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The fairy ring east of Edgeville.

The Fairy ring transportation system is unlocked after starting the A Fairy Tale Part II quest and getting permission from the Fairy Godfather. It consists of over 39 codes spread across the land and provides a relatively fast means for accessing often remote sites in Runescape, as well as providing easy access to other realms. Players can enter the fairy ring system from any node while wielding either a Dramen staff or a Lunar staff, ending up at the master fairy ring in Zanaris. From there, using three letter codes, they can teleport to most rings within the system. Several rings, however, require players to complete quests before they can be accessed. If the selected code has no corresponding fairy ring, players will be teleported a few squares from the main ring. Currently, there are 39 fairy rings working codes out of a total possible 64 codes.


Using fairy rings

To use the fairy rings, players must complete the following quests and have the following minimum skills:

A player uses a fairy ring to teleport

History of Added Rings

When the fairy ring transportation system was released, there were only 34 fairy rings.

  • AKQ Piscatoris Hunter area and DKS Trollweiss Hunter area, aka "Snowy", were introduced with the Hunter skill on 21 November 2006.
  • AJQ to Dorgesh-Kaan was introduced on 20 March 2007, bringing the number of fairy rings up to a total of 37. Need quest done.
  • BLQ to Yu'biusk was introduced on 12 November 2007, making the total 38. Need quest done.
  • ALQ to Haunted Woods was introduced on 7 May 2008, but the ring existed before as one-way route to Zanaris.
  • BJQ to the Ancient Cavern was added silently on December 2009, bringing the total to 39. The Ancient Cavern ring is the first fairy ring that requires a task to make it work. (You must use a spade and 5 mushrooms with it to make it work.)
The fairy ring controls.

Fairy ring codes

When using fairy rings in RuneScape, a list of combinations is now supplied in place of the inventory.

Entering a code that has no destination set (or if you don't meet the requirements of your destination) simply teleports you a few spaces away from the main fairy ring.

Due to an update on 9/11/09, once you have visited a location once, you can click on its code in the log at the bottom right of your screen. Previously, you would have to re-enter the code every time.

Combination Name in Fairy Ring Logbook Nearby Points of Interest Location on Map
AIQ Asgarnia: Mudskipper Point Mogres, Anvil, Altar, Rimmington, Port Sarim, Asgarnian Ice Dungeon

Dungeons: Dark cave south of Dorgesh-Kaan (only accessible after completing Death to the Dorgeshuun quest)

Note: A light-source is advised as it is a dark area, and skittering insects are found here

