.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Faith status effect, as shown on the Mystic, in comparison to the Atheist status on Construct 8.

Faith is used by Beowulf and gives the target the Faith status. While under the Faith status, the unit is treated as if they had maximum Faith points, without becoming too religious and leaving the party.

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