Dorgesh-Kaan city Agility course and molanisks.
AJR Kandarin: Slayer cave south-east of Rellekka Fremennik Slayer Dungeon entrance, Golden Apple Tree
AKQ Kandarin: Piscatoris Hunter area Falconer, Piscatoris Fishing Colony, Summoning Obelisk, Phoenix Lair
AKS Feldip Hills: Feldip Hunter area Hunter jungle area, Chompy hunting grounds, Gnome glider, closest ring to Oo'glog
ALQ Morytania: Haunted Woods east of Canifis Can be used in conjunction with the Ectophial to quickly reach any destination on the fairy ring network, although the woods' ring is infested with aggressive Vampires and poisonous Leeches. A farming patch is near the ring to the north; using the ring being a quicker route to the patch than using the Ectophial.
ALS Kandarin: McGrubor's Wood Seers' Village, Coal trucks, Fishing Guild, Hemenster
BIQ Kharidian Desert: Near Kalphite hive Kalphite Lair, Shantay Pass, Bedabin camp, Goats
BJQ Dungeons: Ancient cavern (only accessible after completing much of Barbarian Training, at least up to Pyre ships). Before the ring can be used, bittercap mushrooms must be planted there. With a Spade and 5 Mushrooms in inventory, use one of the mushrooms on the 'Enchanted lands' spot near the centre of the ring. Note: High-level, aggressive Waterfiends are located near the ring. Players with low magic defence should be cautious. Baxtorian Falls (Via Aged log nearby the Waterfiends), Kuradal and Her Dungeon File:BJQ.png
BJR Fisher Realm (only accessible after the restoration of the Fisher Realm in the Holy Grail quest). Brimhaven through exit.
BKP Feldip Hills: South of Castlewars Chompy hunting area, Castle Wars, Jiggig
BKR Morytania: Mort Myre, south of Canifis Nature Spirit altar
BLP Dungeons: TzHaar area TzHaar Fight Cave, Furnace, TzHaar Fight Pit
BLR Kandarin: Legend's Guild Legend's Guild, Thormac's tower, Witchaven, Ardougne, Keep le Faye
CIP North-west Miscellania (only accessible after the completion of The Fremennik Trials quest). Advisor Ghrim for managing kingdom, Bush patch
CIQ Kandarin: North-west of Yanille Yanille, Tree Gnome Village, Castle Wars, Fruit tree patch
CJR Kandarin: Sinclair Mansion (east) Rellekka, Seers' Village, Maple trees
CKR Karamja: South of Tai Bwo Wannai Village Shilo Village, Tai Bwo Wannai village, Nature altar, Hunter Karamja area, Karambwanji fishing spot
CKS Morytania: Canifis Kharyll teleport location, Mort Myre swamp, Mushroom patch, bridge to the Paterdomus area, Burgh de Rott Ramble starting point, closest ring to the Morytania Slayer Tower
CLS Islands: Jungle spiders near Yanille Hazelmere, Jungle Spiders
DIS Misthalin: Wizards' Tower Wizards' Tower, Draynor Village, Lumbridge Swamp, Runecrafting Guild
DJP Kandarin: Tower of Life Ardougne, Port Khazard, Tower of Life, Bush patch, nearby Musician
DJR Kandarin: Sinclair Mansion (west) Sinclair Mansion, Rellekka, Seers' Village
DKP Karamja: South of Musa Point Karambwan fishing spot, Gnome Glider
DKR Misthalin: Edgeville Edgeville,West of Varrock, Edgeville Canoe station, Grand Exchange and Varrock through Agility shortcut
DKS Kandarin: Snowy Hunter area

Fremennik Province, Trollweiss PolarHunter snow area, Keldagrim Entrance

DLQ Kharidian Desert: North of Nardah Hunter desert area, Desert Lizards, Nardah, Ruins of Uzer,
DLS Dungeons: Myreque hideout under The Hollows Canifis, Mort'ton, Blood altar

Enclosed areas

Combination Name in Fairy Ring Logbook Points of interest
AIR Islands: South of Witchhaven None
AJS Islands: Penguins near Miscellania Penguins. No other access.
ALR Other Realms: Abyss Abyssal leeches, guardians, walkers, and Abyssal demons
BIP Islands: South-west of Mort Myre None, however ghasts can reach you
BIS Kandarin: Ardougne Zoo unicorns Unicorns and three normal trees. You need this code for the Ardougne Diary
BKQ Other Realms: Enchanted Valley Wood dryad, Centaurs, Stags and Rabbits. Chopping trees always causes a tree spirit to attack you. Also, mining or prospecting the rocks will always causes a rock golem to attack you. And lure fishing or bait fishing will always causes a river troll to attack you. No other access.
BLQ Yu'biusk The lost goblin land. Needs the quest Land of the Goblins   if you finished The Chosen Commander, opening the strange box there will teleport you to the Bandos Throne Room
CKP Other Realms: Cosmic Entity's plane Cosmic being and Starflower growing location. No other access.
CLP Islands: South of Draynor Village Two normal trees
DIR Other Realms: The Gorak Plane Where Goraks live. No other access.
DLR Islands: Poison Waste south of Isafdar None
AIR-DLR-DJQ-AJS Fairy Queen's Hideout To be effective, the player must have Nuff's certificate in inventory. When the player types these codes in, returning after each coordinate, they will go to the Fairy Queens hideout used during Fairytale II - Cure a Queen instead of the penguin island.

Ring safety

When you teleport to a fairy ring, you appear in the centre of the ring. At this time you are sometimes but not always safe from attack by monsters using melee (and perhaps from ranging, magic, and dragonbreath, too, but this is unconfirmed). Most monsters will ignore you if you do not move once you appear, including high-level monsters like Goraks. However, some monsters will attack with melee as soon as you appear. Vampires at the Haunted Woods (ring ALQ) and their neighbours, the Ghasts at BKR are known to do this.

In all cases, once you leave the centre of the ring you can be attacked. Also, if you attack a creature while in the centre of ring, they will retaliate and attack back.

When you walk to the centre of ring to use it, however, you are never safe. A monster can attack you in the time between reaching the centre and having the ring activate. Note that you can only walk to the centre of a ring when wielding a Dramen staff or Lunar staff.


  • Before the release of the fairy rings, Will o' the wisps could be found appearing in many areas of RuneScape other than the swamps they are known to appear in. These seem to mark many of the areas where fairy rings would later be added.
  • The fairy ring log book can be used to efficiently keep track of visited destinations without having to take up space in your Ignore List. However, you can no longer see your ignore list while using a fairy ring as of 7 May 2008. Instead, the log book appears to give you a detailed description as opposed to the 12 characters available in the ignore list.
  • In European Legend mushroom circles that popped up over night were called Fairy Rings, this is how Jagex got the name and image for the rings.. Also, it's been said in legend that fairy rings are meant to protect the user from harm as long as they stand in the circle, which makes them useful for meditation. This is a feature of the ones in the game, as well. The Fairy Ring is actually from a specific type of Fungi, that, after it rains, will appear in the grass and gradually expand in a perfect circle called a Fairy Ring.
  • The fairy ring BLP hover text in the TzHaar city once displayed "Tzhaar_fairy_ring_middle" instead of the usual "Fairy Ring"
  • The fastest way to access the fairy ring network is with a Slayer ring teleport to the Rellekka Slayer Caves, which brings the player just a few steps from a fairy ring.
  • Fairy rings are a unique form of teleportation as they can be used to transfer items that would typically break through the use of teleporting. These items include but are not limited to...Ethenea, Liquid Honey, Sulphuric broline, and Karamja Rum.
  • Another notable feature about the Fairy Ring system is that it will allow a player to carry Karamja Rum inside the TzHaar City, typically when a player enters the city their rum would disappear and a message would appear saying "Why has the rum gone?"This could be a reference to the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" in the scene where Jack asks Elizabeth "Why is all the rum gone?"
  • When you are activating a fairy ring and right click on the left side of a code circle, it will state, "rotate anticlockwise" because Jagex is based in the UK.
  • The Fairy Ring next to the Grand Exchange, between it and Edgeville, uses the code "DKR". The code corresponds with the phonetic "Dicker" (intr.v. dick•ered, dick•er•ing, dick•ers: To bargain; barter. n. The act or process of bargaining). This may or may not be intentional, as the Fairy Ring predates the Exchange by several years, but Edgeville was a major trading hub before the Grand Exchange, because of players preparing for trips to the wilderness to PK or fight monsters.
  • The Fairy Ring that leads to Kandarin: Trollweiss Polar is a shorter way to get to the Dagannoth Kings. The code for this ring is DKS, which is a term commonly used by players to say "Dagannoth Kings".
  • On occasion monsters from the area (such as penguins and chinchompas) may be teleported with you if they are in the ring when you teleport. (See images below)
  • An update on 8 June, 2009 made it impossible to use fairy rings while tele-blocked.
  • Before the update on 8 June 2009, it was possible to become teleblocked, and access a fairy ring, taking you to Zanaris, if you then used the fairy ring at the same time as another player, the other player would become teleblocked. This could get them stuck if they teleported to an area such as the Centaur Valley or StarFlower Plane.
  • In the city TzHaar, if you go to the bank and stand to the right of the 3 boxes all lined up against each other, then look out into the out of bounds area, you will see a bit of a Fairy Ring. (see image below)
  • The Ancient Cavern ring requires 5 mushrooms and a spade to restore it to a functioning status. It has been suggested that others like it were introduced along with it on 3 December, 2009. The transportation arrow will show up on the minimap before and after the ring is planted. Before it is restored, the ring appears like most others, but the inner-most circle is missing. 
  • A Fairy Ring is one of the only "rings" in Runescape that has nothing to do with jewellery.

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